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story.lead_photo.caption Carl Minden

Some folks look the part. Then there are others who look the part, act the part, speak the part, know the part, feel the part, embody the part. They've been trained for the part. They've rehearsed the part. They become the part.

Carl Minden is running for sheriff of Pulaski County. He fits the part.

Carl Minden seems perfectly comfortable in his own skin, and seems quite adept at talking with the media. Why wouldn't he be? One of his many jobs over the years is handling the press for the Pulaski County sheriff's office.

But Carl Minden, a 46-year-old major in the department, has held many different titles in that outfit. Can there be an office or a jail cell or a center or a program that he isn't familiar with? He currently runs Criminal Investigations for the county, and has commanded the Patrol District and supervised Training and Special Services. Oh, yes, he was commander of the Crisis Negotiation Unit, too. And organized the Citizens Police Academy. It's just as easy for him to talk about a stretch of road around Gravel Ridge as he is about the overcrowding at the county jail.

Speaking of which . . . . The overcrowding there is caused by all the state prisoners waiting transfer. Major Minden says it's just something that has to be handled, all the time. "It's a day-to-day management of your [prison] population," he told us. "It's a constant thing." And if he's elected sheriff, he'll keep the same professionals in the jail, making the best of the situation, as they have for years.

But the biggest issue that he thinks he'll face, if elected, is this ongoing opioid problem, and the resurgence of heroin in central Arkansas. Major Minden seems to know from drugs, too, because he's been one of the leaders of the Prescription Drug Take Back program for the county.

Carl Minden's many awards, certificates and recognitions are too numerous to list here. For that, see And while you're there, take a look at the section labeled "endorsements." You'll note that the first one is Sheriff Doc Holladay, who isn't running again, and next, former sheriff Randy Johnson. But that's only two endorsements for Carl Minden this year.

Add ours to the list. Unlike many (too many) law enforcement agencies around the nation, the sheriff's office in Pulaski County has been guided by smart leadership and competent administrators. Let's keep that going. And elect Carl Minden sheriff. He's got this role down pat.

Editorial on 05/08/2018

Print Headline: For Carl Minden

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