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Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded June 3-June 7:

Student Loan Guarantee Foundation Of Arkansas, Inc. to KATV, LLC, Tracts M-2A & M-2B, Riverdale, $4,368,000.

Reiner Family II, LLC to AIC Income Fund Martel, LLC, 3120 Interstate 30, Little Rock, L2, Ryder, $2,150,000.

Cherokee Investments, LLC to Louisiana And Third Properties, LLC, Ls10-12 B82, Original City Of Little Rock, $1,640,000.

No.2 Spring Valley Lane, LLC to Barton R. and Marion B. Hankins, L53, Valley Falls Estates Phase III-D, $1,525,000.

ARG Mecbtar001, LLC to AFN Absprop001, LLC, 9909 Ark. 5, Cabot, $1,331,000.

Keith and Melanie Grayson to JMJ Family Properties, LLC, 4701 Fairway Ave., North Little Rock, Lot G B67, Lakewood, $1,200,000.

Jennifer and Harrett L. Bosley Jr., Brennan E. Bosley and Keri Bosley to Todd and Carol Witham, Pt SE SE 21-1N-13W; Pt SW SW 22-1N-13W, $930,000.

Larry L. Clary, Harvey N. Thomas and John M. Tarkington to First Assembly Of God North Little Rock, Inc., Ls4R & 5 B1, West Commercial, $920,000.

I-40 Kerr, LLC to The Ridge Assembly, Inc., 3801 John F. Kennedy Blvd., North Little Rock, Pt SE NW 23-2N-12W, $900,000.

Geoffrey J. and Stacy M. Tirman to Aron M. Pearson Jr., and The Persons Family Revocable Living Trust, 22111 Denny Road, Little Rock, Pt SE SW, Pt NE SW & Pt NW SE 28-2N-14W, $850,000.

J. Steven and Norma J. Hoffmann and The Steve And Norma Hoffmann Joint Revocable Trust Number One, to Jennifer and Spencer Andrews, L1R, Canal Pointe Replat, $828,500.

William R. and Sharon K. David to R & M Planning, LLC, 16800 W. Baseline Road, Little Rock, Pt SE SW 36-1N-14W, $750,000.

Pinnacle North Corporate Aircraft Interiors, LLC to NSF, LLC, L2R B8, Watkins Replat- National Park, $730,000.

Frederick A. and Andrew B. Meadors and The Meadors Family Bypass Trust to Brad and Suzanne Howard, 1812 Beechwood St., Little Rock, Plots 140-141, Shadowlawn, $530,000.

Amanda Leigh and Lance A. Shirron to Cara and Woodrow Gaede Martin, 1654 S. Silverthorne Drive, Little Rock, L27R, Westcliffe Phase I Replat, $510,000.

Stefan I. Vickery to Cory D. and Jacob Grummer, 473 Ridgeway Drive, Little Rock, L31 B12, Midland Hills, $495,000.

Barbara Gojer Living Trust and Barbara Gojer to Mary L. and P. Wallace Whiteaker, L88, Osage Falls, $480,000.

David B. and Lorraine Frazier to Katy A. Marino and Christopher W. Liberto, 300 E. Third St., Apt. 1001, Little Rock, Unit 1001, 300 Third HPR, $465,000.

Fayrene W. Johnson Revocable Trust and Cynthia Francis Johnson Hill to Donna Wilson, 2815 N. Pierce St., Little Rock, L4 B15, Park View, $440,000.

Edward J. and Jaclyn R. Daniels to Crystal Laeloni and Ikemefuna Onyekwelu Jr., 627 Epernay Place, Little Rock, L43 B7, Chenal Valley, $430,000.

Robert A. and Regina Mason to Chad A. Baker, Kelly A. Hogan-Baker and The Chad Baker And Kelly Baker Living Trust, L3 B23, Woodlands Edge, $428,500.

Matthew A. and Monica D. Christenson and The Matthew And Monica Christenson Revocable Trust to Harvey R. Smith, 21 Alban Lane, Little Rock, L15 B39, Chenal Valley, $425,000.

