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Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded Aug. 28-Sept. 1:

Bret A. Fausett, Hilary J. Fausett, Kristin E. Fausett Haddock, Heath R. Haddock, Kelly Fausett Ross and The Kelly Fausett Ross Revocable Trust to First Assembly Of God North Little Rock Inc., 4500 W. Commercial Drive, North Little Rock, L7B B2, West Commercial Replat (formerly: L7A B2, West Commercial), $1,025,000.

Bret A. Fausett, Kelly Fausett Ross, Kristen E. Fausett Haddock, and The Fausett Joint Revocable Trust to First Assembly Of God North Little Rock Inc., 4500 W. Commercial Drive, North Little Rock, L7B B2, West Commercial Replat (formerly: L7A B2, West Commercial), $1,025,000.

Velocity Commercial Capital LLC to Willow Redevelopment LLC, L7, Home Acres, $925,000.

James B. Conner and The James Boliver Conner Revocable Trust to Lawrence K. and Ryan M. O'Malley, 17 Sunset Drive, Cammack Village, L9, Pinnacle Point, $850,000.

Woodhaven Homes Inc. to Matthew Burns and Michelle Lisko-Burns, 105 Epernay Cove, Little Rock, L17 B72, Chenal Valley, $525,000.

Robert L. and Amy C. Byford to Brett and Taylor Thomas, 29 Inverness Circle, Little Rock, L8R B12, Pleasant Valley, $472,500.

Loretta N. Edington and The Edington Living Trust to Gynell Alexander and The Alexander Revocable Trust, Lot D-28 B13, Chenal Valley, $471,000.

Greg E. and Charlotte T. Sneathern to Mary J. and Daniel Orellano Jr., 66 Avignon Court, Little Rock, L27 B16, Chenal Valley, $450,000.

James C. O'Brien III to Ben and Kelsey Robbins, 15 Huntington Road, Little Rock, L72, Foxcroft, $450,000.

RQM, LLC to Thomas B. Calhoun, 130 Cove Creek Court, Little Rock, L5 B19, Woodlands Edge, $450,000.

Kevin and Michele Kemp and The KMBR Trust to Christopher Lee and Karen Chong, L1 B3, Wildwood Ridge Phase I, $418,000.

Katherine M. DeLoach and Lawrence E. DeLoach (deceased) to Bank Ozarks and Khyree Martin Special Needs Trust, L472R, Northlake Phase XII-A, $385,000.

Holly Stevens to Heike Talbert, Clinton L. DeWitt, Anja K. DeWitt, L283, Cypress Point West, $365,000.

William E. and Amanda L. Craven to John W. Moore and Jackie Coombe-Moore, 34 Masters Place Drive, Maumelle, L17, Masters Place, $357,500.

Jim Pace Homes LLC to Frederick S. Danforth and Brenda S. Danforth and Rena L. Danforth, 10 Georganne Cove, Little Rock.,L5, Georganne Estates, $355,000.

Mark and Judy Pierce and The Pierce Living Trust to Joseph E. and Brandi Singletary, 27 Meadow Crest Drive, Sherwood, L18, Bridgefield Estates Phase Phase II, $339,000.

Jerril W. and Angela L. Green and The Jerril & Angela Green Revocable Trust to Margaret M. Kruse, 14319 Saint Michael Drive, Little Rock, L618, St. Charles, $331,900.

Robert J. and Rosemary Fenton to Homer D. Bailey III, Ls27-29 B3, Sylvan Acres, $320,000.

James E. and Kathleen S. Cargill to Quantia M. and Derrick D. Fletcher, 3 Gelan Court, Little Rock, L2 B27, Chenal Valley, $319,000.

Christ Health Primary Care Clinic PA to A&A Investments LLC, Ls9-12 B1, Strong And Waters, $315,000.

Brad and Crystal Schubert to Regina D. Watson, 121 Holland Lane, Little Rock, L22, Madison Valley, $314,900.

Richard A. Spugnardi to Darrell R. and Christine C. Franklin, 157 Mountain Valley Drive, Maumelle, L73 B1, Maumelle Valley Estates, $307,000.

Southern General Contractors LLC to Jaston and Veronica Carter, 24625 Colonel Grenn Road, Little Rock, Pt E/2 NE NW 7-1N-14W, $301,681.

Tyler W. and Sara Blair (aka Sara Beth Bransford) to Lindsay Briggs, 4 Brodie Circle, Little Rock, L117, Brodie Creek Community, $299,500.

Bradley D. and Tammy M. Hill and The Hill Family Trust to Rebecca A. Hawley and Warren O'Donnell, L4 B10, Maumelle Valley Estates, $293,000.

Paul E. and Rhoda B. Dussex, to Terrance Jones, 8632 Trail Creek Drive, Sherwood, L39 B4, Creekside, $289,000.

Amy L. Kelly to Terry and Alison M. Yamauchi, L14 B2, McGehee, $285,000.

Jinliang Wang and Ying Wen to Hisham Gribriel Bakhiet Elkhider and Nashwa Salih Abdalla Mahmoud, 2905 Mossy Creek Drive, Little Rock, L11 B8, Woodlands Edge, $285,000.

