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story.lead_photo.caption NWA Democrat-Gazette/CHARLIE KAIJO First place varsity girls winner, Haas Hall senior Cate Mertins, reacts with friends after a bike race, Sunday, November 4, 2018 at Lake Leatherwood MTB Park in Eureka Springs. Highschool students participated in the state championship races of the Arkansas NICA mountain biking league.

Arkansas Interscholastic Cycling Association

The Great Passion Play

Eureka Springs

Varsity Girls

  1. Cate Mertins, Haas Hall^DNF

  2. Jordan Sauls, Bentonville West^DNF

  3. Abby Vernon, Bentonville^DNF

JV Girls

  1. Zoe March, Bentonville West^1:25:19.06

  2. Ella Mertins, Haas Hall^1:30:00.93

  3. Nine Zeiler, Bentonville^1:43:50.85

Sophomore Girls

  1. Victoria Hatley, Arkansas Arts Academy^1:00:18.78

  2. Lauren Adams, Bentonville^1:02:57.87

  3. Rayne Vankeuren, Conway^1:08:34.74

Freshman Girls

  1. Emma Johnson, LR Comp.^52:38.32

  2. Ryleigh Reddell, Bentonville West^54:10.23

  3. Mackenzie Chavez, Poteau, Okla.^1:00:00.66

Eighth-Grade Girls

  1. Emmery Bray, Lincoln JH^36:57.63

  2. Ella Wise, Thaden^38:31.93

  3. Katie Conway, Haas Hall^38:54.43

Seventh-Grade Girls

  1. Kayleigh Costello, Hot Springs^38:22.57

  2. Norah Phelps, Haas Hall^42:23.52

  3. Cicely Vorhees, Lincoln JH^44:28.95

Sixth-Grade Girls

  1. Maddie Keller, Lincoln JH^40:39.24

  2. Harper Moore, Lincoln JH^41:37.80

  3. Alyssa Long, Lincoln JH^42:28.82

Varsity Boys

  1. Bryan Pendergraft, Conway^1:20:54.95

  2. Jacob Smithpeters, Haas Hall^1:24:13.20

  3. Kyle Corders, Okla. Flyers^1:27:54.49

JV Boys

  1. Garrett Pendergraft, Conway^1:04:26.44

  2. Samuel Gurel, Haas Hall^1:04:56.25

  3. Will Peterson, Bentonville^1:05:38.88

Sophomore Boys

  1. Titus Schadegg, Okla. Flyers^41:31.92

  2. Levi Garrett, Conway^45:29.55

  3. Jackson Springmann, Bentonville^45:36.44

Freshman Boys

  1. Sterling Oskar Minick, Rogers RAMS^42:28.26

  2. Charles Carter, Bentonville West^43:37.55

  3. Chase Ferguson, Bentonville^44:54.82

Eighth-Grade Boys

  1. Austin Traywick, Conway^31:10.59

  2. Malachi Jackson, Okla. Flyers^33:08.33

  3. James Jones, Conway^33:11.80

Seventh-Grade Boys

  1. Joshua Leamon, Conway^32:15.44

  2. Will Martins, Haas Hall^34:36.52

  3. Grayson Vernon, Lincoln JH^34:36.52

Sixth-Grade Boys

  1. Teagun Wells, Lincoln JH^37:02.75

  2. Tymothy Clark, Rogers RAMS^37:03.13

  3. Harry Ware, Lincoln JH^38:39.56

Season Results

Varsity Girls

  1. Cate Mertins^Haas Hall

  2. Jordan Sauls^Bentonville West

  3. Abby Vernon^Bentonville

JV Girls

  1. Zoe March^Bentonville West

  2. Ella Mertins^Haas Hall

  3. Nina Zeiler^Bentonville

Sophomore Girls

  1. Avery Escajeda^Pea Ridge

  2. Lauren Adams^Bentonville

  3. Victoria Hatley^Arkansas Arts Academy

Freshman Girls

  1. Ryleigh Reddell^Bentonville West

  2. Emma Johnson^LR Composite

  3. Mackenzie Chavez^Poteau, Okla.

Eighth-Grade Girls

  1. Emmery Bray^Lincoln JH

  2. Carrie Pool^Lincoln JH

  3. Ella Wise^Thaden

Seventh Grade Girls

  1. Kayleigh Costello^Hot Springs

  2. Cicely Vorhees^Lincoln JH

  3. Norah Phelps^Haas Hall

Sixth-Grade Girls

  1. Maddie Keller^Lincoln JH

  2. Laura Files^LR Composite

  3. Harper Moore^Lincoln JH

Varsity Boys

  1. Cayden Parker^Hot Springs

  2. Bryan Pendergraft^Conway

  3. Jacob Smithpeters^Haas Hall

JV Boys

  1. Garrett Pendergraft^Conway

  2. Will Peterson^Bentonville

  3. Samuel Gurel^Haas Hall

Sophomore Boys

  1. Levi Garrett^Conway

  2. Titus Schadegg^Okla. Flyers

  3. Bryce Watson^Bentonville

Freshman Boys

  1. Sterling Oskar Minick^Rogers RAMS

  2. Charleston Carter^Bentonville West

  3. Stihl Snyder^Poteau, Okla.

Eighth-Grade Boys

  1. Austin Traywick^Conway

  2. Malachi Jackson^Okla. Flyers

  3. Tucker Peitz^Lincoln JH

Seventh-Grade Boys

  1. Joshua Leamon^Conway

  2. Grayson Vernon^Lincoln JH

  3. Will Mertins^Haas Hall

Sixth-Grade Boys

  1. Teagun Wells^Lincoln JH

  2. Tymothy Clark^Rogers RAMS

  3. Harry Ware^Lincoln JH

Team Results

  1. Haas Hall Academy^8659

  2. Bentonville High^8590

  3. Bentonville West^8274

  4. Conway Composite^8260

  5. Rogers RAMS^8140

  6. LR Composite^7558

  7. Pea Ridge^7093

  8. Lincoln Consolidated^6922

  9. Arkansas Arts Academy^6694

  10. Hot Springs^6497

DNF -- Did not finish distance

NWA Democrat-Gazette/CHARLIE KAIJO Bryan Pendergraft of Conway reacts after crossing the finish line during a bike race, Sunday, November 4, 2018 at Lake Leatherwood MTB Park in Eureka Springs. Highschool students participated in the state championship races of the Arkansas NICA mountain biking league.

Sports on 11/08/2018

Print Headline: MOUNTAIN BIKING Final NICA Race Series


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