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MASTERSON ONLINE: Staying connected?

by Mike Masterson | January 26, 2019 at 4:30 a.m.

Do you believe deceased loved ones can visit in various ways: Touches, dreams, aromas, feathers, birds, coins, perhaps as guardian angels?

That’s the question posed on social media the other day. At last count more than 5,000 had responded within hours, proving its popularity.

Reactions varied from a vast majority of “yeses” to “no possibility” by several who quoted biblical passages asserting that physical death is forever (Ecclesiastes 9).

I found the question interesting for several reasons, including that it’s perhaps the oldest of debated issues pondered by the creative human consciousness.

Many readers will have their own strong opinions and experiences to validate or refute such metaphysical communications. Still, it’s interesting to share some of the more thought-provoking responses.

Beth Neumann: “My son died suddenly without goodbyes. He came into my room one night and told me ‘I’m proud of you, mom.’ I could smell him, his favorite cologne. I could feel his breath on my cheek. That isn’t evil. That’s was pure love.”

Riana Enslin: “Absolutely no. The Bible says the dead know nothing.”

Rob Tembath: “Yes. Sometimes we don’t listen to the voice of God within, so he sends a loved one to reinforce his love for us and get our attention. Remember, we are all spirit beings that live in a body.”

Almira Hernandez: “Yes, my husband does visit. And every time he does I find a dime in my bedroom.”

Pauline Harmon: “Yes! My son used to smoke a pipe with cherry tobacco. When he comes to visit, that strong smell comes too.”

Bonnie Cook Weaver: “Yes. I believe my husband showed up last night on the front porch because I have a camera up and I wasn’t the only one who saw him. We just buried him yesterday. He appeared three times.”

Barbara Jones: “The morning my son was murdered, he came home and told me he was home at 4:40. At 6:30 my phone rang telling me my son had been murdered at 4:40. He’d never come home.”

Denise Wilson: “Yes. A week after my daughter died, I was sleeping when she touched my arm. She said, ‘Don’t worry Momma, I’m OK.’ I know she was standing there.”

Rosemary Hilliard: “Absolutely. I’ve had many visits from my deceased husband since his passing four years ago. I know for a fact and no one can tell me differently.”

Julie Wickwire: “Yes. Dad woke me from my coma a month ago when I almost died of septic shock. I’m a true believer and definitely forever.”

Aron Haney: “Any Christian who reads their Bible knows this is not true.”

Kelly Price Jeter: “I believe they visit us and send messages through other living beings. We are beings of light and energy that are part of the divine Creator. Our bodies die and our light, energy soul lives on. I watched Mother pass away in the hospital. After leaving her body I knew the physical form in the bed was no longer her.”

Christina Ainsworth: “They come in dreams, maybe my subconscious. When I dream of my grandfather, who raised me, it’s always with a big change in life or when I’m going through something. I’d like to think God allows loved ones to influence us when we’re in deep sleep.”

Cheryl Smith: “Yes, absolutely. My Brian was washing his Harley in the driveway six hours after he passed, something he always did when we got ready for a ride.”

Sonia-Chenel Aranki: “Twice I could smell a cigarette in the room. I believe it was my late father-in-law who died of lung cancer.”

Linda Mueller: “Oh yes, my father visited after he passed, not in a dream but a visitation.”

Dean Maloles: “Yes, in my experiences it’s happened multiple occasions that my grandfather has shown himself to me after his passing.”

Nia Moon: “I do believe because my boyfriend visits me in my dreams. I know it him because he holds me, kisses me, talks to me for a bit.”

John MacWilson: “Someone very close to me revealed she had met her dead younger sister, giving her name as Connie. She had not been aware of this sister. But her mother confirmed that she had died at age 4 and confirmed the child’s name was Connie.”

Bobbie Wallace: “Yes, a couple of weeks after Mom suddenly passed she visited me at work; I could smell her cologne vividly. She visited my two sisters [living in separate states] on the same day.”

Susan Luebke: “Yes, three days after my first husband passed, he stood at the foot of my bed. I’d had just gone to bed, was still wide awake. He talked to me. I used to not believe it. But now I know they do.”

Susan Grace: “I’ve felt my late husband’s hand on my shoulder twice. The first time I looked around. The second time I remained still. I could feel the warmth of his hand and smell his familiar scent. He gave a gentle squeeze.”

Margie Rounds: “When my second husband was in hospice and dying, both my parents came to me after midnight on the day he died. Dad called me by my nickname only he used and told me they would be meeting my husband that day. Husband passed that afternoon. I’ve also had visits throughout my life from aunts, uncles, grandparents and others I’ve been close to.”

Annelie Boyse: “Yes, my dad was with me when my car skidded on a highway. There was a tree that would have hit my head. I felt my dad’s hand over mine. Together we steered the car so it hit the back door. I knew it was him because he had a missing pinkie on his right hand and I saw his hand on mine.”

So the responses went, on and on. Had your own experience? Let me know.

Mike Masterson is a longtime Arkansas journalist. Email him at


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