Anthony and Bonnie L. Boaz to David D. Walker, 2205 N. Garfield St., Little Rock, L23 B8, Altheimer, $415,000.

Chris Nelson Construction, LLC to Darran P. and Jacqueline L. McEuen, 3032 Hickory Ridge Drive, Sherwood, L27 B3, Millers Cove, $402,900.

JoAnn Elaine Kirchner and The JoAnn Elaine Kirchner Revocable Trust to Juno and Mary Alice Guedry, L14R B15, Lincoln Park Replat, $400,000.

Robert C. and Keely P. Moore to Joanne and Troy J. Branscum, L2 B122, Chenal Valley, $395,000.

James C. and Nancy H. Haskins to Ryan C. Turner and Sarah J. Dunn, 3925 N. Lookout St., Little Rock, Ls4-5 B2, Doyle Place Replat, $382,000.

Joshua and Katie Garrett to Andrew P. and Ashley A. Norwood, 207 Commentry Lane, Little Rock, L7 B82, Chenal Valley, $378,500.

Dana Lynn and Robert Leo Garrison II., to Virginia and Everett Ellis IV., 117 Sierra Valley Loop, Maumelle, L76 B6, Maumelle Valley Estates, $378,000.

Bryce James and Mary Christine Marquis to Colin R. and Eve S. Jorgensen, 112 Crystal Court, Little Rock, L4 B17, Midland Hills, $375,000.

Joe Owen and Dorothy Ann Armbrust to Shannon Pace, L17 B24, Park Hill NLR, $375,000.

Gertrud Klaehre to Angela Mathews, 209 W. 13th St., Little Rock, L12 B168, Original City Of Little Rock, $350,000.

Susan Scanlan and Raymond Lee Scott, Jr., and The Raymond Lee Scott Jr., And Susan Scanlan Scott Revocable Trust to William J. and Sharon L. Declerk, and The Bill And Sherry Declerk Revocable Trust, Unit A, Kavanaugh Curve Townhome Condominiums HPR, $327,000.

HAPO, LLC to Donna S. Curtis, 109 Turtle Creek Cove, Maumelle, L24, Turtle Creek Cove, $306,550.

Lance and Rachel Copeland to Sandra Dillon, Pt SW SE & Pt NW SE 17-4N-11W, $300,000.

Lech Matuszewski and Carol Worley to Mary G. and John R. Hightower, 1301 Golden Pond Drive, Little Rock, Tract 7, Falcon Ridge Estates, $297,000.

Todd L. Newton and The Franklin R. Newton Revocable Trust to Kenneth R. and Ruth W. Eddleman, Unit 7E, Countrywood HPR, $290,000.

Anthony J. and Brenda C. Cuccia to Ashok K. and Usha Shukla, 4116 Montgomery Road, Little Rock, L12, Madison Valley, $285,000.

Grillo Enterprises, LLC to Stephanie Lamberth, 10606 Yosemite Valley Drive, Little Rock, L12 B43, Pleasant Valley, $284,000.

DG Homes, LLC to Rebecca L. and Adam M. Carroll, 5606 Hummingbird Lane, Jacksonville, L402R, Northlake Phase XI Replat, $280,000.

Noah Treat Construction, LLC to Phillip Clay Billings, 9200 Rapid Water Drive, Sherwood, L21 B12, Creekside, $279,999.

Raja Pitta and Pranathi Hurrapu to Steven L. and Candace K. Berry, 506 Garden Valley Loop, Little Rock, L5 B1, The Gardens At Valley Falls, $277,000.

Adam Carroll, Rebecca Dillard and Rebecca Carroll to Michelle L. Morse, 8924 Meadow Gardens Circle, Sherwood, L66, Millers Glen, $276,000.

Nathalie Massanelli Coulter and The Massanelli Living Trust to Cameron and Heather Highsmith, 6708 Waverly Drive, Little Rock, L3 B4, Hollywood Replat; Tracts 3-4, Hollywood, $275,000.

James and Megan Morris to Robert Jacob Consiglio and Kimberly Tate, 1512 Tarrytown Road, Little Rock, L10, Sturbridge, $274,500.

