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Halloween is my favorite holiday, and the monsoon this year didn’t dampen our spirits.

Unlike some cities, we in Conway held steadfast to our tradition and kept Halloween on Oct. 31. Anybody can trick-or-treat in normal weather; we proved our moxie by braving the torrential downpour to go to the Tucker Creek-turned-Conway Expo Center trick-or-treat events.

My husband and I went with Kennedy, my son and daughter-in-law, and Kennedy’s other grandparents to a big trick-or-treat event that was moved from a park to the Conway Expo Center because of the rain.

Lots of churches, businesses and organizations had booths, games and food.

Kennedy was a peacock last year. This year, at almost 18 months, her mother decided to dress her as something a little more grown up — an 85-year old woman. She was Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

And, Kennedy was adorable, of course.

My daughter-in-law ordered a little black kindergarten graduation gown. My mother sent lace for the collar. Kennedy cast a dissenting vote on wearing glasses or earrings. We experimented with gray hairspray, but it was a mess, so she was a blond Ruth Bader Ginsberg. She wore black leggings and her sparkly silver shoes that I bought her, because even a Supreme Court Justice needs a little bit of glam. She had a gavel, but it was heavy, and she wanted to use it just to hit people, i.e., her Pop.

My daughter-in-law, her stepmother and I all wore Notorious RBG T-shirts to help people figure out who Kennedy was supposed to be.

Kennedy had already gotten into the spirit of the holiday at my house by looking at my Halloween village, spider lights and plethora of pumpkins every time she visited. Our sweet older neighbor got her a little bag of goodies, including a spinning pumpkin light, which she loved. We all wanted one and took turns playing with it. (The Reese’s candy in her bag mysteriously ended up in my son’s possession, I noticed.)

Kennedy had been practicing knocking and saying “Trick-or-treat,” but instead, we packed into the expo center with hundreds of goblins, witches, Mario characters, Harry Potters, princesses, big blow-up T-Rex dinosaurs, and the Big Bad Wolf, Grandma and a tiny, adorable Little Red Riding Hood, just to name a few.

My favorite display from a church was Snoopy and the gang, including Lucy — my favorite — in her psychiatrist booth, and I had my picture made with her. I used to be in a Snoopy Collectors Club in my early 30s. I was obsessed almost to the point of needing a psychiatrist.

Kennedy was wary of Snoopy at first, but she gave him a high five. She was attracted to all the big characters. She even kissed Bowser from Mario Brothers. She didn’t like the Big Bad Wolf until she saw a person’s face peeking out of the costume; then she blew him kisses, too.

She also liked the dogs, dressed in adorable costumes, including a taco, a pirate, a dragon and three dressed as candy corn.

Speaking of candy, that was the place to get a sugar high. Since Kennedy wasn’t in the mood to hold her Halloween bucket — which my mother had monogrammed with Kennedy’s name — I volunteered for the role of getting the candy. And the ice cream, the hot dogs, the MoonPies and the popcorn.

It was loud, noisy, and we were all a little bit sick by the end of the night, but it was worth it.

Who knows what Kennedy will be next year, but I’ll bet she’ll have a definite opinion.

Senior writer Tammy Keith can be reached at (501) 327-0370 or

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