U.S. patents issued to Arkansans

Dec. 11

Patent 10,149,466 B2. Fishing Line Spooler. Issued to Aaron Levi Rogers of Wesley and Dennis Rogers of Huntsville.

Patent 10,149,752 B2. Implant Placement Systems and One-Handed Methods for Tissue Fixation Using Same. Issued to Christopher P. Dougherty of Rogers; Gary R. Heisler of Brazoria, Texas; and Robert A. Van Wykof St. Pete Beach, Fla. Assigned to Tenjin LLC of Brazoria, Texas.

Patent 10,154,144 B2. Adjustable Interactive Voice Response System and Methods of Using Same. Issued to Jose Casasola and John Ragsdale, both of Bentonville. Assigned to Walmart Apollo LLC of Bentonville.

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