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Call a truce already

The great Nexstar-DirecTV/U-Verse War may have ended by the time this letter is approved for print. Someone at corporate of one of the two communications giants may have blinked.

Regardless, they must share the responsibility for depriving Central Arkansas viewers of some excellent programming, including the Macy's Fireworks Spectacular on the 4th of July. I was hoping the truce would occur before Tuesday's America's Got Talent!

Both entities have suffered damage, depending on which one the individual viewer blames. DirecTV has probably lost subscribers and owes its customers a partial rebate. And KARK has probably lost viewers and definitely some advertising revenue.

Back in the Golden Days of Little Rock TV, we avoided at any cost giving our viewers an excuse to sample the other guy's product, specifically the newscasts. They might like what they see and be lost forever. In the last several days, this very loyal KARK alumnus and viewer has done just that. The other two guys do a pretty good job.

Will I be back? Maybe.


Little Rock

Possum Poot bypass

Well, the mayor (the "Donald") of Possum Poot enjoyed (?) a nine-day, eight-night vacation at the lovely Midtown CHI St. Vincent's, courtesy of three talented, dedicated, skilled doctors. As pleasant as it was (?) I couldn't help but notice the sign over the door as I entered: "Abandon All Modesty All Ye Who Enter." It was true. The whole event was celebrated by a colluding editor and cartoonist with a meaningful hand-drawn card as commemoration, greatly appreciated.

Back in the Poot, I appreciated the welcome and their reaction to the whole matter. Several citizens took it upon themselves to keep my blood pressure low by building an additional road, off the main dirt highway, designed for evil libruls. Only through the intercession of Emma and Sassy Sue did the bypass not end up at the abandoned quarry north of town; rather, it looped all the way around the town and headed back the way they had come.

My spirits were further lifted with a time spent with the whole town at the local watering hole. The only way it could have been better was if Anna Phalacksis had been there. As it was, the professor was there arguing with Elbert the Reverent, Doctor, about the great Trump's visit to North Korea. The professor ended with, "They should have just kept him," and stormed out.

Ah, be it ever so humble, there's no place like home, especially the most righteous and non-progressive place around--Possum Poot. Ya'll come visit; libruls take the first left and keep going, you'll get where you belong.


Little Rock

More than one 'all'

Ruud DuVall states that we are all God's children. The truth is that we are all God's creation. Only a born-again person can claim God as his father--all others want nothing to do with him.


North Little Rock

Nation would benefit

Mr. Harry Herget's letter of July 3 ("Have skin in the fight") advocated with tongue in cheek that we return to a long-needed change in our military conscription. He may be on to something, and Congress and its assistants might begin making an honest living at long last. I'd love to see that.

My concern is that we are allowing many of our young men to just drift without any real goals or good results. It has been going on for years. I see them all the time.

I would like to return to the practice in the 1950s. Male citizens of good health, upon finishing high school, or perhaps college, went into one of the military branches: Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force. Upon completing this, our young men had some idea of what they could be if they wanted it enough. After college, I went into the Army and was made a medic. A few years away from home with some responsibilities and an appreciation of our nation can do wonders for some of our young men who had not given much thought to what they might do. Uniformly they went in as young, often befuddled young men, and came out as proud citizens of the United States.

I'm not trying to change our military; I am trying to chart a way to give a lot of young men a decent chance to become good citizens. Our nation would benefit and so would they.


Little Rock

Very judgmental lot

We are all guilty of judging others, by pointing out faults and not looking at our own faults. Mainly this happens at church. Some people like to shake their fingers like disciplinarians and like they're almighty God. That is why many people stay out of church. It's supposed to be a hospital for sinners. We are all sinners and that's why Christ came to save us. He didn't condemn us. That's why people say church is for hypocrites.

What about opening up our arms and welcoming people, instead of judging them and tearing them down to make you big and powerful? I know from experience. I have been around the finger-shakers and been jumped on over petty things that don't amount to a hill of beans. You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Try love and you can win people over. Most of all, stop shaking fingers. You are no different than anyone else.


El Dorado

Editorial on 07/10/2019

Print Headline: LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Truce needed for Nexstar-DirecTV/U-Verse War, we are all God's creation + more


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Archived Comments

  • oldhogfan
    July 10, 2019 at 4:18 p.m.

    Congress should require mandatory arbitration for cable/sat TV providers and owners of broadcast TV when they get into a spat over who pays what to whom. The customer of the cable/sat TV is the one who will pay. Question is how many TV watchers will quit cable/sat over a few dollars?

  • wolfman
    July 10, 2019 at 8:57 p.m.

    Blame your broadcast corporations for these disputes. they demand increases in signal distribution from the cable/sat companies. in turn if that happens you pay more! The broadcasters should be thankful for the cable/sat companies for broadcasting their signals and letting the customers to see the programming but also their advertisers commercials. it's the broadcasters that demands more money. and remember these days there are so many other avenues to go to view your favorite channels. i dropped cable because they took channels away but didn't drop the price. now I stream everything and don't miss a show.

  • WGT
    July 14, 2019 at 1:07 p.m.

    B.E. Spurgeon & Donald Putman: How did the two of you become the arbiter of the rest of the world’s population when what you “know” is nothing more than a feeling? Where are the facts to support your respective claims? *
    * The book people people have named “The Bible” is not a valid research tool.