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story.lead_photo.caption Bret Bielema (left), Arkansas head coach, and Paul Rhoads, Arkansas defensive coordinator, in the second quarter against Mississippi State Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017, at Reynolds Razorback Stadium in Fayetteville. - Photo by Ben Goff

— Follow along as Bret Bielema, Dan Enos and Paul Rhoads discuss the Mississippi State loss and look ahead to Missouri.

Bret Bielema

— Have to take the good and bad and correct what you can. Did enough on offense, defense and special teams to win, but fell short.

— Hjalte Froholdt should be there. Limited action today, but tomorrow should be good. Zach Rogers, too. De'Vion Warren is going through concussion protocol. No guarantee he's back for Missouri, but he's passing benchmarks.

— Cole Kelley is reinstated. Progressing from his foot injury.

— Austin Allen was a little banged up, but he was most hurt by the loss.

— Jonathan Nance might be questionable for Saturday.

— A few walk-ons who aren't seniors may go through senior day. Don't know what Jared Cornelius will do. He graduates in December.

— Saw Austin's comments about wanting to win for him. Loves his guys.

— Missouri has talented WRs and have some RBs who've excelled. The QB throws very accurately, is conscientious with the ball and doesn't put it in bad situations.

— Missouri's last five games, it's taken advantage of the moment and flipped the switch. Lot of respect for Barry Odom.

— Always tell the players, you have to care enough to cry. People always jab him that when things aren't going right, Bielema's gonna cry. He likes people.

— It's easier when you're in the room not to surround yourself with outside noise. The players consume the news about Jeff Long, but get by it pretty quickly. Coaches don't dwell on it. Expects them to have a good practice and be ready for Friday.

— The three Fayetteville kids were committed: Allen, Brooks Ellis and Alex Brigioni. Had already processed Austin's film at Wisconsin. Brooks talks about the day all the time. Alex got involved as a youth football coach. Brooks was out of here in four years. Austin had big goals this year and sometimes those don't happen. Thinks it's been permanently affected by his health. It's been unbelievable for this year but you have to press on.

— He and Frank Ragnow have already had their moment. Joked with at practice last week about Ragnow's toe fungus. His family will be here this week. Friday will be difficult. He talks about senior day when recruiting players, tells them he wants it to be emotional for all the right reasons. Have had a lot of parents mention that moment. Made senior day a big deal for the family when he got here. Tell them to make sure they have people they want in their senior day photo. Sometimes they have friends or girlfriends who are cool right now but won't be in 10 years.

— Scheduled to be in a home recruiting Sunday. That's been his intention and if there's a change, that's something he'll have to deal with. Had the staff put together numbers showing how much of their production comes from players who'll be back next year.

— Have given the presentation about team makeup to Julie People Cromers. She's been the football administrator for two years. Been at practice regularly. The role she's had with them hasn't changed, she's just got a bigger hat now.

— Kelley showing up to the game showed how much he loves his teammates. He's been very positive handling everything. In conversations with him, his mother and other people, he thinks he's had an awakening of the scale he's on. His notoriety and exposure to the general public increased by 100 times. Hopefully this gave him a small sampling. Hopefully the DWI showed not only how it can affect him but others.

— The number of deep shots for Missouri will probably increase because of the teams' history. Paul Rhoads will take that into consideration. May bring more pressure. The defensive guys should get fired up about the opportunity.

— "For sure" look back at last year's result for motivation. Mentioned to the team Sunday night the difference in the ability of the first half and the second half and how that's had an affect on where they are today. Missouri has some of the same players, which they'll take note of.

— Dan Enos recruits Missouri a little bit. He was able to

— "There's little moments you realize those things" about whether he may not be back next year. Done a lot of good. "I know we want more wins. I want more wins. The wins will come." Teams last year had a dip-down year and then built this year. Knows they haven't had the prior success there. Building something good.

Dan Enos

— Seen a lot of improvement from the start of the year to now for the Missouri defense. Barry Odom does a good job with his blitz package. The defensive line has improved every week and their LBs are solid.

— You have to block their structures and they have a lot of different ones. They put pressure on you schematically. It's a team defense with guys getting in gaps, so it's creating plays for a lot of guys.

— If it turns into a shootout, it puts pressure on the offense. "You don't want to waste any possessions against a team like that." Good to stay on the field and pick up first downs.

— Didn't make enough pass plays or plays period to win. Had a play where two defenders fell over and it was only a 25-yard gain. Should have been a TD. Had a chance to get explosive plays. Guys open but a protection away, a play away.

— Wishes Deon Stewart would've stayed on his feet and ran to the end zone. "When you win football games, you capitalize on those moments and we did not do that."

— Didn't have a lot of seniors to begin with and a lot are out. David Williams was a grad transfer. Feels bad for how the year has gone for Austin. He's invested into this program. Hope he can play a great game, get a win and get on to bigger and better things.

— Doesn't look at last year for motivation. Look at it schematically.

— Whether Kelley plays is up to Bielema. They'll see how he practices this week.

