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Armed congregation

I had just finished my morning rounds looking for yellow Democrat dogs to expel when the preacher called. He needed a ride two counties away to catch a bus. I picked him up in our town's government-surplus Humvee and drove him there. On the way he tasked me with finding a substitute preacher for a Sunday. His absence was due to a conference in Texas. As we drove, we prayed for our brethren there in Texas that had been shot up in church. He explained he was going to a training session for dealing with active shooters during church. Great dreams of an armed congregation were in order and I was pleased to know we, in God's Own Town of Possum Poot, would be prepared.

Back in town I stopped at the local bar and saw Sassy Sue and Mushroom Momma having a libation. I remembered "Momma" was a preacher from a non-mainstream sect. With strict instructions as to preaching etiquette, she agreed to preach for us on Sunday. Her sermon (mostly new-age hippie stuff from the "New" Testament) was too short for a good nap and not near enough hellfire and damnation we Old Testament Bible-worshiping true believers need to survive, but we had a sermon.

I can't wait for the real preacher to get back and arm our church against the crazy folk (and libruls) of the world. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!


Little Rock

Remove those glasses

When will Arkansans stop idolizing the Clintons? Don't honor the un-honorable. Time to pitch those rose-colored glasses.



Comments on paper

Every so often the sports section prints a piece called "Bits and Pieces." So here are my bits and pieces.

  1. Why in the world would the Monday business section no longer be printed? It was always good to see what was happening with new technology.

  2. Why waste time and resources with "Old News" in the Monday paper? I have no interest in "Kids ride rods in perilous journey." Instead, print the business section.

  3. It seems last Sunday's sports section only published what happened within the various state conferences. Why? I always enjoy reading what is happening in other conferences. In fact, I looked over my sports section two and three times to see if I missed it.

  4. Our representatives and senators in the U.S. Congress--from the number of votes casts on various bills it appears only our House members are working while all our senators do is confirm appointments.

  5. Final comment: Thank goodness for Mahatma on Saturdays. I really look forward to all his insights on what is happening on our highways and byways.


North Little Rock

Groups are not same

To compare the immigrant population of a century ago with that of today is grossly insulting to the former. Those early immigrants, almost exclusively European, came to America equipped not merely with the skills required to contribute to the development of this growing nation but, most importantly, a burning desire to embrace and honor its institutions.

It seems current immigrants, many of whom are illegal, are, for the most part, without skills or education and, furthermore, feel no particular sense of loyalty to this, their adopted country.

Ironically, despite the fact that Europeans founded the United States of America, introduced its institutions and, indeed, everything else of value, it appears it is now more difficult for people from Europe to enter this country than it is for those from any other single part of the world.

Having said that, it would have been better for everyone, particularly this nation's long-suffering indigenous population, if America had never been "discovered" and colonized at all.


North Little Rock

Widespread negativity

Recently, I read in the Democrat-Gazette the excerpts of Bill Clinton's speech to the students at Georgetown University. I commend him for taking a position and speaking on an issue that needs to be addressed and overcome--that being the negative political tone that is growing like a cancer in our nation. Although not mentioned, I am making the assumption that he meant the rabid tone coming from both the Republican and the Democrat leadership that is filtering down through the population in general.

The political tone has festered so much that it has truly evolved into hatred in far too many cases. Instead of concentrating on gutter issues, we need to direct our intellect and energy on solving the major issues we face as a nation. It is unbelievable to me that we have gotten to a point of frustration that is causing our talent, intellect and energy to be wasted on petty dialogue and issues. More of our leaders, as well as the general population, need to speak out in positive ways to correct this negative political tone in hopes of returning us to being truly the United States. In fact, we need to demand it out of common decency and for the benefit of our country.

The effect of so much negativeness is evident in print, radio and television. One need only to read the letters to the editor in the Democrat-Gazette to see how rapidly it is spreading and the bitterness that it has bred.

So thank you, Mr. Clinton, for speaking out on this epidemic, and I hope that other leaders will follow--by the way, I wish you success in convincing Hillary.


Little Rock

Violence in our society

Many people have written lately who are heartbroken from so many mass shootings and the violence that seems to be part of our society today. Our nation is heartbroken; we all share this sadness, but there is something you can do.

Text READY to 64433 to join the Arkansas Moms Demand group, or email We are working for positive changes to our nation's gun laws, and we would love to hear from you.


North Little Rock

Editorial on 11/20/2017

Print Headline: Letters

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