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Vegetarian Hamburger that Tastes like Beef

by Janet Carson August 25, 2019 at 4:16 p.m.

I was at the store buying groceries this week and I noticed they were selling some vegetarian burgers next to regular hamburgers. My daughter is trying to limit her red meat, so I thought we would give it a try.

I have eaten my share of alternative burgers, from black bean, to soy, to turkey burgers (not vegetarian, but not red meat either). While I like black bean burgers, they taste like black beans. I am not a fan of soy burgers, and I like turkey burgers, but with none of these options would you ever think you were really eating a "hamburger".

I grilled these plant-based burgers side by side with beef hamburgers.

The beef burgers shrunk a little while the veggie ones stayed the same shape the whole time. The proof however was in the taste--and I have to say, they tasted just like a beef burger. I honestly don't think I could have said they were vegetarian in a blind taste test.

I did some research, and the jury is out as to whether they are more healthy for you than beef. Definitely lower in cholesterol and they have a bit more protein, but calorie-wise they are almost the same.

Some nutritionists claim you are eating processed vegetables, not real vegetables, but I can't tell if that is sour grapes or not. But if you look at the list of ingredients, it is amazing they can make them taste like beef.

They were a bit more expensive than beef, but so are most organic, vegetarian foods out there. I think they are a great option for people who can't eat red meat or are not supposed to. Not sure if it would be a vegetarians dream meal, since it really tastes like meat, even though it isn't. Have you tried them, and what are your thoughts.


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