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Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded Oct. 28-Nov. 1:

W.W. Olympus Chenal, LP to Chenal Valley- Orchard, LLC and Chenal Valley- Foxwood, LLC, Tract 7A, Chenal Valley, $25,500,000.

The McCarley Family Limited Partnership, B.B. McCarley Residuary Trust and The Estate Of Mildred C. McCarley to 12M Commercial Properties, LLC, 115 Audubon Drive, Maumelle, Lot C-3A, Maumelle Town Center, $3,240,000.

Boomerang Holding, LLC to Getty Leasing, Inc., Outlot D, Spencer, $2,972,222.

Timberwood Of Jacksonville, LLC to LSC TWA I, LLC, 207 S. Hospital Drive, Jacksonville, Pt N/2 NW 30-4N-10W, $2,600,000.

Trammel Phase II, LLC to Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC, Ls228-244, 249-255, 617-631 & 713-719, Trammel Estates Phase VI-B, $1,476,600.

Harry and Brenda L. Herget and The Brenda And Harry Herget Family Living Trust to Chad and Lindsay Wilkerson, L7 B95, Chenal Valley, $1,300,000.

William T. and Peggy T. Marshall to Lindsay McFaddin Thomas, Lindsay McFaddin Thomas Revocable Trust, Jeanette McConnell Shorey II., and The Jeanette M. McConnell Shorey II Revocable Trust, Apt 1-D, River Bend HPR. $895,000.

Schoen Properties, LLC to Blanscet Properties, LLC, L4B, Candlewood East, $825,000.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB to Mark Allen Valenzuela and Nicole Ann Massoll, 68 River Ridge Circle, Little Rock, L1R, Campbell, $712,000.

Commissioner In Circuit to Bank Of Little Rock, Pt NE SE 3 & Pt NW SW 2-1N-11W, $700,000.

1601 Co., LLC to AFAYEM, LLC, 1601 S. Broadway, Little Rock, Ls1-2 B202, Original City Of Little Rock, $695,000.

Elizabeth J. Dietz and The Betsy Dietz Living Trust to David A. and Nan M. Black, 12112 Fairway Drive, Little Rock, L30R, R W Debin's Replat- Pleasant Valley, $650,000.

Sharon K. and Richar D. E. Rogala Jr., to Matthew and Katy Camp, 18 Mirabel Court, Little Rock, L17 B105, Chenal Valley, $624,000.

Richard P. and Michelle R. Grawer to Khaled and Melissa Krisht, 30 Courts Drive, Little Rock, L12 B123, Chenal Valley, $620,000.

ROWILL, LLC to Jennifer Forsyth, 1728 N. Spruce St., Little Rock, L43R, Cliffewood, $445,000.

Derrick M. and Kathryn R. Black to Sara Owen Holliday and The SOH Family Trust, Pt E/2 SE 15-1N-14W, $439,000.

KHC Design, Inc. to David Dill, L33, Belles Fleurs, $437,500.

B&C Rental Properties, Inc. to Rodolfo Garza, Ls8-11 B6, Crestview, $430,000.

Jeffrey Lynn Gilbrech and The Heffrey Lynn Gilbrech Trust to Bart H. Bryant, 316 N. Ridge Road, Little Rock, L385, Kingwood Place, $415,000.

William T. Mabrey and The William T. Mabrey Revocable Trust to Robert Daniel Martin, 1708 N. Palm St., Little Rock, L27, Cliffewood, $415,000.

Danco Construction Co. to Keith Felton Properties, LLC, Pt SW SE & Pt SW SW 25-2N-12W, $407,340.

James Derek Mason to Daniel and Mary Nell Miskin, 22 Tournay Circle, Little Rock, L11 B68, Chenal Valley, $395,000.

Dillon Homes & Real Estate, Inc. to Aki Juhani Tamminen and Niina Marianne Massinen, 844 Wildcreek Circle, Little Rock, L4 B8, Wildwood Place, $390,150.

Chris Maris Custom Homes & Remodeling, LLC to James Derek Mason, 619 N. Pole St., Little Rock, L3R B18, Lincoln Park Replat, $389,000.

Nathan Kinard and The Kinard Living Trust to Nathan and Carrie Poston, 111 Buckland Place, Little Rock, L294, Cypress Point West, $369,900.

