Software problems cause delay in vote totals for county in east Arkansas

Faulty software and an older voting machine are to blame for a delay in releasing vote totals in Phillips County, a member of the Election Commission said on Wednesday.

County Clerk Linda White said her office hadn't received any numbers from the Phillips County Election Commission as of Wednesday morning.

Mark Lynn, a member of the commission, said software problems in Marvell caused a delay.

“We had two machines go down in Marvell,” Lynn said. “We went from four to two machines and it caused some problems. Also our vote tally machine is older and it was giving us some problems last night as well.”

Lynn said when he left around 1 a.m. all they had left to count was the absentee ballots.

“I am sure vote tallies will come in today,” Lynn said. “Probably around noon.”

This isn't the first time this year the county has had problems with their machines.

Paper ballots were put into use in Phillips County in May when a software problem shut down the machines, Harold Wayne Boals, Phillips County Election Commission chairman, previously told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

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