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Today was the annual luncheon for retired extension employees at the Arkansas 4-H Center.

Walking in and seeing so many people I knew, many of whom retired many years ago, made my retirement even more a reality. Of course, all of the current working administration were present too, but the audience was mainly retirees.

I think I knew so many more of these folks than I do the new, young extension employees. Shows my age! There were 5 or 6 of us who had retired in the past four months or so, and we all were comparing notes. I think it was unanimous that we love it! Throughout the lunch time, they were running a slide show of past staff photos taken back in the mid 1980's. I don't think I had aged a bit!! LOL. We also took a group photo--this isn't the official one, buy Mary H. shared this from her phone.

It was good connecting with extension folks again. We had a great lunch and then a brief program. During our lunch conversation, we caught up and laughed a lot, plus we learned that this current working employee who is quite smart, cleaned his wife's solid surface stove top with an attachment on his drill!

He was telling us what a great job it did, with the exception that the rings are no longer visible. The look of shocked faces at our table surprised him. We all think he will be buying a new stove top in the near future. Someone else suggested, that it just may be grounds for divorce as well. We are not sure his wife knows, but she has asked where the rings went! That was definitely worth a laugh.

When I left, I drove by to see the MG garden project in front of Cabe Hall.

There were still 4 dedicated volunteers working in spite of the 88 degree temperature.

The fence is in and they are planting. There are fruit trees and some vegetables now, with more to come.

Bees will be in soon as well. It is really coming together nicely and it is going to be such a boon to programs at the Arkansas 4-H Center. If you are out that way, you should stop in and see it. I am continually blown away by how much Arkansas Master Gardeners do across this state. Extension and our state is lucky to have them!

I am wondering if we bypassed spring?! It got up to 90 degrees at my house today and the air conditioning is officially on. When I got home, after running the air conditioning at full blast the whole way, our house was 78 degrees upstairs. 90 degrees in April is not a great thing! In spite of our screwy weather, it is a gorgeous spring. Everywhere I have been is picture-perfect with azaleas, dogwoods and more.

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