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Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded June 4-June 15:

New Project LLC to HISLR 5, LLC, 1301 S. Shackleford Road, Little Rock. L1, Hampton Goff, $11,925,000.

LSH Land Company LLC to Gabe Galster, NE NE 1-1N-13W, $1,600,000.

Jennifer B. Schueck to the Palmer Hussman Lifetime Trust*, L131, Robinwood; SE SE 22-2N-13W, $1,450,000.

Grove At Pleasant Valley Investors LLC to Erik and Lesley Gundersen and Many Properties LLC, 11901 Pleasant Ridge Road, Little Rock. 3 Tracts: Pt NW SW 21-2N-13W, $1,401,394.

RG Joint Ventures LLC to Centennial Bank, L2, Top Cat; L1 and Mauney Ross Commercial, $1,300,000.

Terri A. Erwin, Teresa A. Erwin, Harry C. Erwin III to Winston and Kristine Patterson, 17 Glenridge Road, Little Rock. Ls45-46, Robinwood, $1,175,000.

Jeff Fuller Homes LLC to Edgar D. and Katherine A. St. Amour, 2815 N. Fillmore St., Little Rock. L3 B16, Park View, $855,000.

Tracy and Jane W. Duke to Joshua J. and Kirsten C. Sanford, 16 Sologne Circle, Little Rock. L7 B93, Chenal Valley, $790,000.

Mark and Angela Todd to Chad M. and Karen C. Greenway, 9 Ridgeview Court, Little Rock. L8, The Ridge, $775,000.

Steven L. and Janet N. Kinzler to Amy H. Peeples and Raymond E. Peeples, III, 11 Glenleigh Drive, Little Rock. L31, Robinwood Valley Phase I, $716,000.

Phillip and Holly Judd to Jeffrey G. and Sue A. Bemberg and The JSB Revocable Trust, NW SE 6-1N-14W, $652,500.

Bryan H. and Betty Ruth Davis(dec'd) to Jennifer R. Pierce and the TMB Trust, L8 B5, Newton, $650,000.

Julia Robinson to Samuel C. and Maeghan Overley, 18 Normandy Road, Little Rock. L15R, Normandy Replat, $605,000.

Ling Gao; Haibo Zhao to Jonathan D. and Haley N. Wyatt, 1615 Wetherborne Drive, Little Rock. L22 B8, The Villages Of Wellington, $552,000.

Jill K. Jennings and John D. Jennings III, to Yevgeniy Apostolov; Oxana Lazarenko, 35 Bellegarde Drive, Little Rock. L15 B38, Chenal Valley, $530,000.

Reddy Innovative Builders LLC to Kelly S. and Martha I. Sudduth and The KSS Trust 2009, L53 B18, Woodlands Edge, $519,000.

Gail L. Woods and Raymond P. Latimer to Felicia D. Allard and Eric U. Yee, 112 Weston Place, Little Rock. L6 B16, The Villages Of Wellington, $515,000.

G. Drew and Korey C. Jackson to Shantell L. and Marta Z. Frierson, 1419 Dorado Beach Drive, Little Rock. L62, Hickory Grove Phase III, $453,000.

David C. and Sidney V. Keisner to Howard O. Hunt and Amy Collinsworth, 18 Foxfield Cove, Little Rock. L20 B14, Woodlands Edge, $400,000.

James M. and Linda A. Williams to Carrie Hyde and William Scott, 2604 Calico Creek Drive, North Little Rock. L15 B42, Overbrook, $379,000.

Charles R. and Brenda Wright to Ferdinand Samuel, L6 B21, Woodlands Edge, $375,000.

Jim Pace Homes LLC to Gary and Kara Jones, 22 Drew Drive, Little Rock. L25, Georganne Estates, $370,800.

Sharlow Builders & Developers LLC to Clint A. and Maria R. Albright, 512 Wildcreek Circle, Little Rock. L73 B3, Wildwood Place, $370,631.

