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story.lead_photo.caption Just Crack an Egg by Ore-Ida - Photo by Jennifer Christman

WHAT: Just Crack an Egg by Ore-Ida

STATS: Varies by flavor. One Rustic Scramble cup as packaged contains 100 calories and 6 fat, 3 carbohydrate, 0 fiber, 2 sugar and 9 protein grams. Adding an egg adds about 80 calories and about 5 fat and 6 protein grams. We found them near the eggs at Edwards Food Giant, 7507 Cantrell Road, Little Rock. More information at

THE SKINNY: Just Crack an Egg?

That's not all that's involved in heating up one of Ore-Ida's new omelet-in-a-cup convenience breakfasts. First, there's opening the package. Then cracking an egg (or two; the package offers directions for increasing the cooking time). Then stirring. Then opening all the tiny individual packages -- one for meat, one for vegetables, one for cheese -- and dumping them into the cup and stirring. Then microwaving. Then stirring again. Then microwaving again. Then eating -- not bad, but needs hot sauce and salt and pepper ... and maybe a side of toast and bacon.

Expect these kits, that contain little vegetables (always potatoes, sometimes peppers and onions) and pre-cooked meats (four flavors: Denver Scramble with ham; All-American Scramble with bacon; Ultimate Scramble with pork sausage; and Rustic Scramble with turkey sausage) to cost about $2.50 each. And that's not including the eggs.

We always appreciate shortcuts in the morning, but we're not convinced Just Crack an Egg is all it's cracked up to be.

-- Jennifer Christman

Slim Pickings is a weekly review of light foods.

ActiveStyle on 04/23/2018

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