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A more colorful house than mine

by Janet Carson | December 22, 2019 at 8:06 p.m.

I missed going to my friend Jim's Christmas party a few weeks ago because of other obligations, but I have been dying to see his house decorated. As a retired person, I could drive up to Russellville mid week to see it and visit with Jim. My GPS had a convoluted drive up to his house. They told me I had arrived and I pulled into the driveway. I saw a boat in the drive---Jim is not a boating kind of guy, so I was questioning things. Then as I walked up to the front door, I passed a Razorback statue--Jim is not a sports fan, nor a Razorback fan, so I kind of thought I was at the wrong house. I rang the bell, and no one came. I called Jim, and I was two houses away. I finally arrived at the correct home and he had an orange front door

--things were definitely looking up. No boats and no hogs either.

I went inside and was blown away by his decorations and his colors!

I came home and told Clay that his house was not only more colorful than ours, but it had more decorations. Clay didn't think that was possible on either count, but it was. Jim has style! He has over 11 trees decorated throughout the house. I have a lot of trees, but only one big one--the rest are small decorations. Jim has large decorated trees in almost every room--including his garage. Each room has a theme not only for Christmas, but for every day.

The retro room was probably my favorite, with three silver trees with a disco ball and three or four rotating light stands.

I am sure it is even more impressive at night. The color room

had an orange tree with purple balls,

and there were even floating ornaments in the spare bathroom!

In the kitchen, his retro table and chairs matched perfectly with the tree,

and he even artfully arranged his plate in the dish rack!

No detail was left undone.

We had a great visit at his house, with me oohing and aahing in every room. Then we drove to lunch at the Old South restaurant back in town that was recently featured in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. We had a nice meal and an excellent visit. Jim has some interesting gastronomical adventures, so it is always fun to see what he will eat besides chicken. And yes, he had chicken on a salad with plain yellow mustard as his dressing! Weird, huh! You should have seen the waitresses face when he ordered it (and he goes there often!)

We don't see each other often, but we have so much fun whenever we do. Laughter is a big part of our friendship, and friendships to me are important. As we were leaving the restaurant and walking to our cars Jim said God Bless you and Merry Christmas! I was so touched, and said so! He was reading the sign! As I said, Jim and I always have a good laugh when we are together.


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