Richard M. and Charlotte B. French to Charles F. and Cynthia Desaussure, 8417 Garnet Cove, Sherwood. L29 B12, Stonehill Phase V, $349,900.

Jonathan M. and Allison B. Hart to Jesus Munoz, 19208 Summershade Drive, Little Rock. L10 B3, Wildwood Ridge Phase II, $347,000.

Renaissance Homes Inc. to Judy L. Samuelson and James R. Conner, L1 B2, Ridgeview Trails Phase I, $345,000.

Mohsen Amani to Chauncey N. and Angela R. Taylor, 149 Cove Creek Court, Little Rock. L11 B19, Woodlands Edge, $345,000.

Angela M. Lowe, Barbara V. Sullivan and The Angel Revocable Trust to Nicholas A. and Susan A. Lynch, 804 Loyola Drive, Little Rock. L394R, St. Charles, $330,000.

Menco Contruction LLC to Alexander T. and Kimberly Hunt, 15611 Scenic Point Drive, North Little Rock, L1, Panther Mountain Estates, $329,595.

Creekview LLC to Lakeview West LLC, Pt SW SW 8-3N-15W, $325,000.

Melanie V. and Phillip G. Bradford(dec'd) to Ryan L. and Courtney A. Bobsein, 148 Marseille Drive, Maumelle. L368, Country Club Of Arkansas, $320,000.

Jason M. and Chelsey Brown to Daryl E. and Dianna L. Ross, 131 Hidden Valley Loop, Maumelle. L19 B1, Maumelle Valley Estates, $317,990.

Michael and Karen Sage to Brian and Melissa Tinnermon, 811 Shea Drive, Little Rock. L4, Leawood Cove, $315,000.

Bradford Construction & Contracting Services, LLC to Laura McKinney, 500 Wildcreek Circle, Little Rock. L79 B3, Wildwood Place, $311,134.

CR Design Group LLC to Kenneth D. and Jana L. Wells, 15 Janwood Drive, Little Rock. L171, Leawood Manor 2nd, $304,000.

David L. and Suzanne C. Knowles to James H. and Cecile H. Bledsoe, 10 Calais Court, Little Rock. L7 B9, Chenal Valley, $304,000.

Motal Construction Company Inc. to Rashauna A. Norment, 405 Sienna Lake Drive, Little Rock. L3 B6, Sienna Lake, $301,500.

Smith Huson Real Estate LLC to Clifton Family LLLP, Lots6R, 7R & 8R, Meadowcliff Replat, SW NE 25-1N-13W, $300,000.

Enchanting Custom Homes Inc. to Kevin E. and Tracey L. Barnes, 5703 Hummingbird Lane, Jacksonville. L17F, Northlake Phase 13B, $300,000.

Carl Harris Construction Company Inc. to Ford Family Limited Partnership, NE NE 17-2N-14W, $300,000.

Patricia M. Givens and Bobby D. Givens Jr. to Robert L. and Lenesha Jones, 140 Mountain Valley Drive, Maumelle. L8 B8, Maumelle Valley Estates, $295,000.

Katherine Henry to Wanqing Chang, L39, Stonecreek Village, $293,900.

ODS Enterprises LLC to Ashley P. Barnes, 13832 Smarty Jones Drive, Scott, L171, Ashley Downs Phase I, $290,000.

Stacy D. and Lisa A. Jones to Patrick and Lindsay Simpson, 4316 Bear Tree Drive, Little Rock., L4, Longlea X, $281,000.

Roger and Michele D. Fawcett to Douglas and Deanna Anglin, 9600 Mercury Drive, Sherwood. L323, Miller's Crossing Phase 5, $280,000.

George G. and Beverly A. Butts and the George Gregory Butts & Beverly Ann Butts Joint Revocable Trust Declaration to Carson R. and Ariel Harper, 7 Edgestone Drive, Little Rock. L202, Leawood Heights 3rd, $279,000.

