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Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded (June 18-22):

KDV Inc. to LR Markham Apartments LLC, 11 Crossing Court, Little Rock. L7A, Shackleford Crossings, $6,160,000.

Agnes F. and Josef C. Villiger and The Josef A. Villiger Family Trust to Agnes F. Villiger and The Agnes F. Villiger Revocable Trust, 1925 Redmond Road, Jacksonville. SW 13-3N-11W; Lots A, 2R, 3R & 4R B135, Park Hill NLR Replat; Lot A, Storthz Replat- Park Hill NLR; L5B Blk A & L1R B24, Overbrook, $2,377,000.

SNR Consulting LLC to KG Store 138 LLC, L1 B1, Kum & Go, $1,680,000.

Madison Markham LLC to Chinese Orchid LLC, L1, Parkway Motors, $1,580,000.

2524 Crestwood Properties LLC to Hamilton Dean LLC, 2524 Crestwood Road, North Little Rock. L13 B67, Lakewood, $1,425,000.

Stamja-LP AR Properties LLC to 2100 Brookwood LLC, 2100 Brookwood Drive, Little Rock. Tract N-1, Riverdale, $1,300,000.

PB General Holdings Pike LLC to James L. Adams, L1A B8, Maloney, $1,228,254.

R. Graham and Danea D. Smith to Robert A. and Debra J. Fehlman, 34 Orle Circle, Little Rock. L16 B113, Chenal Valley, $935,000.

Victory Lane Inc. to Gas N Go Investments LLC, 1801 Military Road, Jacksonville. NW 33-3N-10W, $850,000.

Rick D. and Annette P. Meador to Kara B. and James P. Mikles Jr., 10526 Plantation Lake Road, Scott. L15R & L17, Steele Bend Estates Phase I, $785,000.

Marc D. Tankel to Misty D. and Nathan Nolen Jr., 147 Hickory Creek Circle, Little Rock. L59, Hickory Creek Phase V, $745,000.

James P. and Kara B. Mikles to Kyle J. and Shannon Kalkwarf, 8 Deauville Circle, Little Rock. L29 B85, Chenal Valley, $718,500.

Dillon Homes & Real Estate Inc. to Susan L. and Leonard E. Bryan II., 23 Ensbury Place, Little Rock. L39 B101, Chenal Valley, $643,700.

Muhammad Jaffar and Rubina Alam to Kapil Yadav, Megha Sharma, 7 Noyant Court, Little Rock. L107 B36, Chenal Valley, $600,000.

N. P. Dodge Jr., Leslie A. Delperdang, National Equity Inc. to Tiffany L. and David A. Estes, 65 River Ridge Road, Little Rock. L64, River Ridge Manor No.4, $530,000.

Shane and Kay Smith to N. P. Dodge Jr., Leslie A. Delperdang, National Equity Inc., 65 River Ridge Road, Little Rock. L64, River Ridge Manor No.4, $530,000.

J. Martin Homes Inc. to David C. and Sidney V. Keisner, 4 Flatrock Point, Little Rock. L52 B18, Woodlands Edge, $529,900.

Todd B. and Terri H. Holt to Christian M. and Erika M. Eisenring, 23 Chenal Circle, Little Rock. L21 B2, Chenal Valley, $519,500.

W. I. Properties LLC to Frank W. and Janice L. Hart, 44 Mirabel Court, Little Rock. L5 B105, Chenal Valley, $512,500.

Garden Holdings LLC to Unity Property Development Ownership Group, LLC, L128, Broadmoor North, $505,000.

R. & J. Realty Warehouse LLC to Unity Property Development Ownership Group, LLC, Ls4-6, South University Business Park, $505,000.

William and Glenna Fisher to Bale Family Limited Liability Limited Partnership II, SE NE 4-1N-14W, $485,000.

