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November 19, 2017 at 1:46 a.m.

Pulaski County real estate transaction of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded 10/16-10/20:

Michael and Kathryn Sutherland to FHG Trust and Adam H. Crow, Ls7-8 B19, Park View, $1,195,000.

RG Joint Ventures LLC to Rappaport Properties LLC, SW SW 35-1N-13W, $980,000.

Brianne F. and Brian A. Bush to Paul S. and Karen J. Kingsborough, L51, Hickory Creek Phase IV, $818,750.

TSM Properties LLC to Chang You 215 Center St. Unit 111, Little Rock. L111, Pyramid Place HPR, $672,000.

Matt Foster Investments LLC to Broadway Park LLC, Ls7-9 B65, Original City Of Little Rock, $575,000.

Legal Beagle Properties LLC to Cathy and Jeff Hooker, 7303 U.S. 70, North Little Rock. SE 28-2N-11W; Pt Maverick Commercial, $519,000.

Cynthia M. Carpenter to Bruce E. Schratz Jr. and Cynthia A. Blyth, 17300 Lamarche, Little Rock. L1 B41, Chenal Valley, $486,000.

Schlereth Family LLC to Irwin Cantrell Properties LLC, L4, Allen And Marquand; Ls7-10 B359, Weeks; Ls2-3 B358, Allen And Marquand, $475,000.

Wilson Company to Thomas L. and Lorrie J. Belew, L6 B19, Woodlands Edge, $460,000.

H L M Inc. to Juan Andrade, 5 Catlett Lane, Little Rock. L7 B24, The Villages Of Wellington, $445,900.

Diplomat Property Manager LLC to Mark A. and Haley Davis, 20 Somersett Court, Roland. L28, Somersett Estates Phase II, $445,000.

Cathy and Jeff Hooker to KTS Real Estate LLC, Lot A, Davinmon Unrecorded, $440,000.

James Gowen Agency Inc. to Jim Byrd and The Dennis C. Belden Revocable TruSt., Ls3-4 & 9-10, Grace Brown, $376,250.

Jason R. and Karen M. Pieroni (Karen M. Abbott) to David Stalnaker, 3703 Abbott Road, Cabot. SE SW 11-4N-11W; NE SW 11-4N-11W, $345,000.

Jimmy and Pattricia Russell to Ronald B. and Rachel H. Jackson, 4 Pendelton Cove, Little Rock. L17 B7, The Villages Of Wellington, $340,000.

Susannah T. and Harry W. Marshall Jr. to Jamie and Austin Glover, 600 Lasalle Drive, Little Rock. L811, St Charles, $329,900.

James J. and Jean C. Goggins to Linda Cowden, L20 B22, Woodlands Edge, $313,000.

Winrock Enterprises Inc. and The Winrock Development Company to Zenith Landings LLC, 610 Wellington Hills Road, Little Rock. Pt S/2 SW 31-2N-13W, $305,000.

Karen L. Redditt to Ervin L. and Frances Vaught and The Vaught Living TruSt., L3 B38, Pleasant Valley, $305,000.

Greenhaw Properties LLC to David and Bonnie Casey, 1111 Biscayne Drive, Little Rock. L127, Leawood Heights 2nd, $298,000.

Jan K. Nielsen and Roger T. Jeremiah, to William T. Flatley and Jennifer A. Hoss, Ls1-2 B7, Midland Hills, $292,800.

Faith H. and Jeff S. Richard to Nancy L. and Chris W. Kozlowski, 15 Westchester Cove, Little Rock. L32, Westchester Phase III, $280,000.

Leslie J. and Dana R. Neff to Jay G. and Erica J. Harrod, 27 Perdido Circle, Little Rock. L156, St. Charles, $275,000.

James B. Lawson and The Noel W. Lawson Revocable Trust to Mainstay Enterprises Inc., 28 Lenon Drive, Little Rock. Ls42-43, South Normandy; Ls5 & 7-8 B14, Springdale, $275,000.

John O. and Laura B. Shook to James B. and Julie K. Wilkerson, 4 Evergreen Court, Little Rock. L43, Leawood Manor, $270,000.

Kirk M. and Rae A. Bayless to James R. and Tracy L. Johnson, 819 Lasalle Drive, Little Rock. L779, St Charles, $269,000.

Christopher L. and Deborah A. Cerrato to K&B Wilson Properties LLC, 523 Louisiana St. Apt. 9E, Little Rock. L9E, Lafayette Square HPR, $264,000.

Mary J. Orellano and Daniel Orellano Jr. to Blake S. and Noelle N. Babbs, 32 Chatel Drive, Little Rock. L49 B19, Chenal Valley, $257,500.

Jason R. and Carol M. Smith to Ronald D. Phillips and Beverly A Honorable-Phillips, 138 Pleasantwood Drive, Maumelle. L27, Pleasantwood, $255,000.

Bruce A. Aston to Meiling M. Cheung, L7, Evergreen Place, $249,000.

