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Argument for the wall

Sheeesh! Your editorial writer opined again last Saturday regarding the need for a border wall in the southwest. Perhaps next time you could explain how such a barrier would materially affect illegal immigration.

While you're at it, you should enlighten your readership as to why our south-of-the-border neighbors are too stupid to build a ladder to climb over it, too unskilled to use a shovel to dig under it, and too lazy to use a hacksaw to cut through it, all of which have been repeatedly demonstrated in real life on existing barriers.

As far as I can tell, the sole justification for such an impediment, for your paper as well as the entire Arkansas congressional delegation, is that it has been demanded by our second-place Russian-sponsored president. It is so very sad that the aforementioned can't or won't fairly evaluate the facts, form value-based conclusions, and then do what is right for the country as opposed to what is advocated by a political party.

Here's news for you ... you ain't foolin' a lot of us.


North Little Rock

About border security

Ann Coulter calls Donald Trump a "wimp" for calling off the government shutdown. Isn't that special? Trump should realize that Coulter wouldn't have to suffer the consequences of his making a bad policy decision based on her opinions. If only Trump had appointed Coulter to his Cabinet or, better yet, chief of staff, he wouldn't have to pay any attention to her.

I perceive a problem with the definition of "border security." Trump maintains that it requires a wall, and Democrats assert that a wall is not needed to secure the border. Those who have criticized the Democrats for not compromising on Trump's wall should understand that there can be no compromise between "wall" and "no wall" since there is no midpoint at which to meet.

Trump claims that the crisis at our border with Mexico is caused by the lack of a border barrier (wall, slats, whatever). Presuming that he were to obtain immediate funding for his wall, would the crisis not continue until the wall is actually in place? With all the litigation caused by questions of eminent domain and other lawsuits, it could be several years before the wall is started, much less built. I seem to have missed his plan to contain that continuing crisis, but I think that, having created the crisis, he will simply "un-create" it. Problem solved. Love that Trump.

It is laughably naïve to think that drug traffickers can be stymied by a wall from bringing their untold millions of dollars in drugs into the United States.

The Democrats should offer Trump $6 billion for border security with the specification that it would not include a wall and, when Trump rejects it, they can show that the border showdown wasn't really about security but showing a divided Congress who is "boss."


Little Rock

Made mess of world

I have two points I wish to make today. First, various animals would be affected by the construction of an impenetrable border wall. Animals such as large cats routinely cross the U.S.-Mexican border in traversing their territories, pursuing prey and caring for their young. We are not the only important species on this planet, and yet we continue to negatively impact these non-human species. They are equally deserving of respect. No wonder we have made such a mess of this world. Besides, this type of wall is just inappropriate with our advanced technology.

Second, a letter was recently printed which stated that evangelicals voted for Trump because he was the lesser of two evils. Really? Donald Trump is easily the most morally bankrupt and corrupt individual I have heard of during my 72 years. So what exactly is so evil about Ms. Clinton? Is it that she is pro-choice or that she is an experienced, intelligent female? Both seem to be anathema to those of the evangelical persuasion.


Little Rock

Price of compassion

May I share a bit of eavesdropping heard at a local major retailer? On my last visit to this store, I saw that self-service registers had replaced many cashier-served registers. When I asked my cashier what would become of all the cashiers replaced by self-service, he responded that they would work in other departments.

Here's the eavesdropping part. On a recent visit I chose a cashier-serviced register. I have seen this cashier over the years, at least the past three. When my purchases had been completed, a floor supervisor closed the register lane. Before I could move away, and still within earshot, she told the cashier that she had one "something" left; that she had four "somethings" already and only one more "something" was allowed.

The cashier left and another supervisor joined the first one. My visual curiosity focused on the candy rack, but my aural sense attentively listened to their conversation. She repeated that said cashier had only one "something" left. She showed the other supervisor a printout and added that she had a list of wages and hours.

My guess is that this cashier won't be around for long. As for me, I have decided to shop elsewhere. This retailer will be losing an average of $200 a month. What is the price of compassion?


Mountain Home

Fiddles and tweets

Nero fiddled, Trump tweeted. Nero burned Rome, Trump closed Washington. Here is a review of Trump's stomp toward autocracy.

Campaign themes: Press is enemy of the people. Judiciary is corrupt. Washington is a swamp. Any but white are murderers, rapists, thieves and just bad. Opponents should be locked up. Trust me: I am the smartest. I alone can make America great (white) again.

Presidential themes: Fill Cabinet positions with rich, unqualified persons. Press is fake news. Judiciary is very corrupt. Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Mohammad bin Salman, and Recep Tayyip Erdogan are great leaders and great friends. Dismiss western Europe and agreements that have lasted for years. Scare the pants off Congress so that it will do my bidding. Use the power of the pen to wreak havoc with trade policies. Build a great big wall. No worries about trade, national disasters, paychecks for federal workers or standing with the world at large; just build the wall.

Finally, the art of the deal: Bully, exaggerate, threaten, intimidate. Spread the belief that the angry hordes are at the gate. I alone can save us with a wall.

The deal: What now? I want what I want when I want it. A deal is a deal when I say it is a deal. Congress doesn't count. Tweet!


Little Rock

Editorial on 02/04/2019

Print Headline: Letters


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  • MaxCady
    February 4, 2019 at 3:35 p.m.

    Thanks, Crazy Cat Lady Catherine.

  • 0boxerssuddenlinknet
    February 4, 2019 at 8:08 p.m.

    Ms Lamb apparently you've never sat down and talked with hillary I have and I thank the good lord for Donald J Trump.

  • Larry_Anderson
    February 5, 2019 at 12:53 p.m.

    Referencing the letter from Rick Renner asking "Why the shutdown?". Looking back a bit, it seems that Democrats wanted much the same wall and improvements to our border security before Mr. Trump became President. Now, as Nancy Pelosi said, "No, no. Nothing for the wall". Since many Democrats, and apparently some Republicans, absolutely despise our President, they will now do anything in their power to thwart a wall. Law enforcers and landowners at the border state their desire for a wall. Where proper walls exist (not just flimsy, unmaintained fences) they have been reported to be quite effective. Mr. Trump has agreed to many changes, but Pelosi remains adamant, not a dollar! As far as a shutdown, I agree with many who have said that Congress should lose all pay and benefits while the government is shutdown! Then see how long a shutdown would last! However, our "non-working president" already donates his salary, and reportedly--okay, you can believe that or not-- works more hours a day than most folks.