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Speaking of miracles

I congratulate the editorial writers on their excellent Independence Day editorial in which they delineated a few of the miraculous occurrences by which the United States defied all the odds and the most powerful empire on earth to achieve freedom, the only nation ever founded not on race, on religion, on location or heritage, but founded on the idea of human liberty and our God-given right to the pursuit of happiness (not its guarantee, but its pursuit).

However, they omitted my favorite proof that God loves the United States and had a hand in our founding.

From the naval Battle of Sluys in the English Channel that launched the Hundred Years War in 1340 until the present day, the French navy has had the upper hand over the English navy for all of about six months. That that six-month period coincided with Washington's Yorktown campaign is why his victory was complete and our victory in the Revolutionary War assured.

The Good Book says that God could use even the evil King Nebuchadnezzar to accomplish his ends, and behold, he could even use the French navy. God bless America!


Little Rock

U.S. must be better

J. is married to my only certifiably rich acquaintance. He shakes his head in wonderment and murmurs, "There is so much money in this country."

And yet, somehow, this country--undeniably the richest and most powerful on the planet--cannot manage to house and feed the thousands of migrants being held at our borders. We can't somehow provide working toilets, or toothbrushes, or room to lie or sit or sleep. Children die in our care. We have been to the moon. But we cannot provide food for the little ones we have incarcerated.

Yes, we need immigration reform. Yes, we are entitled to enforce our laws. Yes, many of these people have broken those laws. But why? Why would you risk your life, and your children's lives, to come to the dangerous, squalid ineptitude of our detention centers? Why, to flee even more awful murder, rape, and poverty, of course.

The filthy and inhumane circumstances we have provided the migrant population are not acceptable. They are not worthy of the richest and most powerful country on the globe. Surely we can be expected to provide those in our care with a bar of soap and a hot shower. How many of you would keep your animals in the squalid conditions we have provided for these other human beings?


Little Rock

Indignity's far worse

In response to the letter from Holly Weldon, and after being overseas and having noticed that the airports' names are reserved to heroes that gave their lives for their countries, then coming to Little Rock and seeing Hillary's mural on the concourse: That is what you call indignity.



Reflects poorly on you

I was inspired enough by Billy Long's (in Northwest) and Jessa Parette's (on Voices) letters to dust off one I'd been holding back on.

Imagine you own your own company, Wonder Widgets Inc. It's your "baby" and you are totally devoted to it.

Weeks ago you hired a fast-talking guy to head up your marketing team. But now, the bloom is off the rose, big time. He demeans your minority staff, shows zero empathy or "class," and rates the women employees on a scale from 1 to 10. The staff is noticing he uses questionable, probably illegal, business practices and lies so often it's become a water-cooler game to count the falsehoods. He comes in late and leaves early every day, doesn't read memos, even about the new product line, and is bored with mostly anything having to do with his learning his own job responsibilities. His work product is nonexistent and if anything goes wrong he blames his staff, even his predecessors.

Your colleagues in the industry are beginning to notice, too. Vendors, creditors, financial backers, distributors, suppliers and, especially, customers have disappeared. Nobody likes working with him and far too many key people have quit because of him. Qualified, high-quality people you need to fill the ranks are refusing to even interview at your firm.

Your general counsel is worried to death about what he might do next and considers him a giant legal liability. The nice lady in human resources, with the master's in psychology, swears she can identify serious personality disorders he exhibits and is scared to death of him. Your friendly colleagues and competitors in the industry are publicly questioning your personal and business judgment--even your intelligence--for having hired him.

Could you fire him? Should you fire him?

You could and you should.


Bella Vista

Living here an honor

In 1954 my family immigrated to the U.S. We stayed with my mother's uncle until we found an apartment--one bedroom, five people. We had to prove that we could find work within six months or go back. Within two weeks my father was working, and my mother also. They spoke their own language, but my brother and I learned English in the fourth grade and taught our parents. We all worked and saved and, within six months, my parents bought a house with borrowed money. Within three years we paid off the loan.

My parents went to night school and learned about the Constitution and government. By the time we were here five years, we could apply for citizenship. We were now Americans.

My family worked hard for that honor. The Democrats want to make it easy for all the people coming in illegally, and coming here is an honor, not a gift.



Editorial on 07/12/2019

Print Headline: LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Speaking of miracles, U.S. must be better + more


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Archived Comments

  • limb
    July 12, 2019 at 7:44 a.m.

    Gottschalk, it sounds like your parents weren’t fleeing with thousands amassed at the border. This is a different situation that challenges any orderly asylum process. Every American wants an orderly process to becoming a citizen. How we respond to this modern human emergency is our task here.

    July 12, 2019 at 8:16 a.m.

    Brilliantly written, Linda A. Farrell. It’s probably a wee bit TL;DR for the Trumpanzees, but I hope they’ll at least try.