Ranch West Villas LLC to Lori R. Morgan, 418 Valley Ranch Circle, Little Rock. L9, Ranch West Villas, $245,900.

Walter L. Morris III to Priya and Kilnagar S. Bhaskar, 510 N. Polk St., Little Rock. Ls11-12 B30, Lincoln Park, $245,000.

Brenda S. and David L. Madden to Marlon Pryor, 4 Trent Jones Cove, Sherwood. L5, Fairway Park, $240,000.

William T. and Barbara R. Carter to John P. Craft and Tanya Brainerd, 41 Fairway Woods Circle, Maumelle. L41RRR, Fairway Woods PUD, $239,000.

Parker & Sons Inc. to Richard D. Jones, 2924 Marble Cove, Sherwood. L13 B1, Stonehill Phase III, $235,000.

Darrell W. Carter and The Darrell W. Carter Irrevocable Trust to Matthew D. Wells, 53 Aberdeen Drive, Little Rock. L24 B20, Chenal Valley, $235,000.

Emma and John W. Bowen to James F. and Lisa L. Box, 4116 Forest Dale Drive, Little Rock. L15, Charleston Heights, $229,900.

Menco Construction LLC to Michael C. and Deanna M. Ahern, 1009 Oak Forest Circle, Sherwood. L21, Millers Glen Phase 2, $225,600.

KJ Properties Arkansas LLC to Ida Works, 8614 Leatrice, Little Rock. L12, Leawood Mountain, $225,000.

Sunni M. Dunn to Lori A. Bloom, 63 Valleta Circle, Little Rock. L4, Valley View Court, $224,000.

Joesph B. and Courtney M. Wilson to Chase C. and Sarah L. Cathey, 2901 Rock Ridge Drive, Sherwood. L4 B14, Stonehill Phase V, $220,500.

Sarah and Michael Chaffin to Jeffery R. and Donna N. Cox, 123 Breckenridge Lane, Maumelle. L12 B27, Maumelle Valley Estates, $217,500.

Curtis and Mary L. Racher to Leroya D. Palmer, 15528 Hartford St., Little Rock. L266, Capitol Lakes Esates Phase 1B, $215,000.

James and Toni L. Spears to Levitica A. Byington, 12 Tara Mount Drive, Jacksonville. L74, Tara Mount, $215,000.

Centennial Bank to Vani Mittapalli and Kirthi Ravi, 3217 N. Rodney Parham Road, Little Rock. L13 B24, Pleasant Valley, $213,000.

Richard T. and Carol A. Hill to Raymond E. and Maxine L. Osborn and The Raymond & Maxine Osborn Family Revocable Trust, L4, Gleneagles, $211,000.

Craig M. and Amy E. Funderburk to Karen Y. Rivers, 18611 Fawn Tree Drive, Little Rock. L1003, Otter Creek Phase X- Otter Creek Community, $210,000.

Donna B. Terrill to Christopher and Rachael Ferraro, 7903 Evergreen Drive, Little Rock. L34, Leawood Manor 1st, $210,000.

Marc Perkins-Carrillo and Lucio A. Carrillo to Kari Owens and Emily Wyatt, LR71, Pleasant View Phase II Replat, $209,000.

Douglas L. Woodall and The Douglas & Lita Woodall Living Trust to Ace General Contractors Inc., SW NW 8-1S-13W, $205,000.

Roger K. and Nancy K. Howe and The Howe Family Revocable Living Trust to Pong Mock, L7, Reservoir Townhouse, $205,000.

Resi REO Sub LLC to James E. Williams, 13 Sunrise Lane, Mabelvale. L14, Chambers, $203,029.

Rachel Henry to Ashlie and Chris Hilbun, 322 S Valentine St., Little Rock. Ls7-8 B1, Bodeman, $200,000.

William Cole to Thomas R. and Pamela J. Johnson, 35 Crownpoint Road, Little Rock. L249, Colony West 3rd, $199,000.

Angelica E. Tolson to Whit-Clayton Investments LP, L16 B4, Taylor Park Phase II, $195,000.

Cade K. and April M. Collister to Dirk A. Gibson, 1804 Breckenridge Drive, Little Rock. L95, Colony West 1st, $192,500.

Steven and Sara Long to Syed Ali and Rebecca Riggs, 19 Point South Court, Little Rock. L421, Pleasantree 1st, $191,000.

Allyson N. Eason to Whit-Clayton Investments LP, L6 B4, Taylor Park Phase II, $190,000.

Dorothy L. Bradley to Terry L. and Gina L. Landon, 4 Savannah Lane, Alexander. Ls21R, 22R, 23R, 23AR & 24R, Southern Hills Replat, $189,900.

Prater Investments LLC to Mainstream Development II, LLC, 5601 & 5609 MacArthur Drive, North Little Rock. L3, James Bona, $185,000.

