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I have attended and hosted many home shopping parties over the years. Early on it was Tupperware, then Pampered Chef, Longaberger baskets, jewelry, and recently essential oils. It is just another excuse for a party and fun with friends, plus you get to see what you most desperately need for your home—or not!

If you are having one of these events, I am your gal, since I always buy things. I have baskets galore, Tupperware, jewelry and more. I went to my first essential oil party earlier this year and learned all about their uses—and bought a starter pack.

Have I used them, not too much, but my daughter has, and I use the lemon in my tea. I practically have the entire Pampered Chef catalog,

but they are always adding something new and I can buy gifts for others. My goal is to have all my Christmas shopping done well in advance this year—now I just have to know where it all is once the holidays roll around.

I recently went to a Pampered Chef party and of course found new things I didn’t have, or things that needed replacing—plus some gifts. I think the pampered chef items are good quality and they stand behind them if something goes wrong. Some of them are a tad pricey compared to other brands, but some things I use almost daily that I have purchased over the years. Our pampered chef guru April

has been coming to us for years. She is a hard-working woman, with a full-time nursing job and she does this on the side, but she does a LOT of these events. She makes everything look so simple and the food always tastes great.

And of course, it is fun to do these with your friends.

We are now indoctrinating the next generation into home shopping parties!

It was a fantastic way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon, and I can't wait for my new purchases to be shipped to my house!

And for those of you who feel left out, I signed up to host a party in October—want to come? I haven’t had one in a few years and I promised April I would once I retired, so here goes.


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