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Embarrasses America

The atrocious mistreatment of immigrants at the hands of the current administration must stop. We must no longer mince words, but call these abominations what they are: concentration camps.

As my representatives, and as residents of this great state, I expected more from Senator Boozman, Senator Cotton, and Representative Womack. My grandfathers, who fought for this nation, expected more from them. Every decent human who is not blinded by the fascist propaganda peddled to us from Trump's abhorrent administration is aghast and sickened by this. Congress should be, too. By not taking action, they embarrass me. They embarrass themselves. They embarrass America.

I will remember their actions when I vote. And I vote.


Bella Vista

Democrats' Utopia

Sadly, we no longer have Barnum & Bailey, but recently a circus came to Miami. There was a clown (B.S.), a juggler (J.B.), two performed on the flying trapeze (E.W. & K.H.). A common-sense remark came from former Maryland congressman John Delaney: "Why do we have to stand for taking away something from people? ... [W]e need real solutions, not impossible promises." These unrealistic promises would cost trillions and such overly generous government handouts are said to increase public dependency on government.

Here's the reality of Medicare for all: Waiting months or even years for critical treatments (check Canada); current doctor shortage intensified by even fewer young people struggling through medical school for a low-wage government job; bankruptcy risk for hospitals--patients with private insurance now offset some of the Medicare and Medicaid revenue shortage. For inefficiency and fraud, give it to the government.

"Income equality" is incompatible with individual equality; people are not equal in abilities, ambition, reasoning. Should someone who overcame hardships, made wise choices, worked hard, earned a comfortable life, or even became "rich" be punished? That top percentage now pays a major part of federal tax revenue plus gives billions in charitable donations.

Here's the reality: Lowest unemployment in 50 years; historic black unemployment; more jobs than workers; hourly wages are increasing; businesses expanding; badly depleted military being rebuilt; Islamic State terrorists no longer organized threat; NATO members paying billions more for defense; new fair trade deal with Canada and Mexico; more immigration control by Mexico. This, or "acting" presidential?

Democrats may regret recalling Robert Mueller for more questioning when it's revealed who and what was involved with his investigation--the Steele dossier, FISA court, Mueller team members, FBI actions.


Siloam Springs

Progressive approach

I digitized this past Monday at your offices. Alice gave a quite thorough iPad and system introduction. I love it! Especially great is the ability to follow links to additional info, photos and video coverage. It is a grand system.

Thank you for your progressive approach to both business and to serving your customers. I look forward to continued information in the next 200 years.



Consider the apple ...

Where, who, what is God? Not the man up there or Michelangelo's huge gray being leaning out of the clouds, or the enthroned king--one ringed about with angels. Forget the anthropomorphisms. Pick up an apple. Bite into it. Reaching the core, you'll notice little brown seeds. Put one in your hand and reflect on it. What is in it? If you cut it open, just whitish stuff like the apple surrounds. Think deeper; yes, it is a blueprint of a form of life. A different life beyond understanding.

An apple seed is planted or falls from the tree. Perhaps one in 100 finds a way into the earth to be cover­ed by leaves and snow, dormant until an inner clock tells it it is spring and miracles begin. No matter its orientation in earth, it knows up and down. Somehow, shoots head up and little roots go down, begin to radiate as anchors for the future tree.

Above the soil, it reaches upward, nourished by the osmosis of water and minerals from the roots. More miracles to go. Little branches reach out, soon to bud leaves to catch sunlight and clothe itself in protective material to become bark. And in maturity buds will produce fruit to complete the cycle of its blueprint.

With the seed in your hand, look at a tree. Did man create this? Much misused word "create" means to produce something out of nothing. It is not in man's intelligence to make life. There is a great intelligence far beyond conceivable, omnipotent and omnipresent God. Mankind has its own blueprint but with an additional spark of the intelligence. The ability to choose good or bad (conscience) is the soul.


Little Rock

Trump's gone too far

Donald Trump's military spectacle on July 4 is not what America is about. He is following in the footsteps of every dictator in my lifetime. Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin, and more recently, his friends Putin and the dictator in North Korea.

Our celebration is about freedom, liberty and justice for all, not a display of military might. It may be impressive to look at, but do we Americans really want to celebrate war? I don't think so.

Once again, Trump uses his office in an attempt to glorify himself. I want Congress to stand up to this would-be dictator, assume its responsibilities, and put a stop to the abuse of the executive orders by Trump. He has gone too far.



Editorial on 07/06/2019

Print Headline: Letters


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