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100 years ago

April 15, 1919

• F.E. Broyles and L.F. McCormick, two white men, were fined $250 each by Municipal Judge Hale yesterday morning on a charge of bringing in whiskey. Their case was the first to be tried under the new city bone dry ordinance. Broyles and McCormick were arrested early yesterday morning by Special Agent D. E. Crumplar of the Missouri Pacific railway, who boarded the train as it was entering Little Rock. Seven suitcases filled with whiskey were confiscated.

50 years ago

April 15, 1969

• Mrs. Mary Scherz, an employee of Fine's Inc., 116 West Fourth Street, was robbed of a bank bag containing $365 and $520 in checks about 9 p.m. Monday at Fourth and Louisiana Streets, the police said. Patrolman J.C. Hale reported Mrs. Scherz was standing by the night depository of the Union National Bank when she was grabbed from behind by a man and thrown to the ground. The man took the bag and ran, Hale said. Mrs. Scherz said she had walked to the bank from Fine's, a half block away. "I had just taken my key and opened the door when he grabbed me around the neck," she said. She said she injured her wrist, not seriously, in a struggle to retain the bag.

25 years ago

April 15, 1994

• A Little Rock man chased and shot a man he said had burglarized his home the day before, police said. Terrance Maxwell was shot once in the center of his back about 3:15 p.m. by Donald Honeycutt. ... In an affidavit, police said Honeycutt admitted shooting Maxwell. Honeycutt told police the incident began when his wife, Valena Honeycutt, saw Maxwell leaning against an ice machine at the Big Red Convenience Store. ... Honeycutt told police he knew Maxwell burglarized his home Wednesday. Valena Honeycutt drove home and told her husband she had seen Maxwell. Donald Honeycutt then grabbed a .22-caliber rifle and drove to the convenience store, police said. When Maxwell realized what was happening, he ran east on 10th street, police said. Honeycutt told police he yelled at Maxwell to stop, then fired seven or eight shots at his feet.

10 years ago

April 15, 2009

• As the only holdouts in a neighborhood relocation program to mitigate increased air traffic noise, an elderly woman and her daughter are on a collision course with the state's largest airport. Officials at Little Rock National Airport, Adams Field, have already purchased the Townsend Street homes of 98-year-old Zelma Graves and her 66-year-old daughter, Estella Watson. The women have lived in the houses rent-free since September, and Watson has, with the airport's help, already purchased a house in another neighborhood. But the women haven't budged from Townsend Street. Their reluctance to leave led the Little Rock Airport Commission to vote last month to give the women 30 days to vacate before it begins eviction proceedings. Watson insists that she won't move until she finds a home for Graves and would welcome a court battle, if it has to come to that. "If I was sitting on a jury, I would vote against putting a 98-year-old woman out on the street," Watson said last week. "I found me [a house] that's nice, but I can't find one for her. As soon as I find one for her, I'll go. I'm not putting nothing in storage. As soon as I find her one, I'll go. I don't have a beef about going. I've been ready to go a long time ago."

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