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story.lead_photo.caption Dallas Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett was criticized by Terrell Owens in a recent radio interview in Dallas.

Terrell Owens has never been one to mince words.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receiver believes his former team, the Dallas Cowboys, should part ways with Coach Jason Garrett.

Owens criticized Garrett in a recent radio interview in Dallas, saying it "really doesn't make sense" as to why Garrett remains employed going into his eighth full season as head coach.

"[The Cowboys are] not really expanding or progressing even as a team under his coaching tenure there," said Owens, who spent three seasons with the team (2006-08).

"At the end of the day, how can you keep allowing the players to be the scapegoat for what's not happening, especially when you have a head coach that's supposed to be offensive-minded?" Owens said. "They're supposed to direct and lead the team to where it hasn't gotten in a number of years, and they've pretty much been in a standstill under Coach Jason Garrett.

"It all boils down to players being the scapegoat for his inability to lead the team as he should. For me, it's mind-boggling. I don't understand. And I think Jerry -- again, he's the owner at the end of the day, he has to feel good with himself about the decisions -- but I just don't understand why this guy (Garrett) still has a job."

However, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told reporters that he's hoping Garrett rebounds in 2018 and wins coach of the year honors again as he did in 2016.

Garrett has two years and $12 million left on a five-year contract extension he signed after the 2014 season. He is 68-55 since becoming the Cowboys' head coach midway through the 2010 season, and is the second-longest-tenured coach in franchise history behind Hall of Famer Tom Landry.

He said it

Dave Hyde of the Sun Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., on Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill:

"There were two little secrets the Dolphins didn't let out, more or less, until the draft and post-draft decisions were made that take on importance starting with next week's offseason workouts:

"1. Ryan Tannehill is their quarterback for as far as they can see, even if no one is looking beyond next year at this point.

"2. There's no certified Plan B.

"Yes, I know. This isn't the best summer to be a Dolphins fan. Double that pain for Tannehill's fans. The narrative on him is out there: Coming back from major knee surgery; hasn't played in 19 games; turned 30 in July; didn't exactly tear it up over his five years until ...

"But hold on. This narrative suggests his 2016 season never existed, like that not-insignificant, eight-run stretch where he clicked with Coach Adam Gase and helped the Dolphins on a run to the playoffs never happened.

"He had a 100.1 rating over those eight games. Remember? That would've ranked seventh in the league. Remember former Dolphins coach Jimmy Johnson said after his game-winning throw in Los Angeles the Dolphins 'have found their franchise quarterback.'

"Tannehill, meanwhile, shows there's nothing more forgotten than an injured athlete.

"The offensive line is stable this year. Not great. But stable. The receiving corps added a couple of veterans and a rookie tight end. Again, your guess on DeVante Parker is as good as the Dolphins' hopes at this point.

"Tannehill will have a true practice for the first time this week since he went down last August. It's a baby step to September. It's not the best of springs to back his talent. But he's good enough if his 2016 means something. The verdict is out on those needing to help him."


Which Ivy League university did Jason Garrett play football for?



Sports on 05/21/2018

Print Headline: Owens asks why Garrett still has job

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