Hettie L. Finn and The Finn Family Trust to Wendy L. Hudgeons, 101 Alanbrook Ave., Sherwood. L52 B11, Country Club Park, $181,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp to Christy Hutchins Living Trust, 2817 Amber Cove, Sherwood. L25 B11, Stonehill Phase IV, $181,000.

Village East LLC to Medlock Management Company LLC, SE NW 30-3N-11W; NW SW 30-3N-11W, $180,620.

Ernest Standerand Carol Souza-stander (aka Carol Souza, Carol Stander) to Amber D. Rust, 6940 Park Meadows Drive, Sherwood. L48 B2, Gap Creek, $180,000.

Dennis Carmen and The Spann Family Trust to Julie M. Cearley and Wilbur C. Cearley Jr., 7140 Park Meadows Drive, Sherwood. L58 B2, Gap Creek, $179,000.

Richard K. and Anita C. Heard to BGM Farms LLC, Pt Sections 10, 11, 14 & 15-3N-14W, $175,103.

Janet G. Mack and The Dale Morton Palmer & Billie LaVonne Palmer Revocable Trust to Daniel J. and Jessica Moreth, 41 W. Point Drive, Maumelle. L207, West Pointe, $175,000.

Morie Althoff to Randall Miles, 3901 Cedar Hill #15, Little Rock. L15, Townhouses In The Park HPR, $175,000.

Spickes Properties LLC to Annalisa N. Crosmer, 806 Grosvenor Drive, Sherwood. L14, Silver Creek Phase I, $174,900.

Rachel A. and Stephen G. Buchanan to Robert Blachowicz, 29 Pleasant Cove, Little Rock. L30, Walnut Valley, $174,900.

Menco Construction LLC to Gabriela S. and Paul A. Rosas, 1700 Creekview Drive, Sherwood. L2 B12, Creekside, $174,900.

Lori A. Bloom to John D. and Nancy T. Butler, 1 Summer Ridge Court, Little Rock. L17, Sandpiper Creek, $172,500.

Steve W. Freeman to David H. and Charlotte V. Lee and The Lee Revocable Trust, 11914 Shady Ridge Drive, Little Rock. L108, Sandpiper Creek, $172,000.

Dane H. and Sharon L. Kiilsgaard (dec'd) to Dragos A. and Janessa Grosu, 2707 Faulkner Road, Little Rock. NE NW 17-1N-14W, $169,500.

Jason Reece to Zachary Davis and Lennon Bates, 2324 Pear Orchard Drive, Little Rock. L132, Sandpiper Phase II, $165,000.

Linda K. Griffin to Kimberly W. and Taiwan Dickerson, L35 B3, Stone Links, $164,900.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark LLC to Arlicia S. Darden, 6533 White Oak Way, North Little Rock. L227, Trammel Estates Phase IV, $163,255.

Leonard Paul and Gwen Sue Stallman (aka Lenny Stallmann) and The Leonard Paul (Lenny) Stallman And Gwen Sue Stallman Living Revocable Trust to River City Contractors Of Arkansas LLC, 15314 Alexander Road, Alexander. Ls7-9 B35, Town Of Alexander, $163,000.

Central Rock Properties LLC to Madison P. Lee, 318 Rice St., Little Rock. L8 B12, Capitol View, $162,000.

Sarah R. Hicks to Mary Ross, 5 Zircon Cove, Maumelle. L188, North Pointe, $160,000.

Christopher G. Gravenmier, Lesley G. Black, Christopher D. Black to Terminal Partners LLC, 1118 Polk St., Little Rock. L2 B6, Hollenberg, $160,000.

Melissa D. Rea (aka Melissa D. Watkins) to David A. and Anna A. Taylor, 9 Morrison Court, Little Rock. L275, Marlowe Manor Phase IV, $160,000.

George W. and Barbara Erion and The George Walter Erion Trust and The Suzanne Gildner Trust to Elliott T. Griffen and Wendell L. Griffen and Patricia L. Griffen, 3 Baywood Court, Little Rock. L14 B9, Parkway Place, $160,000.

Rebekah Biernacki and Rebekah K Mohundro to Luis Mondragon, L5 B9, Parkway Place, $159,000.

Michelle A. Chiaro to Melissa A. Colburn, 30405 Ark. 300, Roland. NE SW 2-3N-15W, $155,000.

Wilson R. and Barbara F. Hatfield to Cindy A. Lewis, 421 Nix Road, Little Rock. L8 B4, Gibralter Heights, $154,000.

Ryan and Jennifer Elledge to Christen Essary, 3223 N. Poplar St., North Little Rock. Ls1-2 B36, Park Hill NLR, $152,000.

Laura Alverson and Christopher Alverson (aka Laura M. Houff) to Emma McCullough, 14415 Huckleberry Drive, Little Rock. L16 B1, Woodcreek, $150,000.

Michael Rossi, Pamala Hill (aka Pamala Rossi), Russell Hill to Scott and Melissa McGibbony, 11108 Garrison Road, Little Rock. NE SE 12-2N-15W, $150,000.

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