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President Donald Trump has based his midterm election campaign on the specter of an "invasion" by immigrants marching from Central America to the southern border. His demagoguery is disgusting and irresponsible. But there is a real problem of migrants--one that his administration is failing to address.

Many people are crossing the border with their children and applying for asylum, overwhelming existing mechanisms for dealing with asylum-seekers. They are feeding what the president calls a "catch-and-release" revolving door for migrants freed as they await hearings to adjudicate their cases, and contributing to a backlog of some 750,000 cases in immigration courts.

A rational response would be to add substantially to the approximately 350 immigration judges, who cannot handle the tens of thousands of asylum claims.

On the other hand, maybe Trump prefers having an issue to a solution. He has made it clear he believes the immigration question propelled him into the White House. But instead of deploying thousands of troops, why not hire hundreds of judges?

Editorial on 11/08/2018

Print Headline: Others say: Send judges, not troops


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  • Lifelonglearner
    November 10, 2018 at 6:51 a.m.

    The next thing you know, Congress will pass logically and humanely written immigration reform. But then, what what Republicans use to whip up fear when an election is close?