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There's a connection

It might benefit your readers to understand the direct relationship between the Trump trade war with China and the increased burning of the Amazon rainforest.

Brazil and the USA are the two largest producers of soybeans. With the trade war, China is no longer buying soybeans from us, and many Arkansas farmers are deeply affected. Brazil is delighted to step in to make the sales.

However, more arable land is needed, along with new roads and ports. Once these investments in new farmland and infrastructure are made and the additional Brazilian soybeans flow to China, our farmers will not get that market back.


Little Rock

Description's wrong

Concerning "Tell truth from pulpit" by Ruud DuVall: Several things I think should be pointed out since this person is making reference to Christians. I believe God appoints our leaders. Yes, our country has had pathetic leaders and exciting leaders. Possibly God puts in pathetic leaders for our chastisement and exciting leaders for our pleasure. As an observer I feel we are being blessed right now; look at the economy, even though our present leader is not perfect. The previous leader let in the Trojan horse which may eventually be this country's downfall.

Considering the Republican and Democratic parties, I don't know how anyone can stand up for and support the Democratic Party for at least two reasons.

First, Democrats are "pro-choice." How a Christian can be pro-choice, allowing abortions when God knows these infants before they are formed in the womb, is beyond my understanding. One who practices evil will not enter the kingdom of God no matter what they confess.

Secondly, how can one be a Christian and support taking God out of their platform? Remember, Jesus said if you deny him, he will deny you before the father.

Dinesh D'Souza made a film describing the Democrats called The Death of A Nation. Suggest it be watched for everyone's benefit. Info can be found on the Internet.

The "judgment of nations" is a misnomer. This scriptural passage has to do with nations/people who are either spiritually dead/goats, or spiritually alive/born again. The "dead/goats" appear at the great white throne for their final judgment where their end is the "lake of fire." Jesus brings his rewards with him. Mr. DuVall's description of the nations is far from being correct, and neither is it the "only" judgment. God/Jesus is not going to send anyone to hell. People are given the choice to follow God/Jesus or not. People know there is a God and they make a choice to know him personally and follow him or not.


Little Rock

On hateful judgment

In regard to Mr. Jeff Jefferies' letter, "They're not sincere": I feel if anyone claims to be pro-life, they must be open to protecting all life from conception to natural death. This covers all living people: the prisoners, elderly, disabled, abused, addicted, black, white, yellow, unborn, every human being. Some pro-lifers are more visible on one issue than another.

I hope no one who defends life at any stage can be labeled "phony, hateful people." True pro-lifers, as Mr. Jefferies must be, should stand for protection even if it "doesn't affect them" and leave hateful judgment of others behind.



We're not abandoned

From 1725 to 1775, God sent revival to America, called the Great Awakening. This inspired the founding fathers to give us a government of the people, for the people, with rights for the individual. God does not change his mind. In the Bible when it says God repented, that does not mean God changed his mind, but his actions. God could never be sorry for anything he created. God has the right to choose an individual or a nation. He did not choose Moses because of who he was. He did not punish Pharaoh because he was Egyptian, but for special reasons. God demonstrated there would always be enough when he made delicious and wholesome bread from air and brought clean refreshing water from a rock.

I believe God has not abandoned America. I have a dream, when God sends revival, awakening America. When he raises up a righteous leader on the order of Jonathan Edwards, Charles Finney, Dwight L. Moody, Bill Sunday and Billy Graham. When he takes away our fear of race, creed, color, class, culture and immigration. When we break up our fallow ground; when we seek the Lord to come and rain righteousness on us. When we stop plowing wickedness by trusting in our own ways; when we trust the Lord with all our hearts; when we lean not on our own understanding; when we acknowledge him in all our ways; when he makes our paths straight. When God's people humble themselves and pray and seek his face and turn from their wicked ways. When his eye is open; when his ear is attuned to the prayers from this place; when God makes America great again.



It must be the money

Why are all the congressmen and senators who think they are the toughest people in the world and are real heroes afraid of a draft-dodger--Donald "Big Stoop" Trump? Must be the money they get from the lobbyists. If I get $100,000 bribe money, I go to prison. If a congressman or a senator gets $5 million bribe money from a lobbyist for voting for something that will benefit him or his company, well, good for them. No prison term. Let them pat themselves on the back and vote themselves a big pay raise. Trump now thinks he's Little God.


Little Rock

Editorial on 08/31/2019

Print Headline: Letters


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