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PROP SHOP: Leave it to a business named Galaxy to land itself a starring television role.

At least its inventory has.

Galaxy Furniture & Design Center, located on Main Street in North Little Rock's Argenta District, recently sold its entire retro collection of furnishings and housewares -- down to the vintage robin's-egg-blue sauna. The purchaser? The production company behind HBO's crime anthology True Detective, which will film its third installment in Northwest Arkansas this year and will star Oscar winner Mahershala Ali.

"We always called it 'Grandma's Attic,'" says Galaxy owner Wayne Hogan about the 1950s to 1970s merchandise that filled its second floor. "When you walked up there, it took you to another place in time."

Hogan is no stranger to working with film crews.

He says, "Just about every film that's been shot in Arkansas recently has rented props from us," including Mud and God's Not Dead installments. Scenes from the forthcoming film Antiquities -- co-written by Arkansans Graham Gordy (who also is involved in True Detective) and director Daniel Campbell -- were shot in the store.

Hogan -- who hopes to sell the building and move Galaxy to another North Little Rock location -- was ready to part with the items he and wife Lynda had amassed over the past 17 years.

"It was time to thin it out," Hogan says about the accumulation that took 10 people four days and four trucks to haul. "We negotiated it, and we were happy because I didn't have to move it." (He wouldn't reveal the amount. We asked.)

He says if they miss any of the inventory, they could purchase it back when filming ends.

Or, Hogan says with a laugh, "We can just watch it on (TV)."

CANDY BAND: Little Rock music duo Dazz & Brie just raised the bar.

The candy bar.

Members Dazzmin "Dazz" Murry and Kabrelyn "Brie" Boyce announced they were among 10 winners in a nationwide contest to remix a new sound for the Kit Kat jingle.

Describing their trippy entry, Dazz says, "It's like a mix of Beach Boys and punk rock." Take a break ("Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar") and listen for yourself at

There's a possibility their jingle could be used in a commercial. As for guaranteed prizes, they will receive a vinyl record of the winners' jingles and a trophy, Dazz says, adding, "They also sent us a box of Kit Kats."


SundayMonday on 01/21/2018

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    January 21, 2018 at 11:43 p.m.

    We stopped patronizing Galaxy once we learned that it's owned by NeoNazi Trumpanzees. The wife is worse than the husband. She's truly frightening. The sooner Galaxy closes, the better.