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To shelter from harm

When I was a kid back in the '50s, I remember being scared of the Russians. We knew they might send missiles and bombs. We built bomb shelters and argued about who we'd let in if the bombs were falling.

The threats almost became reality during the Cuban Missile Crisis, but fortunately, President Kennedy was tough and the Russians backed off. We breathed a national sigh of relief.

Today, we're apparently under attack again. It's a different kind of threat. We need a different kind of shelter. We're going to build a wall. That wall will keep that threat from harming us.

When people try to get in here, we'll have to tell them, "No, we're sorry, but you see we are full. There's no room here. We've got to think of ourselves. We know you're trying to escape bad situations, but you're going to have to go back where you came from and fix your own problems."

You see? You understand now? "This is America."



Give answers, please

I sincerely believe that the questions presented by Mr. Cal Thomas in his recent column need to be asked (and answered) by every Democratic presidential candidate.

I have watched, read and listened to the rhetoric of the left in their attempts to defile not only the president, but our entire nation. Denying the crisis at the border, allowing abortion, raising taxes and offering free health care, college and more while ignoring what the people of this nation really want has become the mantra of every Democratic candidate.

We do not want socialism, communism or any other "ism" that would replace our freedoms. We are not a nation of racists as the left would have you believe. We are a people who value life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all. We want to feel safe in our homes, we want to work hard, raise our families and enjoy the freedoms offered by this great nation.

Our elected officials seem to have forgotten that it is we the people who decide who represents us. It is time that they begin to listen to the people and understand that we can do what it takes to replace each and every one of them.



Foregone conclusion

If Trump had been Doc Holliday: "Wyatt, it's going to be tough going up against the Clanton gang at the OK Corral. Bullets will be flying. Stomachs will be ripped open. We all could get killed. Blood will be spattered everywhere. There will be incredible wails from the pain. The gore will be unspeakable. It will be a nightmare. I wish like hell I could go with you, but these bone spurs are killing me."

Obviously I'm not a Trump fan, but the writing is on the wall. Draft-Dodging Donny will be re-elected. Miss Congeniality couldn't beat him and neither will the shoulder masseuse.



Either way, it's awful

I am not sure which is the worse indignity: a Vietnam veteran walking into the VA Hospital and being greeted by a picture of Donald Trump, or a person in need of assistance walking into a Department of Human Services office and seeing a picture of Asa Hutchinson.


North Little Rock

All of time and space

There is something very strange about space. It propagates light at 186,000 miles per second. At that speed, light takes four years to get to the nearest star. The speed of light is always measured the same no matter the speed of your spaceship or your planet. Nothing can go faster than the speed of light except space itself. A voyage to the nearest star at light speed would take four years to get there, and four years to get back, but onboard clocks would show only about two months had lapsed.

Does radar work at near light speed? Yes. Electromagnetic waves leave your ship at light speed and return at light speed relative to your ship. So your ship could maneuver to avoid asteroids. Space is not just space; it is also time. That's why it is called space-time.

Space-time is omnipresent throughout the universe. It is everywhere matter is not. It is between the galaxies, the stars, and the atoms. The spirit of God is also omnipresent. Without space-time, there is no gravity and consequently, nothing at all.

For those who are not religiously inclined, they should know that there is a vast difference between the God of the Old Testament and the God of Jesus. We know nothing of Jesus between the age of 12 and when he began to preach. Some would say that he was influenced by Hinduism. I have studied his teachings over and over all my life. I have come to the conclusion that all you need is love, and all the rest becomes clear. We are all his children. Our spirits emerge from God's spirit when we are born. He is our mother, and he loves us the way a mother loves her child. That is why he (Jesus) did what he did so that we can be forgiven--and forgive and love one another.



Dictator's credibility

Re Trump's DMZ visit: "One tiny step for America--one giant leap for North Korea."



Editorial on 07/08/2019

Print Headline: Letters


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