N. Wayne and Beverly Ruthven to Justin Tyrel and Katherine Vaughn, 8425 Trail Creek Drive, Sherwood, L31 B5, Creekside, $344,900.

Scott and Laurel T. Haggard to Brian R. Bell, 22 Wildwood Place Circle, Little Rock, L33 B1, Wildwood Place, $338,900.

Gary Wayne and Kathe Gates Parson and The Gary Wayne Parson And Kathe Gates Parson Living Revocable Trust to Brian Z. and Tharwat Lovett, L4, Riverland Heights Single-Family Detached, $335,000.

Savvy Investment Properties 401k Trust/ Kasia M. Pabian to Daniel Robert and Angela Katherine Green, 10800 Crestdale Lane, Little Rock, L5 B41, Pleasant Valley, $335,000.

George C. and Mary B. Garrett to Lucas and Nichola Driver, L7 B46, Pulaski Heights, $330,000.

David L. and Mallory C. Marsh to Cheryl L. and George K. Simon Jr., 3 Noyal Drive, Little Rock, L43 B25, Chenal Valley, $317,800.

Rita Jo Holmes and The Rita Jo Holmes Revocable Trust to Zufeng Ding and Shijie Liu, 6 Bordeaux Court, Little Rock, L769, St. Charles, $316,000.

Debra L. Mason Strahan and Debra L. Mason to Nicole Cherie Hobbs and Jason Brent Lemley, 14 Grayan Court, Little Rock, L7 B25, Chenal Valley, $315,000.

Barry and Morgan Rush to Walter and Amy S. Ferguson, 606 Epernay Place, Little Rock, L34 B72, Chenal Valley, $313,500.

Amanda and Scott Taylor to Vanessa Hutcheson and Edward Alexander Zellmer, 21 Chatel Drive, Little Rock, L13 B24, Chenal Valley, $313,000.

Graham Smith Construction, LLC to Gary J. Maroun and Sondra C. McMellon-Maroun, 104 Willow Point Drive, Little Rock, L95 B2, Copper Run Phase I, $312,500.

Noah Treat Construction, LLC to Jawauski L. Gordon and Jocelyn W. Spriggs-Gordon, 9516 Meadow Oak Drive, Sherwood, L55, Miller's Glen Phase 3, $310,000.

HSRE, LLC to Hollyland Group Holdings, LLC, Lot C, Hanson; Pt E/2 NE 22-2N-12W, $310,000.

Kkyle DeMilt and Heidi W. Zentz to John P. and Wendy A. Harrison, 309 Corondelet Lane, Maumelle, L1660, The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase 23, $305,000.

RQM, LLC to Keith Alan and Jacob S. Statham-Cleek, 9 Crosswood Court, Little Rock, L10 B5, Wildwood Place, $292,500.

Shawn Michael and Erin Elizbeth Richardson to Akira Morishita and Tomoko Tanaka, L46, Pebble Beach Estates Phase III, $289,000.

Graham Smith Construction, LLC to Suzanne M. Rogers, 5 Piper Lane, Little Rock, L31, Piper Lane, $285,000.

Dogwood Partners, LLC to Eleanor DePriest, 3301 W. Capitol Ave., Little Rock, Ls1-3 B1, C. O. Kimball And Bodeman, $280,000.

Michael T. and Bette K. Anders and The Michael T. Anders Living Trust, to Phillip M. and Laurin Guinee, 38 Cimarron Valley Drive, Little Rock, L10 B33, Pleasant Valley, $278,000.

David L. Harshfield Jr., to Clifton E. and Amanda Andrews, Ls21-22, Plaza Heights, $270,000.

Jill Fiser to John Jackson Taylor, 316 N. Plaza Drive, Little Rock, L78, Plaza Heights, $264,000.

Outlet Development, LLC to Waffle House, Inc., L6, Otter Creek Plaza, $260,000.

James Maxiell to James Bretford and Vicky Ann Parrish, L153, Miller's Crossing Phase 3, $260,000.

Richard and Diana VanAllen to Shane P. McClary, L26 B20, Maumelle Valley Estates, $252,000.

Riviera Partners, LLC to Laura and David Richards and The Laura Richards Revocable Trust, 3700 Cantrell Road, Unit 705, Little Rock, Unit 705, Riviera HPR, $252,000.