Gregory A. Morse to Raymond M. and Cali Bertasi, 14001 Argyll Court, Little Rock. L148R, Lochridge Estates Replat, $278,500.

McCollough Homes LR LLC to Ronda L. and Clint E. Blankenship, 9233 Rapid Water Drive, Sherwood. L18 B11, Creekside, $275,500.

S. B. Fullerton, Jr. to Fairfax Fullertonfair, NW SE 3-1N-11W; NE SE 3-1N-11W, $275,000.

Timothy J. and Virginia S. Orellano and The Timothy John Orellano & Virginia Sue Orellano Joint Living Trust to David W. and Colleen G. Ussery, 4 Perdido Drive, Little Rock. L96, St Charles, $270,900.

Deere Construction LLC to Kennard D. and Reshonda M. Williams and the D&M Revocable Trust, 901 Millers Glen Drive, Sherwood. L41, Millers Glen Phase 2, $270,000.

Charles J. and Chastity D. Baldwin to Maria Nguyen and James W. Vandergriff, 25 Windy Ridge Court, Maumelle. L9 B2, Ridgeview Phase I, $270,000.

Salman Faisal and Sitwat Mubashar to Mary E Pearlstein, 109 Valley Ranch Way, Little Rock. L5 B2, Valley Ranch, $267,000.

Richard and Centhia Stephens to Patricia J. Martin, 16 Longleaf Cove, Little Rock. L17, Longleaf Cove, $266,000.

James R. Head to Danny Owens, 1900 Arch St., Little Rock. SW SW 9-1S-12W, $265,000.

James T. Head to James R. Head, 11900 Arch St., Little Rock. SW SW 9-1S-12W, $265,000.

Wade L. Lewis to Abdulla Abunasrah, 14000 Argyll Court, Little Rock. L130, Lochridge Estates, $260,000.

Sherwood 2015 LLC to ARG Little Rock LLC, 11301 Bock Road, Sherwood. Ls18 & 26 B3, Bear Paw Phase II, $259,205.

Sara L. Harrison and The Harrison Family Revocable Trust to Ralph and Ardell Thomsen, 3012 Shadow Creek Drive, Little Rock. L104, Pebble Beach Woods, $255,500.

John F. and The John Francis Bowyer Revocable Trust to Daniel L. and Elecia P. McFadden, 2109 Louisiana St., Little Rock. Ls2-3 B428, Duval, $255,000.

John Wright Construction Co Inc. to Joshua T. and Ashlyn Phillips, 1508 Milligan Drive, North Little Rock. L1586R, Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase 23, $250,000.

Vernon E. Canon to Jackie L. Gray, 9518 Centennial Road, Jacksonville. NE NE 27-4N-11W, $249,000.

BPSL Properties LLC to Erica M. Gober, 7 McKee Circle, North Little Rock. L12 B7, Lakewood Northeast, $248,775.

Jenny Adams to Tina D. Graddy, 18 Windy Ridge Court, Maumelle. L7 B2, Ridgeview, $243,000.

Casa Bonita Investments LLC to Phillip A. and Sara M. Pittman, 6902 Briarwood Drive, Little Rock. L2, Briarwood, $240,000.

Daryl Brock Custom Homes Inc. to H. T. and Jean Murley, L14, Chalets At Country Club, $239,900.

Brett Meyer to Chandria R. Gamble and Byron A. Porchia, 110 Cabanel Drive, Maumelle. L1204, The Quarters Phase 20- Country Club Of Arkansas PRD, $239,900.

Demetra A. Wells to Whitney E. Taylor, 7148 E. Ridge Drive, Sherwood. L62 B1, Gap Creek, $239,000.

Paul J. Brown and The Leon & Sarah M. Brown Living Trust to Kenneth and Joyce Wolfe, L5 B15, East Meadow, $237,000.

Bank Of New York Mellon and Bank Of New York to Melissa Davis, 9309 Seasons Cove, Sherwood. L121, Miller's Crossing Phase 3, $236,250.

