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April 29, 2018 at 1:45 a.m.

Refreshing, positive

I know Mr. Steve Straessle is a very busy man and I continue to hear accolades of his presence and administration over Catholic High School for Boys, but could you find some way to bribe him to contribute to the Voices page more often than every other Saturday?

His words of wisdom exude warmth and practicality that seem to be so lacking in this time of political mayhem, financial insecurity and the quest of our younger generations just "getting it." I'm a widow and I have a 20-year-old daughter in college as well as a 14-year-old daughter, and there's never a column he writes that I not only agree with wholeheartedly but frequently think "I never thought of that" or "I couldn't have said it any better." My late husband was so very practical and smart on common-sense issues, I find Mr. Straessle's words such a wonderful take on today's issues by reflecting on his take of learning and using them as a youth and subsequently an adult. I frequently cut them out and read them aloud to my girls, whether they truly understand or not, then put them in my "Wise Mr. Straessle" file for both their and my future reference. In some ways he always seems to address things I know their father would want to discuss with them himself if he were so lucky.

Thank you, Steve Straessle and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, for this refreshing, positive writer and his wonderful outlook on the world, both yesterday and today.

Yet another reason to look forward to Saturdays!


Little Rock

Door's been opened

We're crossing the line by putting the Ten Commandments monument on state property.

There is a reason we have separation of church and state. This will, and should, set a precedent for other religious groups to demand placement of preachings on state property as well. Very slippery slope.



Boycott killers of bees

The European Union just approved a near complete ban on bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides.

Despite U.S. legality, and Janet Carson and UA Extension promoting their use, home gardeners have power. We can boycott buying or using these products, and buy organic, pesticide-free foods if we can afford it. As a self-employed landscaper and gardener, I have successfully stopped using and discouraged my clients from using them.

Look at the labels, especially the widespread imidacloprid by Bayer, as well as clothianidin and thiamethoxam. These systemic pesticides go throughout the entire plant, and scientific studies find that bees get poisoned by consuming nectar from toxic flowers. If a plant is too susceptible to insects and there is no alternative control, grow different plants or varieties.

Organic gardening is better for nature, both for insects and the birds that need insects to feed their chicks, not to mention all the human food requiring bees for pollination.

Nothing is worth killing bees and other pollinators.



Stop with the turkeys

Shocked! I was shocked upon reading once more of the inexplicable practice of flinging wild turkeys into the prop wash of flying aircraft over the foofaraw in Yellville.

Those cagey FAA types, being up to date on governmental CYA pronouncements, claim that they have no authority over throwing live animals from private aircraft into target areas which endanger lives and properties. They want Congress to address this foolish practice ... as if they would dare crawl out on that flimsy branch.

Where is the ASPCA when needed?

Stop it with the turkeys. With a tip of the historical hat to Ben Franklin, use eagles.

Turkeys fly badly. Eagles soar majestically. Turkeys are lumpy, bumpy creatures. Eagles are sleek. Turkeys gobble, whilst the noble eagle emits a melodious "shreee."

Turkeys consist of mostly dry, tasteless flesh. Eagles are moist and delicious. As are owls, hawks and woodpeckers, but one fight at a time. Turkey heads are never served at the Thanksgiving tables. A glorious eagle head with spread white feathers, beady eyes and a golden curved beak would surely set a better tone.

All good reasons to substitute the eagle for what has to be the most unlovely creature to attempt flight.

But all jokes aside, let's face it: It is just plain mean. What kind of folks are we? If only they could speak, would turkeys not gobble out pleas to be spared forced flight so they might be humanely join the 100 million turkeys to enjoy their God-given destiny ... to have their scrawny necks severed from their unsuited for flight, outrageously enlarged breasted bodies?

Change the bird ... chop chop.


Little Rock

Doesn't deserve post

Just read the latest epistle from Congressman French Hill, where he takes pride in voting for the latest tax cuts and budget. I believe the proposition that tax cuts will help the middle class is a scam and a fraud. These tax cuts expire after next year's election and, short-term, they only create an illusion of prosperity. Corporations will only benefit from this so-called tax reform, and the notion that money will trickle down is foolish. I guess Congressman Hill didn't get the news that Walmart is laying off 600 workers and Sam's Club is closing stores; other companies are using this money to buy back stock and compensate executives.

This huge debt will drag our economy down, for years to come. Our children and grandchildren will have to settle this debt. We have had to borrow record amounts of money and the yearly deficit is heading north of $1 trillion.

I believe Social Security, Medicare, and other social programs are not the cause of our deficit. More likely, it's the entitlements for our senators and congressmen, $190 million for our president to play golf, $110 million to build an air base in Africa so we can help the Saudis and kill people in Yemen, and the money wasted by the president's Cabinet.

He pretended to be a staunch conservative. Remember the old blue car and his kids testifying as to how cheap he is? Well, he got over that real quick, and it seems he voted for every spending bill in sight, even those written at night without debate, about which he now brags and preens.

I do not think Congressman Hill deserves another term.


Hot Springs Village

Won't get fooled again

To LaVerne Welcher of Hot Springs: You are certainly right. But apparently you can fool most of the people some of the time; hence, Donald Trump is your president.



Editorial on 04/29/2018

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