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April 14, 2019 at 1:38 a.m.

Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded March 11-15:

Gregory Brent and Kristen Baber to Longfellow, LLC, Pt E/2 NW SE 30-2N-12W, $3,800,000.

Consolidated Pipe & Supply Co., Inc. to #40 Real Estate Partnership, LLC, 400 Phillips Road, North Little Rock, L8, Strauss Acres, $862,500.

Victor A. Fleming and Susan Burnside Fleming to Rocky Wayne and Jennifer Jackson Goodman, 5405 Sherwood Road, Little Rock, L2, Villareal's Replat-Prospect Terrace, $500,000.

FCBEA and First Community Bank of Eastern Arkansas to Steve P. Harrelson, 1321 Scott St., Little Rock, Ls5-6 B21, Original City of Little Rock, $463,500.

Margaret L. Bise and The Margaret L. Bise Revocable Trust to James G. Salmon and The Tom R. Salmon Revocable Trust, L1 B6, Shady Valley, $425,500.

Rocky and Jennifer Goodman to William Arch and Rachel Ashley Ford, Ls15-16 B1, Forest Park, $420,000.

Liberty Construction, LLC to Sarah Katherine Rhodes-Smith, 26 Rosans Court, Little Rock, L12 B77, Chenal Valley, $409,900.

BBD, LLC to Angelo's Place, LLC, 800 Towne Oaks Drive, Little Rock, L8, Towne Oaks, $373,000.

Budco, Inc. to Anthony Glenn and Vicky L. Bradley, 9808 Laurel Oak Drive, Sherwood, L82, Miller Heights Phase III, $367,000.

Paige Williams and Paige W. Jenkins to Richard Thomas and Beth Passmore Scanlan, 34 Bronte Court, Little Rock, L28 B55, Chenal Valley, $352,000.

Ann R. and Morriss Henry, Katherine H. Baltz and Tracy Baltz to Jessica Ann Graves and Jessica Ann Graves Revocable Trust, 2709 N. Pierce St., Little Rock, L4 B18, Park View, $350,000.

Dora J. Woods and The D.J. Woods Living Trust to Omar Rabadi and Rasha Qaqish, 4 Chowning Cove, Little Rock, L6 B7, The Villages of Wellington, $345,000.

ARA Properties, LLC to Amreen Jivani, 124 Eureka Garden Road, North Little Rock, Pt NW SE 28-2N-11W, $340,000.

Willmark Homes, Inc. to Paul and Erin Vance, 514 Wildcreek Circle, Little Rock, L72 B3, Wildwood Place, $319,000.

Davis Construction Services, Inc. to PWS Real Estate, LLC, L88 B3, Wildwood Place, $310,000.

Parkinson Building Group, Inc. to Richard S. and Joy Sparrow, L92 B3, Wildwood Place, $309,900.

Kathleen Erwin Magruder, Trudy Ann Magruder, Lucy Claire Benkert, and Richard Kelly Magruder to Erin Argo and Matthew Nilles, 11160 Rivercrest Drive, Little Rock, L76 B1, Walton Heights, $305,000.

Liquor Exchange, Inc. to Ekroop, LLC, Tract 2, Southland Acres, $300,000.

James Anthony and Maeghan Elizabeth Arnold and The James Anthony Arnold And Maeghan Elizabeth Arnold Living Trust to Stephen Kyle Shadid, 3 Winterfern Cove, Little Rock, L10 B22, Woodlands Edge, $295,000.

James R. and Tracy L. Johnson to Seth and Rachel Sampson, 819 LaSalle Drive, Little Rock, L779, St. Charles, $289,900.

Leonard N. and Linda L. Spinelli and The Leonard N. Spinelli And Linda L. Spinelli Trust to Cedric L. Farmer, 2016 Miramonte Drive, Sherwood, L37, Millers Valley Phase 2, $287,500.

Family Homes By Design, Inc. to Stanley H. Williams, 5141 Hackatton St., Sherwood, L15, Edgewater Estates, $281,274.

Patrick D. and Sharon E. Barron to James M. and Callie H. VanPelt, 6515 Cantrell Road, Little Rock, L29, Paschal Heights, $280,000.

Mark Christopher and Olivia Gail Felling and The Mark And Gail Felling Living Trust to Grant and Kerri Skelton, 115 Napa Valley Loop, Maumelle, L30 B5, Maumelle Valley Estates, $274,900.

Brian Moore to Joseph Elia and Susan Hill Tamo, 2005 Argyll Cove, Little Rock, L15, Lochridge Estates, $274,400.

James Edgar and Jalentha Cole to Ryan P. Clyburn, 113 Baronne Way, Maumelle, L1256, The Quarters Phase 20- The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD, $272,500.

Woodhaven Homes, Inc. to Jerry Wilson, L8, Counts Massie Industrial Park Replat, $270,000.

Max C. and Kaki H. Mehlburger to James D. Rankin III, 46 Wingate Drive, Little Rock, L46, Wingate, $265,000.

Mobbs Fanily, LLC to J & J Short Enterprises, LLC, 950 E. Kiehl Ave., Sherwood, Pt NW SE 6-2N-11W, $264,000.

Judith G. Baldwin to Casey Bone and Courtney Bibb, 6104 Kenwood Road, Cammack Village, L227, Cammack Woods $252,900,

Carman Properties, LLC to Profit Mar-Jen Investments, LLC, Ls18-19 B3, Spanish Grant No.4; Lot C, Bere's Replat- Rich Acres; L2 B2, Greenlea Section 2; Ls1-2 B6, Holead; Pt Odem Tract No.3 Replat; L9R B4, Ratterree, $250,000.