Amy Cicirello to Gardner Custom Homes Inc., 5401 Southwood Road, Little Rock. L222, Prospect Terrace No.3, $235,000.

Kuhl T. Brown Jr. and The Kuhl T. Brown Jr. Revocable Trust to Indoor Living LLC, 111 Crystal Court, Little Rock. L24 B14, Midland Hills, $235,000.

Judy R. and Gary R. Wright(dec'd) to Andrew and Martha James, L165, Waterside Replat, $235,000.

Rodrick D. and Barbara Johnson to Negar Salehi, 4 Landry Lane, Little Rock. L13 B2, Valley Ranch, $234,900.

Heather D. Grimes and Heather D. Bloom to Nicholle E. and Taylor Hart, 34 Marchwood Cove, Little Rock. L25 B1, Sienna Lake- Cooper Community, $234,000.

Billie J. White to Terry and Karen Ford, L17 B65, Lakewood, $220,000.

Randy Smith, Rodney L. Smith, Rory D. Smith, Reginald R. Smith to Sharon R. Hart-Parker and Ronald E. Letbetter, 3505 N. First St., Jacksonville. SE SW 8-3N-10W, $220,000.

Abby A. Allison and Abby A. Bradshaw to Delton K. and Ciara M. Gulley, 118 Summit Valley Circle, Maumelle. L20 B22, Maumelle Valley Estates, $217,500.

Shasha Bai and Justin Rowell to Charles E. and Julie Schlesinger, 18 Mockingbird Lane, Little Rock. L532, Kingwood Place, $214,000.

John M. and Mary A. Carman to Preston J. and Katherine L. Collier, 5 Platte Drive, Maumelle. L91, Riverland, $212,000.

Fay J. Royce to Jonathan M. Hart, 7205 I St, Little Rock. L14 B1, HF Buhlers 12th, $210,000.

Kelly J. Pizzitola and Kelly Jarratt to David Jarratt, 181 Lily Drive, Maumelle. L24, Waterside Replat, $200,000.

Byron and Marilyn McKimmey; Billy and Linda Morden, to Duncan Gang Properties LLC SE NE 13-3N-12W, $200,000.

William H. Jett to Big Bend Operations LLC, 6701 Brentwood Road, Cammack Village. L34, Jefferson Heights, $197,000.

Ahmed and Duaa AbuHalimeh to Sheria Herren, 612 Gamble Road, Little Rock. L16 B11, Gibralter Heights, $195,900.

Richard L. Sweat to Elizabeth G. Bowker, 6405 Countryside Drive, North Little Rock. L8 B1, Countryside, $195,500.

Patricia S. Perry and The Patricia S. Perry Revocable Trust to Lisa R. Sweet, 2005 Grist Mill Road, Little Rock. L131, Sturbridge Phase III, $192,500.

Stephanie B. and Jack T. Adams Jr. to Carol A. and John Crowley, 7913 Harmon Drive, Little Rock. L8 B2, Killarney, $190,000.

Morgan M. and Lacey M. Hines to Kaitlyn A. Mendenhall, 3716 Ridge Road, North Little Rock. L2 B40, Park Hill NLR, $190,000.

Amber G. and John L. Person to Edward F. and Tami A. Cassidy, 1813 Reveille Circle, Jacksonville. L207, Base Meadows Phase 1A $189,900 6/6/18

Jessie J Wilder; Dora D Wilder to Elizabeth D. Brown 1704 Wagon Wheel Drive, Little Rock. L1 B8, Cherry Creek, $189,000.

Yuzhi Chen and Wenyyun Liu to Allison N. Enderlin, 820 N. Cleveland St., Little Rock. L52, Ridgecrest Manor, $188,500

Samuel and Jessica Selby to Daniel V. Harper, 27 Summerland Court, Little Rock. L394, Ludington Heights, $184,000.