Stacey and Darrell Green to Joshua B. and Mary E. Johnson, 315 Rock St. Apt 902, Little Rock, L902, River Market Tower HPR, $285,000.

Ricky L. and Angela N. Dovers to Chad R. Forshee, 39 Deerberry Forest Circle, Little Rock, L131, Brodie Creek Community, $280,000.

Mary E. Brooks and Charles Brooks (deceased) to Eric A. Hall; Mae J. Hall, 12738 Secretariat Drive, Scott, L135, Ashley Downs Phase I, $269,900.

Phillip S. and Karen R. Harrison to Randall D. Champion, 121 Lily Drive, Maumelle, L104, Waterside Replat, $265,000.

Johnny and Susan Sanders to James and Lauren Santini, 3203 Seminole Trail, Sherwood, L12 B26, Overbrook, $262,500.

Glenn and Laura Ward to Stephen A. Murphy, 10 Breezewood Drive, Maumelle, L13, Riverrun, $261,900.

Albert T. Hurst Jr. and The Albert T. Hurst Jr. Living Trust and Connie R. Hurst and The Connie R. Hurst Living Trust to Brent J. Eubanks PA and Michelle Banks Odum PA, 1901 Broadway St./415 W. 19th Ave, Little Rock, Ls1-2 B7, Fulton, $247,000.

Walt and Maryanne Bransford and The Walt Bransford & Mary Anne Bransford Joint Revocable Trust to William and Caitlin Vestal, 4015 Lochridge Road, North Little Rock, L26 B205, Park Hill NLR, $247,000.

Ort Construction Inc. to Daniel J. and Catherine A. Brown, 8610 Skylook Mountain, Alexander, L39, Lakeside Mountain (The Farm), $245,000.

Mary A. and Samuel Guell to Matthew E. Lehner, 3 Hayfield Road, Little Rock, Ls73-74, Overlook Park, $245,000.

Gilbert C. and Cheryl A. Lattimer to Ross G. and Hannah C. Kincaid, L9, Charleston Heights Phase I, $244,000.

H. W. and Linda Valentine to Karl and Kassadi Seidenschnur, 4 Biscayne Court, Little Rock, L73, Leawood Manor 1st, $240,000.

Wilbur C. Page Jr. to Jillian G. Sharp, 5 Landry Lane, Little Rock, L3 B3, Valley Ranch, $239,900.

Carla H. Smith to Andrew L. Marx, 5408 Southwood Road, Little Rock, L207, Prospect Terrace No.3, $239,000.

Randall G. Kulbeth to Ginea K. Qualls, 4400 Secluded Hills Drive, Little Rock, L16, Shaker Heights, $232,000.

James C. and Patricia M. Genty to Jose L. and Amanda M. Laboy, 25 Hogan Drive, Maumelle, L13 B8, Maumelle Club Manor, $227,500.

Will Green and Henry P. Willmuth to Providence Properties LLC, 8300 Louwanda Drive, Little Rock, L257, Leawood Heights 3rd, $225,500.

James W. Gentry to Robert W. and Norma C. Huffman, L35, Garrett Glen, $225,000.

James P. and Stephanien Russell Parnell to Barbara L. Brooks, 604 McAdoo St., Little Rock, L14, Ivory, $225,000.

Gabriel J. Griess to James E. Downs Jr. 1607 N. Taylor St., Little Rock, L7 B29, Mountain Park, $219,500.

Terry J. and Lisa A. Allen to Victor M. Conde, 2016 Meridian Drive, Sherwood, L14, Millers Valley Phase 2, $216,500.

Brandon S. and Veronica R. Grable to Jonathan E. and Kathleen S. Arostegui and The Vincent Gregorich Trust, L66, Country Club Of Arkansas, $213,700.

Regina D. Watson to William Buckner, 9 Westoak Circle, Little Rock, L5, Secluded Hills Phase V, $210,000.

Yunjun Wang to Field Shop Inc., Tracts 64 & 79, Little Rock Industrial District, $210,000.

Todd Havens to Samuel F. and Kimberly Rawls Jirik, L7, Two Rivers Harbor, $210,000.

Morris J. and Alice L. Jenkins and The Jenkins Family Revocable Trust to Jeff D. Lovett and Mary L. Hull-Lovett, 13609 Pleasant Forest Drive, Little Rock, L154, Longlea VIII-I, $209,000.

Carol P. Kennedy to Marle B. Johnston, Ls15-16 B4, Lincoln Park, $205,000.

Allgood Custom Homes LLC to Frank L. and Maria Adams, 1225 Windsor Court, Jacksonville, L4, Jamestown Phase 2, $203,000.

Korie D. Walker to Megan and Christopher Smith, 14105 Sweet Bay Drive, Little Rock, L11 B6, Parkway Place, $203,000.

Robert B. and Martha A. Wood to Lesa J. Holloway, 11701 Batesville Pike, Cabot, L5, Valley View Estates, $202,000.