Carol D. Schriver and The Carol Davis and Byron Schriver Jr., Joint Revocable Trust Declaration to Joseph L. and Meredith H. Shelton, L2 B13, Pleasant Valley, $480,000.

Marcus J. Bryant, Randi L. Bryant, Jerry L. Bryant, Carolyn K. Bryant to Good Earth Properties LLC, NW SW 14-3N-14W; Pt N/2 SE 15-3N-14W, $460,000.

Bala M. Narendran to Christopher and Lauren Pickens, 11 Foxfield Cove, Little Rock. L14 B14, Woodlands Edge, $455,000.

Matthew S. and Pamela A. Hardin and The Robert P. Hardin Revocable Trust and The Charlotte A. Hardin Revocable Trust to Kenneth R. Meacham and The Meacham Revocable Trust, 16 Duclair Court, Little Rock. L8 B3, Chenal Valley, $445,000.

Lucinda L. and Doyle B. Williams Jr. to Marnie and William Sharp Jr., 13612 Saddle Hill Drive, Little Rock. L65, Pleasant Heights Phase I, $430,000.

First Community Bank to Matt and Trena Nosler, 23 Longwell Loop, Little Rock. L54 B23, Villages Of Wellington, $429,551.

Mayur Inc. to NBIA, Inc., 4813 E. Broadway St., North Little Rock. L7, Mrs M. A. Miller, $400,000.

Christopher and Katherine Magann to Ryan K. and Alison B. Hix, 111 Sierra Valley Loop, Maumelle. L79R B6, Maumelle Valley Estates Phase XIV Replat, $394,900.

William L. and Floradel G. Reid(dec'd) to Cherika and Robert Y. Henry II, 35 Woodstream Cove, Little Rock. L98 B2, Woodlands Edge, $389,500.

Dumont Construction LLC to Derek P. and Hilary P. Givens, 414 Wildcreek Circle, Little Rock. L86 B3, Wildwood Place, $380,000.

SDH Custom Homes LLC to Brandi S. and James T. Carmichael III., 8809 Tall Pine Court, Sherwood. L61 B5, Creekside, $370,000.

Budco Inc. to Joseph and Kirsti Gardner, 9640 Hickory Heights Drive, Sherwood. L6, Miller Heights, $355,000.

Don and Julia King to Old School Cars LLC, 7911 Warden Road, Sherwood. NW SE 4-2N-11W, $350,000.

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, NA to J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, NA, 2719 Woodsgate Drive, Little Rock. L4 B4, Woodlands Edge, $345,736.

Kenneth W. and Cheryl D. Eichenauer to Kerry J. Baldwin, 206 Epernay Loop, Little Rock. L13 B78, Chenal Valley, $345,000.

Conan and Natasha Gallaty to Christopher and Katherine Magann, 4300 Bear Tree Drive, Little Rock. L6, Longlea X, $335,000.

Richard H. and Jennifer J. Lynn to Phong H. Tran Fallen Thao Vu, 4200 Montgomery Road, Little Rock. L9, Madison Valley, $330,000.

Brett W. and Debra K. Stuart to John W. and Connie S. Norris, 120 Majestic Circle, Maumelle. L92 BII, Majestic Pointe, $325,000.

Nicholas Y. Fotioo to Ahmad N. Bajwa, 19 Bergerac Lane, Little Rock. L193, St. Charles, $320,000.

Tommy Scott Construction LLC to Tristan D. and Logan A. Down, 9409 Cliffside Drive, Sherwood. L9 B9, Creekside, $310,180.

John R. Brineman Fallen Sandra E. Chai to Jacob H. and Noelle D. Burns, L12 B4, Auten And Moss, $305,000.

Brian L. and Jennifer L. Maune to Cydney Fullen, 8 Chatel Drive, Little Rock. L61 B19, Chenal Valley, $300,000.

Lundy Properties LLC to Robert B. Scaife and Alicia L. Graham, 303 Rosetta St., Little Rock. L23 B6, C S Stifft, $300,000.

