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We are being lied to

How many readers watched Ken Burn's Vietnam? He showed film that was about 35 years old of presidents of both parties lying to us, to one another, about all sorts of things. And you still wonder why presidents' records can be sealed for up to 12 years? Because we're regarded as mushrooms--kept in the dark and fed lots of horse manure.

Robert Mueller is a Republican. William Barr is a Republican who publicly assured Trump that he doesn't feel a sitting president could be prosecuted while in office before he was appointed attorney general. Where is there reason to trust Mueller's report or Barr's four-page summary? Grand jury material is secret and we're not to be given its content. If he's guilty and we're being lied to some more, we'll not know it until after they've finished selling our country to their rich Republican friends and their corporations.

ISIS is a theological dogma, not just the warm bodies doing the killing now. It's not gone as long as the dogma survives. The American KKK is still very much alive and active. It seems that's what got us that Republican majority in the state Legislature when we elected a black man as president. Damned sure not gonna let that happen again, huh? No funny hats and sheets--just suits and ties now.

Lord Asa and family are products of Bob Jones University. He apparently won't publicly deal with that aspect of his education at the first college he graduated from, but I know what they were taught there. It shows in his philosophy: Poor folks are responsible for their poverty, just too lazy to work.

How do I know what they were taught? Because some of my own people were part of it.



Let the people decide

Letter-writer Alice Ransom's comments in last Friday's paper about Joe Biden were poignant. Men should keep their hands to themselves, and woman should talk about it when they don't, sooner better than later, to erase any hint of suspicion of ulterior motive. I totally agree with Ms. Ransom that we should not throw "candidates under the bus at this early stage. ... Let's give them time to make mistakes on the campaign trail and see how/if they recover."

I would add, let's see if any of the multiple candidates can articulate a plan that can duplicate what we have now. Do any of the candidates have a plan to continue the lowest unemployment rate at any time in our history during peacetime? Do they have a plan to continue the historic low unemployment among blacks, women and Hispanics? Do they have a plan to keep consumer confidence at record highs, to keep the stock market breaking all-time highs, to keep wages increasing and taxes and fuel costs low? Will any of them formulate a plan to keep the housing market rising, consumer spending healthy, and the GDP hovering at 3 percent and above? In the past 2½ years, almost 3.9 million people have come off food stamps as almost 4 million new jobs have been created, so will anyone devise a plan to continue this trend? Will one of the candidates separate themselves from the rest by revealing how they will continue talks with the North Korean leader, and keep ISIS on the run and ineffective?

If not, why change? We already have one of those.



For helpless animals

Animal cruelty and abuse House Bill 1778 failed to pass. The bill was sponsored by Rep Jim Sorvillo, R-Little Rock, with over 52,000 connections supporting the bill.

Nationally, Arkansas is known as an animal-abuse state. The elected representatives like Marcus Richmond, R-Harvey, along with 40 of his friends voted against the bill. It would be interesting to see who donated to him and others against the bill and publish their names and business in the paper for the voters to see. What type of cowardly person would not stand up for a helpless animal unless they have a personal benefit to gain?

The fine for abusing or killing a dog or cat is $150 the first time you get caught; however, you can abuse two more times and if you get caught it's still only a misdemeanor. Get real! Sad day in Arkansas. It needs to be a felony, no questions asked.


Little Rock

Editorial on 04/13/2019

Print Headline: Letters


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  • Guptah
    April 13, 2019 at 10:29 a.m.

    Oh, if only one could be in Hensley during the Hansen Thanksgiving family dinner to surveil the family dynamics of the occasion!