Ami Schenck to Keith and Kim Moore, 1016 Beechwood St., Little Rock, L3 B9, Hillcrest, $200,000.

Gregory D. and Joycelyn D. Fisher to Teresa F. and John R. Ragsdale, 2 Summit Ridge Drive, Little Rock, L9 B14, Parkway Place Phase III, $198,500.

Robert Holt to Alexander Silva and Silva Amber, 5907 N. Hills Blvd., North Little Rock, L12 B16, Overbrook, $194,500.

Michael A. Hampel, Nancy E. Hampel, William G. Hampel, Janet L. Hampel, Carl E. Hampel, Shawna L. Hampel, Robert L. Hampel, Gina R. Hampel, Daniel R. Hampel, Vicki A. Hampel, Rebecca A. Chaney to Tiersha Freeman, 14 Chapman Lane, Little Rock, L5 B4, Taylor Park Phase II, $194,000.

Cornerstone Bible Fellowship to Rogue Investments LLC, 2000 Lantrip Road, Sherwood. L11, Sherwood Commercial Park, $191,000.

Alexander T. and Krista N. Cone to Andee L. and James H. Cone Jr., 4207 N. Lookout St., Little Rock, Ls11-12 B16, Hillcrest, $185,000.

Kevin M. Barre to Timothy S. and; Caitlyn G. Robnett, 11805 Pleasant Tree Drive, Little Rock, L444, Pleasantree 1st, $182,000.

Diann P. White to John T. Carter, 11700 Shady Ridge Drive, Little Rock, L57, Sandpiper Creek, $180,000.

Donnas F. DeRusse to Cecily A. Storm, L20 B63, Indian Hills, $180,000.

BOE Acquisition Company Inc. to Enchanting Custom Homes Inc., Ls1-3, 5-6 & 20, Northlake Phase XIII-A; L17F, Northlake Phase XIII-B; L463, Northlake Phase XI; Ls404R & 405R, Northlake Phase XI Replat, $180,000.

Kristyn R. Wheaton (aka Kristyn R. Hill) to Jennifer Groves, 4600 Arlington Drive, North Little Rock, L2 B19, Lakewood, $177,000.

Euell Paul Jr. and Oneta I Paul (deceased) and Peggy S. Paul to Cheryl Harris, Bruce Carter, Johnny Poteet, Lyndell Lay, Jerry Jones, Second Baptist Church, SE SE 18-1N-13W, $175,000.

David A. and Tamara S. Sims to Altera S. Reason, 8 Pleasant Court, Little Rock, L24, Walnut Valley, $174,900.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark LLC to Dianna Jackson, 5600 Little Elm Lane, North Little Rock, L516, Trammel Estates Phase IV, $172,085.

Aaron and Stephanie Scott to Stephen T. Garland and Calee M. Henderson, 14405 Ridgewood Drive, Little Rock, L17 B4, Sandpiper West, $169,000.

Jacob L. and Melissa L. Robbins to Scott A. and Christine M. Bowen, 25 Turquoise Drive, Maumelle, L161, North Pointe, $168,500.

Kelsey L. Morehead and Phillip N. Ingle (aka Kelsey L. Ingle) to David G. Downs, 4600 Greenway Drive, North Little Rock, L17 B17, Lakewood, $165,000.

Melissa J. Faulkenberry to Cierra T. Zeno, 35 Hightrail Drive, Maumelle, L11, Edgepark, $164,000.

James M. and Lauren M. Santini to Kristi E. and Michael D. Dean, 2101 Crestwood Road, North Little Rock, L1 B29, Lakewood, $163,250.

Taylor J. Neeley to Emily S. Kordsmeier, 116 N. Monroe St., Little Rock, Pt E/2 Blk 5, Howard Adams, $161,000.

Jennifer N. Ames (aka Jennifer N. Harp) to Christopher H. Caldwell, 608 S. Martin St., Little Rock, L3 B3, C O Kimball And Bodeman, $160,000.

Bryan D. Veach to Daniel G. Lyles and Laura Luz Castillo-Bahena, 10017 Valley Ridge Drive, Alexander, L58, Valley Ridge Estates Phase I, $159,900.

Adeline Teo to Daniel J. Lysk, 143 King Pine Road, Sherwood. L9 B8, Willowood, $159,270.

Joshua S. and Christina B. Morden to Derek C. and Crystal B. Wofford, 1800 Osceola Drive, North Little Rock, L5A B34, Indian Hills, $155,000.

William and Dorothy Brown to Terry and Theresa Dyer, 509 Jessica Court, Jacksonville, LF52, Fair Oaks Phase II, $152,500.

Donna S. and Joseph Phillips Jr. to Geletta P. Shavers, 9 Wild Berry Place, Little Rock, L374, Otter Creek Community Phase III-B, $150,000.

Institute In Basic Life Principles Inc. to Screen Door Partners LLC, 219 East 25th St [Other Associated Address(es)], Little Rock. Ls1-3 & 10-12 B5 & Ls1-2 B2, Rapley Estates; L8 B2, Fulk- Rapley Estates, $150,000.

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