Roy L. Dellinger Construction Inc. to Anthony J. and Jacquelin R. Bennett, 9309 Cliffside Drive, Sherwood. L2 B9, Creekside, $299,500.

Homes By Hesley Inc. to Joshua and Wesley Lundin, 18912 Lochridge Drive, Little Rock. L151, Lochridge Estates, $295,000.

National Property Holdings LLC to Shane R. Simonson, Kristin R. Beverly, 18 Lefever Lane, Little Rock. L569, Kingwood Place, $289,900.

Emil W. Turner to Patricia T. Smith, 306 Garden Valley Loop, Little Rock. L22 B1, The Gardens At Valley Falls, $285,000.

Wells Fargo Bank, NA to Wells Fargo Bank, NA, 9608 Mercury Drive, Sherwood. L324, Miller's Crossing Phase 5, $273,524.

Michael M. and Sally R. Bowen to Michael E. Ellis, Elizabeth Galema, 13802 Abinger Court, Little Rock. L87, Hillsborough Phase II-B, $273,000.

Ives Custom Homes LLC to Ray and Grace Johnson, 17101 Edingurgh Drive, Little Rock. L55, Lochridge Estates, $265,700.

J&J Eiendomme LLC to Adrian and Rebekka Neal, 14701 Cecil Drive, Little Rock. L8, Secluded Hills Phase I, $260,000.

Ryan K. and Alison M. Hix to Kerri Harris, 19 Bouresse Drive, Little Rock. L69 B48, Chenal Valley, $257,900.

Mohammad A. Siddiqui to Edwin D. Kendle, 108 Baronne Way, Maumelle. L1248, The Quarters Phase 20- Country Club Of Arkansas PRD, $250,000.

Joel P. and Angela M. Reynolds to Howard D. Tanner, Sara J. Berryman, 209 Corondelet Lane, Maumelle. L1284, The Quarters Phase 20- Country Club Of Arkansas PRD, $249,900.

Smart Framing LLP to Neang Nhem, Tonh Huot, 3000 Rock Ridge Drive, Sherwood. L67 B11, Stonehill Phase VI, $249,900.

Randall and Lauren Patterson to Alice L. Wingfield, L41, Garrett Glen, $245,000.

James E. Downs Jr. to Thomas W. Nowlin, 1607 N. Taylor St., Little Rock. L7 B29, Mountain Park, $245,000.

Elizabeth C. Fallen and Kathleen Fallen and The Kathleen Fallen Living Trust to Drew Talbert, 421 W. Justice Road, Cabot. Pt W/2 SE SE 6-4N-10W, $245,000.

William M. Scott, Carrie R. Hyde to Monika S. Neal-Rued and Marlene J. Pierce, 64 Desoto Circle, North Little Rock. L10 B41, Lakewood, $245,000.

David J. and Susan A. Carter and The David J. Carter & Susan A. Carter Revocable Living Trust to Rebecca E. and Brent M. Ellison 113 Beaulieu Court, Maumelle. L170, Country Club Of Arkansas, $245,000.

Amber S. Herring to Natasha D. Hayes, 7339 Deer Meadows Court, Sherwood. L14 B2, Gap Creek, $244,900.

Wayne Moore Construction Co. to Phillip S. and Janet L. Farrell, L3C8, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes Phase II, $243,091.

Jojo C. and Kimberly George to Michael L Prince, Kahrin D. Prince, 1301 Oaks Bluff Drive, Little Rock. L1R, Oaks Bluff, $243,000.

Curtis L. Lowery III. to Lindsay R. Ruhr and Derrick J. Redhead, 108 N. Cedar St., Little Rock. L11 B3, Riffel And Rhoton's Ridgeland, $242,000.

Secretary Of Veterans Affairs to Gregory S. and Denise Purtle, 110 Trelon Way, Little Rock. L5 B49, Chenal Valley, $237,000.

