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100 years ago

Nov. 10, 1918

NORFOLK -- Sell Weaver, a conductor on the White river railroad, who lives at Batesville, who spent several days fishing at this place in the Northfork river, caught a three-pound bass under peculiar circumstances yesterday. Bass were not striking and he started to fish for perch. As he caught them he strung them and tied the string to a pole and left them in the river. Suddenly he noticed the pole begin to jerk and bend. He rushed to it and after a five-minute fight got back his perch and a three-pound bass which had swallowed them.

50 years ago

Nov. 10, 1968

• The earth tremor which shook 22 states about 11 a.m. Saturday did little more than fascinate Arkansans, who watched rocking chairs, television antennae and lampshades "come to life."... The tremor was reported throughout northeast Arkansas with scattered observations around Little Rock and Fayetteville. No damage or injuries were reported. At Walnut Ridge, police first became aware of the event when flashlights began rolling round on desks. ... Dishes and windows rattled over a section of northeast Arkansas from the borders of the state to Salem, Batesville, Stuttgart and Helena.

25 years ago

Nov. 10, 1993

FORT SMITH -- Barling city officials have agreed not to violate the state Freedom of Information Act with further closed meetings to discuss routine business, and no charge will be filed over an apparently illegal closed meeting Sept. 2, a prosecutor says. "It is clear that there has been a violation of the Freedom of Information Act by closing portions of this meeting and possibly other meetings from the public," Prosecuting Attorney Ron Fields of Fort Smith said in a letter to Barling Mayor Jerry Barling. ... Fields said the Board of Directors should record closed-door sessions in the future so the Sebastian County Circuit Court can review those proceedings.

10 years ago

Nov. 10, 2008

SPRINGDALE -- Amid the squalor of a four-bedroom house where 23 people lived was a child who wound up at the Northwest Medical Center-Springdale with a mouse-bitten head and legs. When nurses discovered the child's condition, they called the Department of Human Services, which contacted Springdale Police. In what is believed to be the largest known case of over-occupancy in the city's history, police raided the house Oct. 29 with code officers and found piles of garbage, feces, faulty utilities, flammable materials stacked next to a water heater and mattresses in the bedrooms, living room and the garage.

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