Ives Custom Homes, LLC to Thomas L. and Laurie Stickel, 16002 Burleigh Court, Little Rock, L103, Lochridge Estates, $272,900.

Richard H. Skillen to Hoa Thi and Hoang Nguyen, 104 Valley Ranch Way, Little Rock, L3 B1, Valley Ranch, $269,000.

Andrew and Heidi Prince to Elizabeth Cook, 1204 Biscayne Drive, Little Rock, L150, Leawood Heights 2nd, $265,000.

Dennis and Ann Dorsey to Drake E. Martin, 36000 Sample Road, Roland, L38, Flowerwood Farms Unrecorded, $265,000.

James Haley, Jim Haley and The Estate Of Mary Haley(dec'd) to John P. Heckman, and The Heckman Family Revocable Trust, L9 B54, Lakewood, $260,000.

James M. and Vanessa N. Mobley to Blake A. and Rachel M. Beckham, 60 Wildwood Place Drive, Little Rock, L8 B1, Wildwood Place, $259,900.

Johnnie M. and Robert L. Henry III., to James and Janet Huebsch, L222, Walnut Valley 2nd, $259,000.

Jeffrey P. and Margaret N. Szczepanik to Sheila Rochelle and Harold Lynn Bailey, 6600 Gap Point Circle, Sherwood, L37 B3, Gap Creek, $249,500.

Greg G. and Jessica B. Walker to Nikki M. and Sedrick Pickens, 7008 Gap Ridge Drive, Sherwood, L41 B1, Gap Creek, $246,900.

Jerry and Amanda Butler to Steven and Jessica Cicchetto, L21, Village East, $242,000.

US Bank, NA to Rickey and Charity Randle, 9600 W. Lake Circle, Sherwood, L57, Millers Crossing Phase I, $242,000.

Robert and Rhea Stitham to Paul B. Jones and Kristina Ok, 9433 Meadow Gardens Circle, Sherwood, L3, Millers Glen, $241,000.

Surendra Rajbamshi and Dikchya Joshi to Kshama Ghimire, 12411 Eagle Pointe Drive, Little Rock, L27, Eagle Pointe, $240,000.

Carol L. Tilley to Mark Ly and Hanh Luong, 19 Westchase Drive, Little Rock, L66, Westbury Phase I, $240,000.

Rosemary Williams to Bobby L. and JoAnn Savage, 212 Maranes Circle, Maumelle, L1119, The Country Club Of Arkansas Phase XII, $239,000.

Peggy McKee and Peggy VanDalsem to Jacob and Ashley E. Hamilton, 4373 Pride Lane, Cabot, Pt NW NW 11-4N-11W, $238,500.

Royal Concept Custom Homes, Inc. to Elizabeth F. and Lance C. McKellips, 1224 Commons Drive, Jacksonville, L26, Jamestown, $225,700.

Jan C. and Barbara J. Boyd to James P. and Janice K. Brown, 7310 W. Ridge Circle, Sherwood, L106 B1, Gap Creek, $224,000.

JVRC, LLC to Garrett R. Phelps, 1118 Mellon St., Little Rock, Ls3-4 B6, Success, $223,650.

New Horizon Properties, LLC to Karen Denise Apperson, 11608 Shady Creek Drive, Little Rock, L44 B3, Sandpiper West, $223,000.

Helga Z. Killion Revocable Trust and Charles M. Killion to Julie and Loren Kaylor, 5 Degray Cove, Maumelle, L24, Edgewater Phase I, $222,000.

James Donald Clements to Mary E. Buckley, 2100 Riverview Drive, Little Rock, Ls6-7 B4, Virginia Heights, $221,500.

JWJ Investments, LLC to Titan General Contractors, LLC, Pt NW SW 31-3N-10W, $220,000.

Bentley Court, LLC to Judye H. Ebanks, 74 Bentley Court, Little Rock, L74, Bentley Court Phase V, $219,900.

Stevan Mullins, Jeremi Stevan Mullins and Yevgeniya Gokun to John Michael and Elizabeth Pearce Bynum, 8201 Alvin Lane, Little Rock, L200, Sheraton Park Section D, $217,000.

