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The greatest activist

As usual, a well-written and truthful column by Mr. Dana Kelley, "More activists needed."

One important omission stands out, something that the secular world needs to comprehend and the believing world needs to facilitate: The greatest activist of all is the Holy Spirit himself activated by our faith in God and his word.



Language is appalling

The recent editorial regarding Title X funding stated that Planned Parenthood was not accepting funds because it would keep them from telling patients "where they can go to kill their babies."

I personally found that choice of words appalling. There are many reasons to terminate a pregnancy, and until a woman is in this position and has to make that difficult decision, no one can understand the true depth of her feelings or the residual effects. Rather than using phrases like "killing babies," a much kinder way to have put this would be to say, "where they can go to terminate their pregnancy."

Planned Parenthood has been a lifeline for thousands of women who needed their services. There are many reasons they chose not to participate in Title X, all of which I am sure we will be hearing more about in the coming days.


Little Rock

U.S. already socialist

I believe the USA has been a socialistic country at least since 1935 when President Franklin Roosevelt established the Social Security Administration. That is a fact. Also, President Lyndon Johnson's Great Society was American socialism brought to remarkable heights.

Since the rally in Wisconsin last spring, President Trump has been telling the world that America will never be a socialist country. In this way Trump has been disturbingly misleading and dishonest. Trump was born in a socialistic country and became the president of that country. Every American who pays for and receives Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, VA medicine, unemployment benefits, and food stamps is a socialist.

Why lie to people and pretend America is not socialistic? Only a person of demented moral character would propagate such a misleading perspective.

Meanwhile, here in Arkansas, state Sen. Missy Irvin was heard on Roby Brock's Talk Business and Politics saying that America should reject socialism, and history reveals that socialistic countries are doomed to failure. Irvin bites the socialistic hand that feeds her. I believe America is strong because Social Security and the Great Society have been so successful. Were it not for social welfare programs, our streets would be filled with desperate, hungry, dying people.

Socialism has been very successful in America. If Missy Irvin is not proud of this socialistic country, she should leave and take Trump with her.



Editorial on 08/30/2019

Print Headline: Letters


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