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Today we celebrated the birthday of two friends who have the same birthday--yesterday. We had more time to visit today and it fit everyone's schedules better so we met for lunch at 42

at the Clinton Library before touring the White House Collection of American Crafts.

It is not a huge exhibit, but the pieces in it are exquisite.

Gallery: Whitehouse American Crafts exhibit.feb.

If you have time, you really should go. Amazingly enough Ann saw a gentleman tip the large Chihuly glass bowl so his wife could see inside! Luckily it did not fall or break, but imagine! We also saw the tiny house exhibit. I have watched the show a few times and am fascinated that people can live like that. I have way too much stuff to live in one.

When we arrived, the Clinton Library was hopping with children.

It was Dr. Seuss week and they were all there to learn, and dressed like the Cat in the Hat. We bypassed them and had an uninterrupted lunch and visit. It is really kind of nice to have a leisurely lunch mid-week and then walk a museum. If you have not been to the Clinton Museum, you really should go. There are wonderful exhibits year-round

, and the gardens outside are pretty in season. It is a treasure for our city and state.

Afterwards we went to inspect Susan's new house which is being renovated. I gave her a few tips on the yard--removing this sad dogwood is on the top of the list.

I then had to get home to take Petals to the vet, an annual visit she does not like. Petals is the most neurotic (but lovable) dog we have ever owned. She is definitely a home-body and would prefer to never leave our house or yard--and she would prefer if I would do the same, and that no one else would ever visit (other than Clay, Katie and Ben). She cried on the way to the vet and once there immediately got out of her collar and jumped back into the car. Katie had to carry her inside (I always take someone with me on these visits). She shook and was petrified once inside. She thought getting up on the chair behind Katie might make her invisible.

She is not a big dog, but the vets assistant had to really hold her. She did survive, and has gotten a clean bill of health and had her nails clipped. She was absolutely thrilled to get back in the car and even happier to walk inside. I am not sure she is quite over the trauma yet!

Thankfully we only have to go once a year!

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