Jeff and Robert J. Bland to Beverly B. and Austin McCaskill Jr., L214, Leawood Manor 2nd, $234,852.

Charlene B. Carman and The C. B. Carman Revocable Trust to Corey T. and Laurel P. Davenport, 14218 Saint Michael Drive, Little Rock. L649, St Charles, $230,500.

Daniel Whitehorn to Meagan E. Davis, L26 B7, Elmhurst, $227,000.

RLW Properties LLC to 924 W. 15th LLC, NE NW 34-2N-12W; NW NE 34-2N-12W, $226,843.

Ben and Karen W. Saxon to Elizabeth M. Griffin, L27 B7, Parkway Place, $221,000.

Leonard D. Bryan and Amber A. Cockings to Henry K. and Bonnie S. Files, L335, Leawood Heights 4th, $218,900.

Jesus G. Campos and Elida Luna to The Dennis C. Belden Revocable Trust, L347, Northlake Phase VIII, $218,500.

MLL Properties Inc. to Brenda F. and Presley R. Adams, 36 Rosewall Lane, Little Rock. L18, Otter Creek Community Phase XI, $218,000.

Patrick H. Couch to Clint M. and Chelsea A. O'Kelley, 524 Pine Valley Road, Little Rock. L60, Queen Manor, $217,500.

Steve and Debbie Morrison to Julia and Kevin Klammer, L5 B2, Pulaski Heights, $215,000.

Marilyn A. Kellogg and The Kellogg Living Trust to Mary C. Logan, 1822 Pickering Lane, Little Rock. L1, Oakhill 1st, $208,900.

Cindi D. Wiedower and Jennifer Scott to Joshua and Martha Witter, 2915 Breckenridge Drive, Little Rock. L5, Echo Valley First, $206,000.

William and Marnie Sharp to Jordan J. and Freddrick C. Trotter, L180, St Charles, $205,000.

Joshua and Olga K. Hardin to Collin A. Callaway, L164, Kingwood Place, $202,000.

Casey and Tonya Burks to Lowell C. and Ruth A. Spann and The Lowell C. Spann & Ruth Ann Spann Trust Declaration, L218, West Pointe, $200,000.

William H. and Lorie Akins to Cedric and Yolanda Lewis, 2209 Moortown Drive, North Little Rock. L9 B6, Stone Links, $200,000.

David D. and Phyllis Smith to Jason Bogardus, 7820 N. Hills Blvd., North Little Rock. L3 B2, Windsor Valley, $199,000.

Cary C. and Kimberly T. Pappas to Govind L. and Rasila G. Lukhi, 616 Gamble Road, Little Rock. L15 B11, Gibralter Heights 1, $197,000.

Noel du Celliee Mulle, Lynn D. du Celliee Mulle, Jeffrey du Celliee Mulle to Stacy Kratky, 515 E. 15th St., Little Rock. Ls11-12 B62, Original City Of Little Rock, $195,000.

Vicki Cowan, Michele Mack, and The Michael J. Marino Asset Protection Trust to Pradeep Gorrepati and Mahesh Thadisena, 1817 Rainwood Cove Drive, Little Rock. L13, Rainwood Cove, $191,032.

Brittney A. Richardson to Pader Moua and John Shumate, 7202 Evergreen Drive, Little Rock. L14, Glenwood Heights, $184,000.

Dolores R. and Edwin Harry Hedon(dec'd) to Eric E. and Jennifer L. Hendon, 1423 Starfield Road, North Little Rock. L6 B76, Park Hill NLR, $184,000.

W & L Realty Co LLC to Angelica E. Tolson, 16 Diana Drive, Little Rock. L39, Briarwood, $182,500.

Kevin L. Clapper to Christopher Harvill, 17 Holly Brook Cove, Maumelle. L94, Meadow Ridge, $181,000.

