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  1. Opera/play title: The Merry Wives of __

  2. The film A __ to Three Wives was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar.

  3. How many of his wives did Henry VIII have executed?

  4. His wives included Barbara Hutton, Dyan Cannon and Barbara Harris.

  5. Term for a supposed truth that is actually spurious or a superstition

  6. Ira Levin's novel The __ Wives has had two film adaptations.

  7. In the Bible, Abraham's first two wives were Sarah and __.

  8. The plays of Moliere include The __for Wives.

  9. Wives with -------- is a documentary TV series.


  1. Windsor

  2. Letter

  3. Two

  4. Cary Grant

  5. Old wives' tale

  6. Stepford

  7. Hagar

  8. School

  9. Knives

Food on 08/14/2019

Print Headline: Super Quiz: Wives


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