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With all the rush of the holidays, gardening gets moved aside for other things. December decided to act like April or May and we had such balmy temperatures that folks were wearing shorts and sandals and some even had the air conditioning going! We haven't had our heat on in days, and have all the windows open. It did get pretty nippy last night, and this morning it was too, but now the sun is shining and it is warming up. I finally had time to walk the yard and inspect my plants. The winter annuals look great and I plan to fertilize them later today.

My winter vegetables are also doing outstanding.

My broccoli

and cabbage

are both heading and the kale hasn't missed a beat. The cutleaf mustard greens that died back with the cold in November have recovered,

but I can't say the same for the Swiss chard--it is MIA. Parsley and cilantro are happy as clams!

My Christmas rose hellebore has been blooming for weeks,

but I will have open blooms on some of the Lenten roses by next week.

The sasanqua camellias have been blooming like gangbusters,

but now I am seeing color on some of my Japonica camellia buds.

They will be quite sensitive to cold. My buddleias which died back have now resprouted and are growing

as are some roses. I have seen blooms on some azaleas in other yards, and also have seen winter jasmine in full bloom.

I even have one daffodil with a flower bud about to open.

Plants are confused.

I did look ahead to the forecasts and everyone is saying that our part of the country is in for a mild winter, but who knows?! I believe our plants thing spring is back and we are just now really heading into winter. Crazy weather for sure.

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