Lamika Killingsworth to Tiffany and Levi Roy III., 12 Jack Nicklaus Cove, Little Rock. L912, Fairway Woods- Otter Creek Community, $180,000.

Patricia C. Sturdivant and The Patricia C. Sturdivant Revocable Trust to Brooke Cummings, 603 Burntwood Court, Sherwood. L32 B8, East Meadow, $180,000.

Betty J. Smith to Douglas E. and Cathy D. Burris, 1825 War Eagle Drive, North Little Rock. L15 B34, Indian Hills, $180,000.

Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association to Darlene H. Jones, 22 Legends Drive, Little Rock. L892, Fairway Woods Phase II- Otter Creek Community, $179,000.

Gloria Burgess to Kevin B. Martin, 6 Park Ridge Drive, Maumelle. L66, Park Ridge, $178,000.

Robert L. Vance, Rhonda L. Childs, The Childs Vance Living Trust to Steven C. and Lissa A. Monroe, 1813 War Eagle Drive, North Little Rock. L18 B34, Indian Hills Phase XXIII, $174,900.

Barbara I. Logue to Tommy and Phoebe Martin, 10 Lariat Court, Little Rock. L210, Point West 2nd, $169,900.

Sara M. and Curtis L. Weedman Jr., to Tom and Jo Gibbons, L16, Pleasant Tree 3rd, $165,000.

Barret Richardson and Sarah Henley (aka Sarah Richardson) to Seth C. Ransom, Payton R. Ransom, Clarence E. Ransom Jr., Melody A. Ransom, 708 N. Pierce St., Little Rock. Ls15-16 B11, Lincoln Park, $165,000.

Robert Zwigart and Luz M. Grajales to Sabrina Blevins, 9006 W. Markham St., Little Rock. L104, Brookfield Section 4, $165,000.

Kim D. and Mark A. Lowman to Nathan M. Lowman, 24 Wickford Lane, Little Rock. L77, Berkshire Park HPR, $165,000.

Maribel Reyes to Gregory M. and Karen R. Rudolph, 13311 Beckenham Drive, Little Rock. L38, Hillsborough Phase I, $164,500.

Krista Humphrey (Krista Nobert) to Cathy and Kyung S. Kim, 409 Parkway Place Drive, Little Rock. L12 B2, Parkway Place, $163,000.

Karen D. Franklin to Chris Clark, 1601 Mesquite Drive, Little Rock. L40, Point West 3rd Phase III, $159,900.

Aaron and Lauren Kopf to Shalon Bogard, 9801 Treasure Hill Road, Little Rock. L68, Treasure Hills Section 2, $156,000.

Wilson R. and Barbara F. Hatfield to Ann A. Denny, 1911 Calgary Trail, Little Rock. L74, Point West 3rd Phase 2A, $155,000.

Martha J. Lute to Eric and Sarah Murray, 10701 Stoneridge Drive, Sherwood. L24 B2, Windridge, $155,000.

Modesto Galvez to Rick and Shea Sisk, 4704 N. Vine St., North Little Rock. L41 B64, Park Hill NLR, $155,000.

Rausch Coleman Mid Ark LLC, Rausch Coleman Arkansas Developers LLC to Tomesha Singleton, 1621 Yarrow Drive, North Little Rock. L383, Faulkner Crossing Phase 8, $152,900.

Channell Enterprises Inc. to Jacob A. Campbell, 2112 Nichols Road, Little Rock. L18 B3, Hicks Interurban, $152,565.

US Bank, NA to P&W Properties LLC, 1611 N. University Ave., Little Rock. L7 B25, Mountain Park, $152,000.

Dick Y. and Peggy L. Fletcher to Jeanne and Henry A. Barham III., 7905 Illinois St., Little Rock. LK B1, Killarney, $150,500.

Vivian J. (dec'd) and Robert C. Magee Sr. to Elizabeth N. Crane, 807 N. Coolidge St., Little Rock. L9 B17, Success, $150,000.

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