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  1. This harbor on Oahu is a U.S. naval base.

  2. What is the busiest cruise port in the U.S.?

  3. This harbor is famous for the Tea Party incident.

  4. This Chinese port is the world's busiest container port.

  5. England's busiest passenger port is also its nearest port to France.

  6. What was the registered home port of the Titanic?

  7. It has served as the port of Athens since ancient times.

  8. The port of this city-state is the world's busiest transshipment port.

  9. Ostia Antica was the location of the harbor city of ancient _.


  1. Pearl Harbor

  2. Port of Miami

  3. Boston Harbor

  4. Port of Shanghai

  5. Port of Dover

  6. Liverpool, England

  7. Port of Piraeus

  8. Port of Singapore

  9. Rome

Style on 06/05/2018

Print Headline: Super Quiz: Ports and harbors

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