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Steven Dwyer, 51, a middle school teacher in Londonderry, N.H., was accused of threatening a student before school, saying he would "shoot" him for not paying attention during class, resulting in Dwyer being placed on administrative leave.

George Duke-Cohan, 19, was sentenced in Britain to three years in jail for emailing bogus bomb threats to thousands of schools and causing a scare at the San Francisco airport by calling and claiming that his daughter had contacted him while on a United Airlines flight from Heathrow to say her plane had been hijacked.

Kyle Stultz of Anchorage, Alaska, said he thought kids were playing a prank when the doorbell rang and no one was there, but after checking his security camera, he saw that a large moose had backed into the doorbell.

Waylon Horton, 44, of Munfordville, Ky., who pleaded guilty to tampering with consumer products after he was caught placing glass shards in plastic foam cups that were then shipped to fast-food restaurants, was sentenced to five years in prison.

Nolan Barry, 8, and Thomas MacKeen, 9, said they feel like heroes but "not Superman-like heroes" for engaging the emergency brake on their school bus after the driver collapsed behind the wheel.

Peter Vlaming, 47, a high school teacher in Virginia who refused to use a transgender student's new pronouns even after he was instructed to do so by the school, was fired after the school board voted unanimously to dismiss him for insubordination.

Kaleb Klakulak, 12, a Michigan boy who lost his best friend Kenneth "K.J." Gross to leukemia, has raised $900 by raking leaves, collecting bottles and soliciting PayPal donations on social media to help Kenneth's mother buy a gravestone.

Shane Taylor, 27, whose pickup was pulled over by Florida Highway Patrol troopers for driving erratically, said the lemur "bites" after the animal surprised officers when it leaped from a trailer Taylor was pulling and hopped around them as they spoke with Taylor, resulting in the lemur being taken by state wildlife officers.

Alexis Norman, 47, a Dallas-area woman serving more than eight years in prison for health care fraud, faces up to 80 more years behind bars after prosecutors said she ran another scam while in prison to help pay her legal bills.

A Section on 12/08/2018

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