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Turning a blind eye

How can Congress ignore obvious appearances of impropriety by members of this administration of using their positions for personal profit? Rogue Chinese company ZTE was sanctioned, by the U.S., basically out of business. Then Trump received a half-billion-dollar backing for his Indonesian project by a Chinese government business, and Ivanka got seven new trademarks from the Chinese government. Suddenly Trump changes course and sets out to save ZTE.

Jared Kushner's family was turned down by Qatar for an approximate $500,000 real estate loan. Shortly thereafter the president's son-in-law lobbied within the White House for an Arab blockade of Qatar, while Secretary of State Rex Tillerson opposed the action. Kushner won the battle to punish one of our strongest Gulf State allies.

The appearance of impropriety is overwhelming and needs investigating. I would like to know why our congressmen are turning a blind eye to potentially illegal shenanigans.



Reasons to regulate

A recent editorial by the Democrat-Gazette mentioned the Trump administration has cut almost 70 regulations on businesses. It stated, "Those are wins, no matter what the loyal but sometimes hyperventilating opposition would allow."

No specifics were given on what regulations were cut. It seems to be a basic Republican idea nowadays that business regulations are all bad. Businesses constructing new buildings have to spend large sums of money to ensure wiring meets fire codes; that adequate fire suppression systems are in place; that fire exits exist and are clearly marked. Businesses didn't volunteer to do this--they are required by government regulations. Would the Democrat-Gazette consider it a "win" to eliminate the fire codes? It would save businesses money, after all.

Food processing plants have to spend money to provide hair coverings, gloves, lab coats, etc., to their workers to help ensure their products are germ- and disease-free. Again, companies did not volunteer to provide these--government regulations require it. We could save companies money if we eliminate those regulations.

But I think that saving companies money is not the only criteria we should be using to determine the value of government regulations. I would be willing to bet that those 70 regulations were put in place to save lives, reduce injury, or provide some other public benefit--even though they might cost businesses to implement them. To just make the blanket statement that eliminating 70 business regulations is an automatic "win" is shortsighted, and I'll try to stop my hyperventilating now.



A serious candidate

The good news, following Prez Bozo's embarrassment at the G-7, we can now look for a serious candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

No one has done more to foster good relations around the world than Anthony Bourdain. Take in a couple of episodes of Parts Unknown and you'll see what I mean.


Hot Springs

More to life than this

A person kills himself. A person kills herself. There's an epidemic of persons for whom life holds no promise, and they decide it's too painful, and decide to leave.

Why is there no promise in their lives? Is it because they have no knowledge of the God of promise, who aches to heal them of their pain?

"Pah," you say. "If there were such a God as that, there would be no pain."

How little you understand. Pain is God's gift to you to know there's something wrong. Sometimes it teaches you to avoid danger. Sometimes it teaches you to understand. But if you refuse to learn, then it is merely an obstacle to be overcome.

And if you cannot overcome it? You must quit trying, eventually.

There is great pain in not knowing there is more to life than "this." God created us to know the joy of himself and share it with him. This world can't fulfill that desire to know God. When one "arrives" at the top of the world and finds nothing there to satisfy his thirst for God, not knowing the end for that thirst, believing that's all there is, can't find a reason for the pain of it, the loneliness inside is too much.

The world with its mouth full of apple seeds denies the tree of life, and denies it to others as well, being full of unbelief.

O, God, forgive our ignorance!



GOP not so innocent

Clearly, G.W. Weeks was asleep at the wheel when conservatives (including editors at this very paper) viciously attacked the physical appearance of 13-year-old Chelsea Clinton as her father ran for president. Republicans, like Rush Limbaugh, found it perfectly acceptable to go after a politician's minor children.

Also, he seems to have missed all the negative comments against Michelle Obama made by Republicans.



Motives of politicians

I have known and had more than casual interaction with several politicians at both the national, state and local levels over my years on this planet earth. Except for one, it is my opinion that all the others were in it to either feed an ego or fatten a wallet.


Little Rock

Editorial on 06/13/2018

Print Headline: Letters


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