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The skies began to clear up on Friday night as the sun was setting in Phoenix.

We awoke to blue skies Saturday morning, but it was still cold. A heavy layer of frost was on the windshields of all the cars in the parking lot. We took our time with breakfast and packing up, then headed to the airport. It was supposed to get to 53 degrees by the end of the day, but we were long gone by then. It was a beautiful day (from the airport).

In looking at the upcoming weather the prediction for Phoenix is mid 70's and sun! Oh well, we tried. In spite of the weather, we had a great time. We saw a lot in the short few days we were there. One thing we noticed is that the drivers in the area around Phoenix are quite courteous. There were upwards of 5-6 lanes of traffic on the interstates. Lanes were ending and more cars were merging all the time, but if you put your blinker on, they were nice and always let you enter. You don't see that everywhere. And in spite of a lot of cars and highways going everywhere, we only saw one accident--and this was in rainy conditions--sort of like snow for us. There were signs on the highways warning you of travel in wet conditions!

It wasn't just the drivers who were courteous. Everywhere we went, the people were so friendly and gracious. I did get a small piece of art to add to my collection. Appropriately enough, it is named Beautiful Kindness.

The walls of my house are adorned with mementos of our trips. I enjoy unusual items, but when I look at them, it also brings back joyful memories of the trips and experiences. A new thing I added a few years ago is socks. I try to bring a pair of socks back from each trip--and they are easy to pack. I did get two pairs of socks this outing.

They don't last as long as art, but I still have several pairs that I got 5 or 6 years ago. Fun reminders as well, and useful; who doesn't need more socks?

Our trip home was a breeze. When we landed in Little Rock, it was 20 degrees warmer than the weather we had been experiencing in Phoenix. We thought we might have a heat stroke!! Travel is fun, but it is always nice to come home and sleep in your own bed. Great first trip, post retirement. Next one is to the beach, so hope the weather is a bit better!

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