The C Street Group, LLC to Shuja Rasool and Humaria Saleem, 15315 Governors Lake Drive, Little Rock, L43, Governor's Manor PRD- Capitol Lake Estates, $217,000.

Sheran Allwhite to Daniel Holt and Alexandria Grace Williams, 8004 Coleridge Drive, North Little Rock, L26 B4, Windsor Valley, $215,000.

The C Street Group, LLC to Maggie Leigh Aucoin, 15307 Governors Lake Drive, Little Rock, L44, Governor's Manor PRD- Capitol Lakes Estates, $215,000.

Karen H. Yeary and Karen H. Kim to Yana H. and Herbert M. Scott Jr., 1906 Cherrybend Drive, Little Rock, L25 B5, Cherry Creek, $210,000.

Michael J. Loftus and The Francis J. Loftus Living Trust to John and Lois C. Burnell, L20B, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes Phase I, $210,000.

Lynn W. and Teresa Clayton and The Lynn W. Clayton And Teresa Clayton Living Trust to Laleisha and Noah Buckley Sr., 17009 Fawn Tree Drive, Little Rock, L64, Otter Creek Community Phase I, $209,900. 6/7/19

Kevin M. and Karalyn Christy Kerby to George Sebastian, 5009 N. Lookout, Little Rock, L3 B2, Hillcrest, $208,000.

J. Michael and Bree Eliza Keith to Carolyn Korte, 146 Ridgeland Drive, Maumelle, L80, North Ridge, $203,000.

Janis K. McDermott to Michael and Angela Bortowski, 7 Canadian Cove, Maumelle, L85, Riverland, $203,000.

Ryan David to Lisa Taryn and Mariel Brigite Spicer, 6512 Evergreen Drive, Little Rock, L17R, Pine Wood Hills Replat, $200,000.

Alvin R. McMiller to Glenn R. McFadden, 10 Bentley Circle, Little Rock, L10, Bentley Court Phase I, $197,900.

Carl Wayne and Lauren Dowden to Benjamin Robert and Lauren Lavin Wagner, 7 Cherry Crest Cove, Little Rock, L21 B7, Cherry Creek, $196,000.

Gerardo and Elvia Ugalde to Lamar Jointer, 131 Auriel Circle, Maumelle, L997, The Country Club Of Arkansas Phase XIV, $195,000.

Derek and Whitney Cox to Ghislain Gerard, 114 Miramar Drive, Maumelle, L125, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $195,000.

Alan and Lola Thomas to Matthew Harrison, 304 N. Pine St., Little Rock, L12 B1, Riffel & Rhoton's Ridgeland, $192,500.

Richard C. and Jennifer G. Haddock to Linda M. and C. F. Huggins III, 1856 S. Gaines St., Little Rock, Ls11-12 B10, Weldon E. Wright, $191,000.

Sherwood 2015, LLC to Trenton and Susan Moore Bullock, 17101 Crooked Oak Drive, Sherwood, L106, Bent Tree Estates, $190,225.

Edward Z. Nichols to Vincent Russell and Corey Praderio, 2 Hornrimme Place, Maumelle, L7 B4, Kimberly Manor Phase I, $190,000.

BTC Rentals One, LLC to Jeremiah and Erin Puryear, 903 N. Fillmore St., Little Rock, L7 B13, Hollenberg, $187,000.

George Tracy and Elizabeth L. Johnson to Thomas Herbert Best, 200 Walnut St., Little Rock, Ls4-5 B6, Glendale, $186,000.

John H. and Stacia A. Epps to CES Development, LLC, L43R, Garden Homes Replat, $185,000.

Phillip G. Doerner III, and Madeline Taylor to Lyndsay Fisher, 8305 Louwanda Drive, Little Rock, L250, Leawood Heights 3rd, $183,000.

CBM Appraisals, Inc. to Billy Hartness Construction, Inc., 6223 Longwood Road, Little Rock. L276, Cammack Woods, $180,000.

Christine E. Coutu to Conley Byrd, 611 N. Buchanan St., Little Rock, Ls4-6 B22, Lincoln Park, $180,000.

