Superintendent: Arkansas school worker who asked student to remove U.S. flag from vehicle was following protocol

A central Arkansas school district said that an employee who asked a high school student to remove an American flag from his vehicle Tuesday was following protocol.

Superintendent David Stephens said the Vilonia School District put in place an unofficial policy banning all flags on vehicles about three years ago.

He said this was due to some students displaying flags considered offensive, such as the Confederate flag.

"The intent was never to keep kids from displaying the American flag," Stephens said.

He added that the American and Arkansas state flags will now be allowed on vehicles in the high school's parking lot.

On Facebook, the district wrote: "It is never our intention to prevent demonstrations of respect for our nation's flag. We proudly display our flag on campus and in classrooms and students and staff recite the Pledge of Allegiance every day."

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