India Cross Cheairs, Suzanne C. and Tyrrell Hearn and June B. and Deborah Cross to Tim and Jennifer Fisk, 6000 Brentwood Road, Cammack Village. Ls11-12 B32, Mountain Home, $250,000.

Wallace B. and Bonnie R. Cunningham and The Wallace B. Cunningham And Bonnie R. Cunningham Revocable Trust to Jan McBrayer Nixon, L2, Hunters Cove, $249,900.

Lance Copeland Construction, Inc. to Manda and Terrance Logan Sr., 1306 Mule Deer Drive, Jacksonville, L3, Northlake Phase XIII-A, $247,500.

Jake Aaron Stanley, Dayton Lavender Stanley and Dayton Celeste Lavender to Cole Anderson and Peyton Hart, L347, Leawood Heights 4th, $240,000.

Desiderio and Maria Stella Borbon to Diane and Garry Dwyane Boga Sr., 14 Sanibel Cove, Little Rock, L209, Kenwood Estates Phase 4, $240,000.

Kuhn Construction Co., LLC to Shane and Charlotte Potts, L3, Pinnacles Phase II, $239,000.

Mary L. Pickering and The Mary L. Pickering Revocable Trust to Daniel Benson and Tony Bowls, L35 B96, Chenal Valley, $239,000.

Michael A. Kincaid to Sheila Michelle Haley, 3156 Austin Bayside Drive, Sherwood, L57, Austin Lakes On The Bay, $235,000.

Phillip M. and Laurin Guinee to Brandon Christopher and Katherine Elizabeth Smith, 2315 Grist Mill Road, Little Rock, L251, Sturbridge Phase IV, $233,000.

Riviera Partners, LLC to Charles Randall Ensminger and The 1995 Charles A. Ensminger Annual Gift Trust, Unit 305, Riviera HPR, $232,200.

Louis Gladfelter and The Louis Gladfelter Amended Revocable Trust to David T. and Lindsey A. Richardson, 1115 N. Tyler St., Little Rock, L10 B8, Hollenberg, $229,500.

Margaret Nickell McQueen to Alexs Malham, 5303 B Street, Little Rock, L9 B14, Pfeifer, $228,000.

Travis B. Longoria to Deidra Henry, 132 Limoges Court, Maumelle, L656R, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $227,000.

Betty M. Dubose to Ronald C. Rupert, Linda M. C. Blake Rupert and Ronnika M. Rupert, 2205 Bent Tree Drive, Sherwood, L116, Bent Tree Estates, $225,000.

Judith K. Howe to Theodore S. and Jennifer S. P. Chang, 122 Hibiscus Drive, Maumelle, L177, Waterside, $219,273.

Kuhn Construction Co., LLC to Andy and Neely Kimbrell, L4, The Pinnacles Phase II, $219,000.

Mark and Caroline Domogala to Aqouke Lantideru and Yeshi Tekleselassie, 8225 Quartz Cove, Sherwood, L47 B5, Stonehill Phase V, $217,000.

P & W Proeprties, LLC to Leslie C. Clements, 3417 Pope Ave., North Little Rock, L35 B52, Lakewood, $214,000.

Bryan E. and Donna K. Cranford to Margaret P. Erwin, L39R, Hunter's Green Estates Replat, $210,000.

Justin White and Seelva Shite to Christopher Roy and Tracey Howard Truby, 1517 Jennifer Drive, Little Rock, L93, Marlowe Manor Phase I, $207,000.

Henry E. and Roxanne Solis and The Henry E. Solis And Roxanne Solis Living Trust to Chelsay Kay Hollon and Angela Renee Telle, 2108 Old Forge Drive, Little Rock, L234, Sturbridge Phase IV, $205,000.

Scott A. Hladik to Michael Joseph Billings and Caitlin Maria Brown, 4204 Dunkeld Drive, North Little Rock, L21 B69, Lakewood, $197,500.

Brian Scott and Heidi Lynn Jerry to Travis Porter, L132, Echo Valley, $197,000.

Patricia G. Wetzler to Kaneshia Tyrie Martin, 5823 McMurtrey Drive, North Little Rock, Pt NE NW 18-2N-12W, $195,000.