Royal Concept Custom Homes, Inc. to Caleb M. McDonald, 1404 Puritan Drive, Jacksonville, L13, Jaxon Terrace Phase 9, $179,900.

James W. and Tammy Brazier to Vincent Michael and Hannah Noel Battafarano, 616 S. Martin St., Little Rock, L4 B3, C. O. Kimball And Bodeman, $179,900.

Bradley J. and Sally Rebel to Gerda H. Ginzel, L567, Walnut Valley 3rd, $178,000.

Peter Griffin to Emily and Carey James Youngblood III, 10 Summer Ridge Court, Little Rock, L24, Sandpiper Creek, $176,000.

Greg Churan to Gregory and Jennifer Snow, 813 N. Jackson St., Little Rock, L3 B46, Pulaski Heights, $176,000.

Gannon Anthony White to Louis W. and Samantha D. Tomlinson, 3 Forestwood Cove, Little Rock, L444, Pleasant View Phase VII-B, $175,000.

Christopher K. and Lauren C. Pickens to Etandra McClure, 8 Pine Way Court, Little Rock, L52, Aspen Highlands Phase II, $173,500.

Chad J. and Baylee A. Muller to Tiffany A. Greenway, 11608 Hickory Hill Road, Little Rock, L34 B2, Sandpiper West, $172,000.

Beverley A. Swaim to Kenneth L. And Linda F. Hoppe Family Revocable Trust, L103, North Ridge, $172,000.

Joshua P. and Sara J. H. Sanford to Richard L. Munnerlyn, 1007 Chepstow Lane, Sherwood, L36, Silver Creek Phase I, $172,000.

Debra Ann McKenzie and Debra Ann Manuel to Cheryl and Phillip Werner IV, 10 Single Oaks Drive, Sherwood, L160, Arbor Oaks, $169,900.

Jeffery D. and Lacey L. Hines to Michael and Ruby Raine, 2405 Hickorynut Court, Little Rock, L14 B1, Sandpiper West, $169,000.

Marc A. Tougaw to Kendall Renae Roaf and Blain Reed Sanders, 3845 N. Magnolia St., North Little Rock, Ls8-9, Wilhelm, $169,000.

Carol Jenkins to Bradley and Holly Reding, 506 Midland St, Little Rock, L5 B2, Auten And Moss, $168,000.

Christian S. and Lora E. Peter to N'ell Jones, 1912 S. Main St., Little Rock, L9 B426, Duvall, $165,000.

Kimble L. Talley to Erika Anne Stratton, 10 Perin Road, North Little Rock, L3, Wilkinson Place Phase II, $164,900.

Barn Hollow & Associates, LLC to Kasey L. Summerville, 8112 Kanis Oaks Drive, Little Rock, L7R, Kanis Village Phase I Replat, $164,500.

Olivia Carpenter and The Estate Of Barbara Jean Carpenter(dec'd) to Whitney Kathleen Norris, 5525 Lee Ave., Little Rock, L2 B18, Pfeifer, $164,500.

Aaron and Brooke Fogle to Fowler T. and Elizabeth Morrison, 901 N. Mellon St., Little Rock, Ls7-8 B15, Success, $163,000.

Christopher and Teressa Newlin to Elizabeth Rae-Ann Bowen, 9 Wabash Cove, Maumelle, L42, Riverland, $159,900.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC to LaToya Cooksey, 6600 Ridgemist Cove, North Little Rock, L371, Trammel Estates Phase V, $158,500.

Cody Drewry to Liliana and Rosa Covarrubias, 9824 Merlot Lane, North Little Rock, L25, The Villages Of Merlot Lane, $157,000.

Gary M. and Diane C. Sumner to Jannise Diane Wilkins, 24 Laver Circle, Little Rock, L577, Otter Creek Community Phase IV-A, $155,000.

Michael and Lisa Hickman to Van Cato Properties, LLC, L4B20, Success, $154,000.

Zaneta K. Peeples to Terrance J. Zuerlein Revocable Trust, L35, Point West 3rd Phase 2B, $154,000.

Ashfaqe Ahmed to Hunter Scott, 1708 Gamble Road, Little Rock, L57, Point West 3rd Phase 2B $153,000.

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