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Crickets from Cotton

I had begun to worry what had become of our good Sen. Tom Cotton. After all, critical aid authorized by Congress for an ally engaged in a life-and-death conflict with Russia was withheld in an alleged extortion racket perpetuated by this administration. The purpose seems to be an attempt to obtain the public pronouncement of an Ukrainian investigation into a political rival and the investigation of a discredited conspiracy theory that it was the nation of Ukraine itself that meddled in our 2016 elections.

I'll give Mr. Cotton's silence a pass because the wrongdoings are indeed allegations and it's better to remain silent than to make a complete arse of oneself. But as this spectacle progressed to include the character assassination of a fellow decorated career officer, I expected better. Good Lord, even Sen. Mitch McConnell felt the need to publicly validate the integrity of those public servants willing to come forth and testify in ongoing investigations. Not a peep from the office of our senator.

I would have thought hellfire would ensue from Senator Cotton upon learning of the chaotic, spontaneous betrayal of our Kurdish allies in Syria. But what we heard from Tom was ... wait for it ... crickets.

Imagine my relief when our senator once again found his voice long enough to support our leader's muddled musings concerning the invasion of the sovereign country of Mexico. Guess we'll have to airdrop the 101st into action since we have those thousands of miles of impenetrable wall, excuse me, the Cadillac of walls protecting our Southern border. Dear Mr. Cotton, as the father of three cannon-fodder-aged boys, I expect a little more deliberative comment from our Senator than, "In the real world ... the only thing that can counteract bullets is more and bigger bullets."

But then--to paraphrase the well-founded adage--if your mind is a hammer, I guess every problem looks like a nail.


Little Rock

Cut prescription cost

I just wish everyone would come together and help lower drug prices for older seniors.



The sheer audacity!

Chutzpah: a Yiddish word meaning brazen gall or audacity. Example 1: After Whitewater, the Clinton impeachment, Benghazi, and Hillary email "scandals," the Republicans have the nerve to call the impeachment hearings nothing more than a partisan exercise. Example 2: After blocking the Supreme Court nomination of Merrick Garland on the grounds that the incoming president in 2016 should fill the vacancy, Mitch McConnell has announced that the Senate will fill any 2020 vacancy by the end of Trump's present term. It is amusing that McConnell's pronouncement seems to indicate some doubt about Trump's prospects for re-election. Example 3: Republicans who almost screamed about Barack Obama's use of executive orders have been silent about Trump's serious abuses of authority. Sorry, no room for the other 993 examples.

Republicans claim that American voters should make the final decision on impeachment while ignoring polls that showed that a majority of voters favor having impeachment hearings if not actual impeachment

I see Trump and the Republicans' demand to know the name of the whistle-blower in the Ukraine affair as subterfuge in that knowledge of his/her name would make no difference in conducting the impeachment inquiry. It is instead a blatant attempt to intimidate any future whistle-blower from disclosing abuses by the Trump administration.

I offer a defense of Trump in the Ukraine affair: Since many Americans know that there has been no proven connection between the Trump mouth and the Trump brain, I suggest that, while the Trump mouth babbled about an investigation of the Bidens in his infamous phone call, the Trump brain was marveling at his perfect conversation and therefore did not notice the mouth's demands. Perhaps we can impeach the mouth and retain the rest of Trump for the voters to deal with.


Little Rock

Definition of a 'coup'

Cal Thomas and other Republican commentators imply or state that the impeachment inquiry is an attempted coup, and subverts democracy and our Constitution. My inclination is to suggest they consult a dictionary and take a basic class in civics and the Constitution.

Mr. Thomas states that Mr. Trump's presidency should be left in the hands of the people who elected him. If the House chooses to impeach the president, or not, that is in the hands of the people, through the representatives we elected (more recently than we elected Mr. Trump, by the way). If he is impeached, and the Senate then chooses to convict him, or not, that is in the hands of the people, through the senators we elected.

Impeachment and removal of the president is a process enshrined in the Constitution. If one states that impeachment is an attempted coup because the president was elected, then, logically, the only president who could ever have been impeached was Gerald Ford, the only president never elected president or vice president. It seems unlikely that was the intent of the framers.

An attempted coup would be a military takeover of Washington, D.C. An attempted coup would be a president trying to remain in office if an election goes against him.

Support Mr. Trump or don't. But do not undermine the basis of this incredible country by claiming that following a constitutional process is equivalent to armed overthrow of the government.



Due process violated

Lately it seems we have seen due process, a principle that binds us all as Americans, violated at the highest levels of government. The confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh seemed at times like the Salem witch trials. The persecution/prosecution of the president does have the feel of a soft coup with an extensive campaign of disinformation by parts of the government (Russian collusion). They say the country is divided, yet there is so much everyone shares taken to heart.

It is important to realize that the government and the American people are not the same thing. So the latest pox on the republic are the urges of Chairman Adam Schiff with these impeachment hearings in which due process and fairness are set aside for political expediency. Sixty-five years ago there was man named McCarthy whose name is still associated with prosecutorial unfairness. Sixty-five years from now Schiffism will have replaced McCarthyism.



Editorial on 12/01/2019

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