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Dear Mahatma: When traveling Interstate 30 east (north) across the bridge, freeway signage shows lane assignments for the I-30/I-40 interchange. They state the two left lanes will take you to Interstate 40 west. Much to truckers' dismay when the split is reached only the far left lane is for I-40 west. The center lane is exit only to JFK Boulevard. Having experienced semis having to make a last-second lane change, I feel there is a need for a review and correct signage. -- Jack

Dear Jack: We feel your pain on this one, noting that the signage has been this way since our memory runneth to the contrary. Contrary being at least Wednesday.

Word from the Arkansas Department of Transportation is that its engineers are aware of the confusion and are now in discussions on a proper fix, to make clear what lane drivers should be in to get onto I-40 west toward Fort Smith.

Meanwhile, those of us who go this way will keep out a sharp eye and hope change is effected in a manner that is expeditious. Or some other big word.

Dear Mahatma: Why is it if you have a tail light or brake light not working you can be assured you will be stopped by the police. But if you have a trailer that the lights don't work you can go about your business with very little chance of being pulled over. -- Light Them Up

Dear Light: That's a broad statement. A review of some numbers explains why.

There are currently about 2.8 million active license plates in Arkansas. And more than 2 million licensed drivers. Also about 500 municipalities, most of which have their own police departments. Also 75 county sheriff's offices. Also the Arkansas State Police.

Did we mention the Highway Police, a division of the Arkansas Department of Transportation?

Each of these officers exercises discretion in whom to pull over and whom to not. They also have snoot loads of other duties. Holy expired tags, Batman -- they could ticket all those people who drive around in unlicensed vehicles!

As a wise reader told us recently, it pays every few months to check all the lights on all our vehicles. So that the police can pull over those who really need pulling over.

Dear Mahatma: Here's a softball question. When a driver approaches a T intersection that is a one-way street, is use of a turn signal required by law? -- Hardball Player

Dear Player: Is this a trick question?

We looked at Arkansas Code Annotated 27-51-403, "Signals for turning, stopping, changing lanes, or decreasing speed required."

It says:

"A signal of intention to change lanes or to turn right or left shall be given continuously during not less than the last one hundred feet (100') traveled by the vehicle before changing lanes or turning."

If this is a trick question, uncle.

Vanity plate: ARTGIRL.

Metro on 12/14/2019


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