Michael W. Uekman and The Casper W. Uekman Trust to Jodie and Glenda Kelly, Pt NW NE 11-2N-12W, $250,000.

Terry H. Collins to Jordan Rentals, LLC, 116 Alsace Cove, Little Rock, L4 B7, Chenal Valley, $250,000.

Mitchell D. and Margaret E. Bettis to Sandra Lee Bodah, 19618 Hunters Woods Drive, Little Rock, L705, Otter Creek Community Phase VI, $245,000.

Alesia Ferguson and Christopher David Yates to Jennifer Marie Anderson, 2300 N. Rodney Parham Road, Little Rock, L18 B21, Pleasant Valley, $240,000.

Christopher Lee McMunn to Thomas Dane Johnson and Callie C. Sisk, 9216 Meadow Gardens Circle, Sherwood, L53, Miller's Glen, $236,000.

Billy Stain Construction, LLC to Daniel and Tawana J. Walker Ogeto, 2716 Chert Cove, Sherwood, L74 B5, Stonehill Phase V, $228,000.

Arbor Construction, LLC to Nathan and Kristin Sullivan, L14 B31, Woodlands Edge, $225,000.

Bentley Court, LLC to Farren M. and Delane Edward Moore Jr., 93 Bentley Circle, Little Rock, L92, Bentley Court Phase V, $219,900.

Arthur Paul Bowen to James R. and Tracy L. Johnson, 5105 F. St., Little Rock, L2 B31, Pulaski Heights, $216,000.

Kristy McCauley to Skyler Thiel, Alle Thiel, Brent Thiel and Nancy Thiel, L8 B4, Woodcreek, $210,000.

Ricky and Brenda Baxter to Derrick Lewis, 2405 Stone Links Drive, North Little Rock, L1 B23, Stone Links, $208,000.

Timothy Joel and Dianah Joyce Dreyer to Enrique Alejandro and Amber Ruiz, 1909 Ponderosa Court, North Little Rock, L13 B24, Indian Hills, $207,000.

Arvest Bank to Kristina and Stanley R. Bryan Jr., 8720 Bobcat Court, Sherwood, L12, Valley Ridge Estates, $205,000.

Kim A. Jones and Teresa L. Kramer to HCB, LLLP, Apt. 1305, Andover Square HPR, $205,000.

Sheree Fagan to Genine LaTrice Perez, 22 Overby Circle, Little Rock, L158, Treasure Hill Section 3, $192,900.

Christy Properties, LLC to Laura L. Trust, 9 Old Forge Court, Little Rock, L365, Ludington Heights, $189,000.

Christopher and Elizabeth McClintock to Devin E. and Kelsey Brooke Shaw, 9100 Wilhite Lane, Sherwood, L27, Hearndon, $187,500.

John A. and Debra Gorman to Charles Bradley Brooks, 135 Vienne Place, Maumelle, L1396, Montmartre Phase 21A- The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD, $185,000.

Nancy Olen Capps, Lee Ann Larkan, The Capps Inter Vivos Revocable Trust and Charles R. Hoskyn to Ellicort Land, LLC, L97, St. Charles, $185,000.

Arkansas Hunters Feeding The Hungry, Inc. to Joseph and Tiffany Gregory, Pt N/2 SE 25-3N-13W; Pt NW SW 30-3N-12W, $182,500.

Allgood Custom Homes, LLC to Andrea L. Mitchell and Adrian Jerel Baker, 5105 Rainer Drive, Jacksonville, L18, Jaxon Terrace Phase XI, $178,086.

Arthur S. and Karen M. Hawes to Robert J. Pamala L. Stelter, 13619 Woodbrook Drive, Little Rock, L4 B9, Cedar Ridge, $176,000.

The Jett Ricks & Georgeanne Ricks Family Corp., Inc. to Kent J. Broughton II, 5520 A. St., Little Rock, L15 B12, Pfeifer, $175,000.

REI Nation, LLC to Isaac Hartsell, 126 Westfield Loop, Little Rock, L73, Westfield Phase I, $174,900.

Madlily, LLC to Lauren Diane and Benjamin Alexander Harper, 2800 Charter Oak Drive, Little Rock, L408, Colony West 5th, $169,000.

William M. Jones, IB to Adam and Alexanxdra Glasier, 34 Lefever Lane, Little Rock, L573, Kingwood Place, $169,000.

Zackary Seth Gordon Parker and The Estate Of Toby Parker(dec'd) to Ahmad Bajwa, 13 Village Way, Maumelle, L10, Village Way- The Country Club Of Arkansas, $168,400.

Brenda J. and Jon C. Colbert to Christopher M. and Jessica R. Bradford, 2603 Austin Oaks Drive, Sherwood, L4, Hunter's Ridge, $168,000.

Laura Epnett to April Miller Ward, 202 Beckwood Drive, Little Rock, Pt NW NW 1-1N-13W, $166,500.

Carol Roberts to Marleigh and Destin Rink, 5 Zircon Drive, Maumelle, L184, North Pointe, $165,500.

Barbar J. Howell and The Barbara J. Howell Revocable Living Trust to Jonathan Isaac Foley, 5521 J. St., Little Rock, Ls9-10 B11, Hollenberg, $164,900.

Krystal L. Eagle to Matthew Dobbs, 15 Brookridge Drive, Little Rock, L59, Brookfield Section 3, $163,000.

Madlily, LLC to Tammie Lachelle Farmer, 2201 Airborn Cove, Jacksonville, L286, Base Meadows Phase IV, $155,000.

Mary Lynn A. Walker to Dynamic Homes, LLC, 6200 Brentwood Road, Little Rock, L294, Cammack Woods, $155,000.

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