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Don't do the crime

How about these thugs quit stealing, threatening, shooting and wreaking havoc on folks while the police are trying to protect us?

I wouldn't want that job for any amount of money. You have to make split-second decisions with your life on the line and your family wants you to come home that night. These thugs don't care about anything, and if they get shot and killed doing a crime, let's just make the police pay for it.


Don't do the crime, you won't have to do the time. Sometimes the time is eternity.



Occupational licenses

First of all, I have no dog in this fight.

Arkansas ranks No. 3 in the nation in occupational licenses. I believe the legislative panel thinks we are so dumb that they must protect us from ourselves.

It costs an average of $246 in fees, plus education and experience, to apply for some licenses. Yes, we need some jobs to be licensed for safety and knowledge of the jobs that they are doing, but we license people to death with fees and education.

Arkansas is in Tier 1 out of four tiers, one of the highest in the nation in fees just to apply for a license. Yes, some changes need to be made, but don't take years talking about it just to recommend changes to be made. Do something!



Vote for our planet

I am writing in response to a letter by Sherry Snow of Pangburn in which she lamented the disrespect paid to Donald Trump. Please, do not ever use the word "elegant" and "Trump" again in the same sentence. I believe Trump is the antithesis of elegant--crass and vulgar. She speaks of "our billionaire president"; we have not seen his tax returns, and since some reports indicate that he lies five to six times per day, I'm not taking his word on that. Besides, she said that like it is a good thing that the man may be obscenely rich while many in our country languish in poverty.

His latest insanity is another attack upon our environment, changing EPA rules to favor his coal buddies. Do you people in Arkansas even care about the continued existence of our planet? Will you vote for Trump like Republican lemmings, or will you actually give some thought to the welfare of your children and grandchildren? I know I would have been plenty disgusted if my grandparents had left me only a diminished world when they could have taken action and left me a world vibrant and healthy with many species.

Vote for our world, not your demigod.


Little Rock

Editorial on 07/01/2019

Print Headline: LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Don't do the crime, occupational licenses + more


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