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  1. Jesus raised this man from the dead.

  2. Noah released two birds. What were they?

  3. What are the Gideons noted for giving away?

  4. Term for the four books of the Bible that tell about Jesus

  5. What is the number of the Beast?

  6. Which Psalm contains "The Lord is my shepherd"?

  7. Whose parents were named Zacharias and Elizabeth?

  8. Who is the mother of Solomon?

  9. Who were Isaac's twin sons?


  1. Lazarus

  2. Dove and raven

  3. Bibles

  4. Gospels

  5. 666

  6. 23rd

  7. John the Baptist

  8. Bathsheba

  9. Jacob and Esau

Food on 02/06/2019

Print Headline: Super Quiz: The Bible


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