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“It Can’t Happen Here” by Sinclair Lewis was written in 1935. The premise was what it might look like if fascism came to America. Hitler was on the horizon but not well known, and the book had way too many eerie similarities to Nazi Germany. Supposedly within a week or two of Donald Trump getting elected, the book was once again a hot topic, but why I have no idea. While there were some incredible similarities between current politics and the Nazi era, it was a hard read for most of our members. The first 100 or so pages felt like 1000, with so many unusual and similar names it was hard to keep anyone straight. Once the presidential election was over and a president was chosen, the book became more readable (at least for me) and I was beginning to quite enjoy it. Then it took a turn for the worst and sadism stepped in. It was a bleak book to say the least, but it did provoke quite a bit of discussion. Most members struggled with it mightily. Only one would recommend others read it. For some it worked better than a sleeping pill.

The non-coveted Bury Me Reading Award was passed on from Ann for DaVinci to Lynne for It Can’t Happen Here!

Choosing books for book clubs is a roll of the dice. Some of us ask reading friends for suggestions, some pick something they have been dying to read, some research options online and others just wing it. I don’t think I have ever picked something I have already read, so you just never know for sure---and then everyone’s tastes are different. What one loves another doesn’t like, etc. That is why you join a book club.

The discussion is always great and some of us are more vocal than others—guess who?! I love to read and reading something that I know 5 others are reading at the same time spurs you on.

What have you read lately that you would recommend—or NOT recommend? When on the Dakotas trip I found a book at one of the many gift stores which I thought was set in the Dakotas, but is actually in Wyoming (close enough). I have thoroughly enjoyed the first in a series of 21 Walt Longmire series by Craig Johnson called The Cold Dish.

I have since learned there is a TV series too. If you like the C.J. Box mystery series you will love these. I laughed out loud reading it.

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