— If Kelley doesn't understand the ramifications of his actions, he's not as bright as he thought he was. Only been around him a short time yesterday and thinks he has a good heart, good family. He's been raised the right way and is a good kid, a young kid who made a big mistake. Everyone in this room has made mistakes as well. He's a young and hopefully he learns from it.

— If you've got any ideas for the offensive line, let us know. On the third center. Dylan Hays played for the first time and is young. Have to get him reps. Getting low on bodies. Only traveled nine linemen Saturday, two got hurt to put them down to seven. Was worried he'd be in at center. Never had a season with all these centers hurt. Have to get more ready.

— Brandon Martin would need to step up if Jonathan Nance was out, Gary Cross, too. Hopefully Warren is back.

— Hays, Jake Raulerson and Froholdt could snap some if needed. Johnny Gibson has snapped a little bit too.

— Jalen Merrick's practice habits have kept him from playing. Been really inconsistent with the playbook and strain. That's all they can base their decisions on in practice. Will get you excited and then un-excite you. May get an opportunity this week if he has a good week.

— Hays did an admirable job, but it was tough sledding Saturday.

— Not very good technique used on the WR release on the fourth-and-2, not how they'd practiced it the last month. Didn't execute. Sometimes that happens. In hindsight, they'd do it all over again.

— The perfect storm in a negative way because they'd started calling a play immediately before they knew Nance was hurt. Got substituted quickly and had repped the play for a long time. Obviously didn't do a good job.

— Speculation about the staff isn't fun. Harder on the families. Coaches are isolated doing their jobs, but wives and kids are out in the community. Kids hear stuff at school. Knew what he was getting into being a coach, but wives and kids don't deserve that. Understand that no one wants to build statues or have a parade at 4-7, but it's tough on his wife and kids. Tries to use this as a learning experience for his kids and his family. Have to use these tough situations and move forward. We'll be better and stronger for it.

— Both kids are old enough that they know someone might say something. One of his kids said someone at school has said things. His wife tells them to have grace and not fly off the handle. He worries because his kids love him and he doesn't want them to get hurt. There's a reason for everything. Keep your hands up, keep your chin down and keep punching.

— Feels really good about the QB situation moving forward. Ty Storey continues to get better, his throwing mechanics have improved. Cole Kelley has shown signs of being a good quarterback. Daulton Hyatt has impressed the coaching staff. Tremendous athlete. Running back future is bright. So is the WR, even more if Cornelius comes back. Offensive line has to continue to be better and developed through recruiting. Would like to see one of the wideouts emerge as a go-to guy. Stewart has had some opportunities the last few weeks, but they've missed him on throws and he fell down on one. He and Jordan Jones have the potential. The TEs tease you. Need one to emerge as a bellcow. Guys have to continue to grow and mature off the field. That'll help them become better players on the field.

Paul Rhoads

— Missouri is the most skilled group in the SEC. Thought that for two years. Drew Lock has a live arm and throws with a lot of accuracy. They go deep and make big play after big play. Tested them a year ago in both loose and press coverage and made them pay in both areas.

— Mississippi State was the best outing they've had. Preparation was good and execution was too. Fit and accounted for the quarterback for the most part. Got some cheap stuff, but had quarterback run game bottled up. Gave themselves a chance to win.

— Sosa Agim played the most snaps he'd played all season, every snap but 2. Unusual for a defensive linemen, but he was at that level. He's really dedicated to what he's doing technique-wise and within the defense.

— De'Andre Coley and Josh Liddell split the reps like 36-34. Will do the same Friday.

— Kevin Richardson is fine. Liddell had cramps.

— Lot of memories build up for players over 4-5 years. You tell guys it goes by fast. Only had these seniors 2 years, but they're a heck of a group. Work ethic, passion, coach-ability, lot of fun to be around.

— Agim is playing within the defense with great effort, which is allowing him to impact like he has. The fumble forced was a great play.

— Missouri's run game hasn't had a drop-off with Damarea Crockett out. They were at least 3 deep at TE and RB. They want to run the football as well as throw it.

— Confidence builds as you get wins and you play at a higher level. Confidence is so important and Missouri has it at the right time.

— "People are talking about that?" when asked about questions about the staff and Bielema. "I wouldn't be aware." Been hired and fired over 29 years as a head coach, coordinator and on staff, you do the best you can every day and don't change that. His wife gets it and understands it, can block it out like she can. His two grown sons were playing for him when he got fired. Understands it comes with the profession.

— Absolutely gets excited about playing for a trophy and for seniors. Extra incentive.

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  • DEE672
    November 20, 2017 at 1:14 p.m.

    Please ! Would these guys give us a break and just GO AWAY!!!!!!

  • MaxCady
    November 20, 2017 at 9:01 p.m.

    I'm afraid all you delusional Hog fans are just going to have to resign yourself to the fact that the hapless Hogs will always be a bottom tiered team in the SEC. And the main reason is geography. Nothing wrong with that it's just a simple fact of life. There aren't enough good players in-state to compete with the big dawgs.