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America loves a comeback

September 25, 2018 at 2:41 a.m.

There's a reason underdogs and comebacks make news, and not just in the Sports section. There's something that appeals to Americans that champions the plight of a hero beaten down by life's circumstances and rising once more to become victorious. And if someone is an underdog in a comeback attempt? Be still, our beating hearts.

Stories of comebacks go back centuries in Western literature. And scripture. There's a most famous comeback involving a certain Prophet. That comeback, from death, has yet to be outdone.

We love the Rudy stories. How about the Cavaliers coming back from that 3-1 deficit to take the championship? In baseball, you've got the Red Sox overcoming a curse, maybe the curse, to win the World Series. (Hang in there, Mets).

The latest sports comeback didn't happen in an arena but instead on the greens in Atlanta. It was there that a 42-year-old man of some note won his first championship since 2013. And Tiger Woods has had a lot to come back from.

You can't talk business comebacks without Apple. It may be the first trillion-dollar company now, but there was a time when the brass ousted Steve Jobs and the company had less than favorable prospects.

And all these Marvel movies we enjoy (or endure) at the theater? They come from a company that's danced with bankruptcy more than once.

What remains to be seen is if Sears can make a successful comeback. The Wall Street Journal says Sears is eyeing a plan to sell off more assets and restructure its debt in an attempt to keep the company afloat.

So whether it's on the silver screen or in real life, we love comebacks. (That's not be confused with reboots. We're tired of those.) And while it's impossible to predict where and when they'll occur, Arkansas is waiting on one comeback in particular. Come on Razorbacks.

Editorial on 09/25/2018

Print Headline: America loves a comeback


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