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Vote belies his words

Our president calls for four congressional representatives, women of color, to go back where they came from, a taunt that the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission would say is borderline illegal. He denigrates the district of African American Rep. Elijah Cummings, saying it is "rat and rodent-infested" and a place where "no human being would want to live."

These congressional representatives being attacked are all colleagues of central Arkansas Rep. French Hill. Representative Hill stated in a tweet that he is "tired of the war of outrageous and ill-informed comments--from our president and other elected officials." He stated the country needs less "social media back-and-forth" and more "civil debate." That debate was had on the floor of the House on July 16, yet Representative Hill voted not to condemn the president's racist remarks. In essence, Representative Hill's vote was approving of our president's conduct. Representative Hill would like his constituents to think he is more like a Democrat, but when he votes, he votes the straight Republican party line.

If Representative Hill is tired of "the war," he and his colleagues in Congress should exert some pressure on the source of the war--our president.


North Little Rock

Just getting started

How will history treat Donald Trump? Most of us agree that George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Monroe, and Abraham Lincoln were great men who did great things. Our history books list their accomplishments in detail.

What do those books say about comments these men made about their contemporaries? How they wore their hair? What they said about the press? The history books say very little about such things, because those things aren't very important, and no one cares. I believe President Trump has accomplished more than the last three presidents combined, and is just getting started.



Values of the times

If people are looking back again 100 years from now at archives of today's Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, here's hoping and praying they will have grown enough by then to say the same thing I read in today's Democrat-Gazette: "What was printed in these old pages reflects our history but not necessarily our values."



Our next governor ...

In respect to your editorial, "An early start," which presumed that our next governor would be either Tim Griffin, Leslie Rutledge or Sarah Huckabee Sanders, I have one question: Hasn't Arkansas suffered enough?



Editorial on 08/09/2019

Print Headline: LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Vote belies his words; Just getting started; Our next governor ...


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