Shane Cathey to Joseph and Katlin Daigle, 111 Summit Valley Circle, Maumelle, L24 B21, Maumelle Valley Estates, $189,900.

Lee Ann Hudson Jennings and The Lee Ann Hudson Jennings Trust Number One to Robert Bonnette, L91 B1, Woodruff Creek, $184,000.

Judith A. Chipman and The Chipman Family Revocable Trust to Joshua Duzan, 613 N. Pierce St., Little Rock, Ls3-4 B21, Lincoln Park, $182,000.

GGW, LLC to Richard Jacob Landers, Mack Lee Landers and Patricia J. Landers, 1801 Whitehaven Drive, Sherwood, L6 B3, Northbrook, $180,500.

Kathleen K. Wilkstrom and The Wilkstrom Family Revocable Trust to Tim Jacob, 35 Desoto Circle, North Little Rock, L2 B58, Lakewood, $180,000.

Janice McMillan and The Robert And Kathryn Baertsch Irrevocable Trust to Tiffany M. and Gregory A. Hargrave, L13, Pleasantree 3rd, $178,000.

Carol Diane Brown and Hicks B. G. Trust to Verona Swanigan, 18 Overby Circle, Little Rock, L159, Treasure Hill Section 3, $177,000.

P & W Proeprties, LLC to Scout Sanders Snowden, 1611 N. University Ave., Little Rock, L7 B25, Mountain Park, $176,000.

David and Erica Hudson to Charity L. Pumphrey, 3206 Summit Court, Little Rock, L179, Echo Valley 2nd, $175,500.

Edward and Vanessa Zellmer to Michael McCullough, 12301 Pleasant Forest Drive, Little Rock, L24, Pleasant Forest I, $175,000.

Brian Zack and Tharwat S. Lovett and The Brian Zack Lovett And Tharwat S. Lovett Revocable Trust to Gilberto Zambrano and Rita Jamimes, L40, Sandpiper Creek, $172,000.

Samantha and Michael Steinbeck II., to Joshua Ryan and Whitney Leigh Kasinger, 14003 Applegate Place, Little Rock, L121, Otter Creek Community Phase I, $169,000.

Fay S. Crimarco to Max M. Lulky, 12112 Pleasant Forest Drive, Little Rock, L36, Pleasant Forest I, $165,000.

Sarah G. Phillips, Sarah Knight, William Knight, James L. Phillips Jr., and Connie Phillips to Ashley Paige London, L47, Cammack Woods, $165,000.

Mark J. and Lynnea Irico to Danelle Heaggans, 16 Honey Locust Court, Little Rock, L27 B8, Cedar Ridge, $164,000.

Brian F. and Lee Ann Culp to Cody A. and Katrisha K. Horton, 30 Hightrail Drive, Maumelle, L111, Edgepark, $162,000.

Justin and Mindi Alley to Feijian Weng and Jinlan Guo, 16 Golden Oak Cove, Little Rock, L342, Pleasant View Phase V, $160,000.

Dianne K. Paladino to Melissa D. Magdefrau, L292, Colony West 3rd, $159,900.

Jared Lillard to Teneka P. and Robert M. Kidd, Jr., 27 Pear Tree Place, Little Rock, L242, Otter Creek Community Phase II, $159,000.

Kelly L. Jobe and Judy K. Russell to Beau B. Cooper and William E. Moon, 4209 Ridge Road, North Little Rock, L6 B68, Park Hill NLR, $155,000.

Joan C. Strack to Elainea T. Beeson, L178, Point West 2nd, $155,000.

Thong Van Huynh and Trang Thanh Thi Ton to Clifford D. and Darlene Sims, 27 Westfield Loop, Little Rock, L50, Westfield Phase III, $154,000.

Secretary Of Veterans Affairs to Patrick Dennis, 3 Butterfly Court, Sherwood, L41, Turtle Creek Phase II, $150,200.

Phillip D. Herring to Vicki Moore, 603 Tuscany Circle, Maumelle, L4 B11, The Villas At Audubon, $150,000.

Luther Suterr and Pamela Pfeifer to Jasaan, LLC and Anna Marie Sutter, 13208 Natural Steps, Roland. Pt NE 27-3N-14W, $150,000.

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