Benjamin J. Peterson to Annam Shahzeb and Shahzeb Khan, 12404 Woodbourne Drive, Little Rock. L22 B2, Cherry Creek, $183,000.

Janet M. and James L. Gilchrist Jr, to John B. Gardner, IV, 4913 Randolph Road, North Little Rock. L38 B25, Lakewood, $181,000.

Stephen T. and Whitney R. Barnett to Edwin M. Laney and Mary M. Little, 2004 Gristmill Road, Little Rock. L128, Sturbridge, $180,600.

Square Deal Builders LLC to Flagship Homes LLC, 601 Mimi Lane, Little Rock. L5, Park Ruby, $180,000.

TLA Properties LLC, Thomas S. and Lue A. Allen and The Allen Irrevocable Trust to Nomel Properties LLC, 308, 310, 312 & 314 Nebling Drive, Little Rock. Ls2-3, Nebling Park, $180,000.

Carla J. Tencleve to Bonnie E. Kitchen, 13008 Cherry Laurel Drive, Little Rock. L12 B14, Cherry Creek, $177,650.

Midtown Premium Properties LLC to Michael and Susan Desselle, 3 Garfield Circle, Little Rock. L72, Ridgecrest Manor Tract A Replat, $175,000.

Nancy Morgan and Henry Fletcher to Stephanie A. and Darrell L. Clark, 8910 Peters Road, Cabot. L1, Gladewood Annex, $175,000.

Meredith A. and James Castleberry to Yellow Hill Properties LLC, L30, Kingwood Place, $174,000.

Jad Properties LLC to Sheila L. Primm, 2200 Andover Court Apt 503, Little Rock. L503, Andover Square HPR, $172,000.

Constance Barnett to Dan Gladden, L5, Charleston Place, $168,000.

Thomas R. and Shella L. Hagan and The Hagan Family Trust to Clarissa L. Dorsey, 14 Hickory Court, Little Rock. L296, Otter Creek Community Phase IIIA, $167,000

Tiffany Palmer to Jonathan Newton and Edita Klimyte, 7518 Choctaw Road, Little Rock. L334, Briarwood, $167,000.

Sax Homes LLC to Jessica M. Yeh, L92, Point West 3rd Phase I, $163,890.

George H. and Barbara S. Carter to Bryan H. Davis, L803, Andover Square HPR, $161,635.

Jason Hicks to Gene A. Shoemaker, 407 Oneida St., Jacksonville. L9, Northlake Phase I, $159,000.

Joni S. and Alfred John Daniels Jr.(dec'd) to Alexander M. and Jessica McEntire, 1714 Watt St., Little Rock. Pt NE NE 35-2N-13W, $155,000.

Brock P. and Courtney H. Bailey to Leslie O. Owens, 12212 Pleasant Forest Drive, Little Rock. L31, Pleasant Forest I, $155,000.

Rei Nation LLC to Rowdy W. Roth, 5412 N. Vine St., North Little Rock. L21 B7, Pike View, $154,900.

Rausch Coleman Mid Ark LLC to Nicholas and Jessica L. Stone, L415, Faulkner Crossing Phase 8, $154,705.

Jenny Wilkinson to Kimberly Patrom-Hill, 6700 Pontiac Drive, North Little Rock. L27 B24, Indian Hills, $153,000.

Bobbi D. Patterson to Rebecca G. Newton, 38 Flag Road, Little Rock. L148, Briarwood, $152,000.

Jose L. Ibero to Kyle Shields and Ashley Martin, 9702 Merlot Lane, North Little Rock. L2, Villages At Merlot Lane, $152,000

Charles J. Henderson to Danny B. and Terri Henderson, 312 Forest Oak Drive, Jacksonville. L6, Forest Oaks Phase I, $151,065.

SundayMonday Business on 07/08/2018

*CORRECTION: A house at 95 Robinwood Road in Little Rock was sold to Palmer Hussman Lifetime Trust. An earlier version of these listings incorrectly identified the buyer.

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