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It's not really working

In the Thursday editorial on H. Ross Perot, you stated, "The two-party system works." If your definition of working is a horribly divided country with no fiscal responsibility that is at war with itself and others as working, then you might be right.

I believe your disdain for third parties is helping to enable two parties of Nero to fiddle while America burns. Unless there is a drastic reversal from these trillion-dollar deficits, endless wars (both foreign and domestic), and the politics of hate, a guarantee of freedom from the United States will be lost.

Two-party politics is not working.


Little Rock

Time to speak up

I've been silent in this and other public forums for way too long, but after seeing the president's impromptu press conference during which he used a racist trope in saying that four American citizens, duly elected to Congress, should just "go back home," I can no longer afford that silence.

This country has elected a racist, a misogynist, a narcissist, a liar, a bully--in short, a man totally unfit to lead this great nation. No one in Republican leadership has lifted an eyebrow, and certainly no one in our delegation has made a relevant statement--yes, you, Tom Cotton, John Boozman, Steve Womack, Bruce Westerman, French Hill, and Rick Crawford.

What is wrong with you people? It appears that impeachment is off the table in the House, but there's an election in 16 months. This country cannot stand another four years of this man. Those in this state who have not been completely brainwashed need to get to work. I for sure am.


El Dorado

Enjoy digital replica

Over the last many, many years I have lived in many cities from large (Washington, D.C.) to small (Monterey, Calif.) and have always read the local paper. I believe I have enjoyed the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette the most--both the format and the frequently catchy headlines.

Lately I viewed a few online newspapers and have found them rather sterile. I really appreciate your iPad version of your paper--keeping the digital appearance just as the paper version. I hope you don't stop using that format.


Little Rock

Not serving all of us

Once upon a time in Little Rock, there was a large entertainment center in what was then the western edge of the city. It was comprised of the zoo (which held a yearly Easter egg hunt), Travelers Field, a swimming pool, an archery range, an amusement park, a softball field, War Memorial Stadium, and a golf course. They even had soapbox derby races once a year.

If you grew up north of Markham Street, you may not remember all of this. However, for the rest of us, it was our go-to place in the summer for swimming and in the winter for Razorback games. We would walk there if we lived close enough, or ride the city bus.

Fast forward to 2019. Gone are Travelers Field, the amusement park, the softball field, the archery range, and now the golf course. Look out, War Memorial Stadium, you would make a great parking lot.

The interesting thing about the latest loss--the golf course--is that it served many middle-income families. Please note that Rebsamen (in the higher socio-economic area) was not touched.

Much time and effort is being spent on reviving Arkansas Repertory Theatre and Arkansas Arts Center, two places where people have stopped going. These again do not reach or serve the masses.

I think the theme here in Little Rock is that we are not about all of the people, but only a chosen few. This is really sad. We will lose golfers to Burns Park or other areas outside the city. We have already lost Verizon Arena and the Travelers to North Little Rock.

Unfortunately, I do not see this trend changing anytime soon.


Little Rock

Give space to zoo

Since the powers that be--Mayor Frank Scott Jr. and advisers--deemed War Memorial and Hindman Golf courses weren't paying their way, I have heard rumors that the War Memorial acreage would be sold off in parcels for commercial development, meaning trendy restaurants, upscale boutiques with a small park sandwiched in between the retail business. etc. I sincerely hope this is only a rumor.

I believe I have a better use for the property. Give at least 55 percent of that property to the Little Rock Zoo--from which I retired after 23 years--for much needed expansion. Imagine larger elephant and giraffe exhibits. Imagine a conservation/education facility where zoo-goers can have access to a library and computers to study and research animals and learn about conservation.

Keep the remaining 45 percent as a green park that will also serve as a buffer from the noisy University Avenue traffic.

Add a larger pond and a monorail system that would encircle the entire zoo while traveling from continent to continent, with the animals representing their respective continents individually. The City of Little Rock could really make this a phenomenal zoo and be a tremendous impact on the visitor industry, which of course, means much needed money for the city.


Little Rock

Editorial on 07/18/2019

Print Headline: Letters


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    July 18, 2019 at 8:36 a.m.

    Amen, Dr. Jones. You speak for every decent American.

  • drs01
    July 18, 2019 at 9:32 a.m.

    Dr. Jones - I agree those in this country need to get to work. Especially the entire mob of elected officials who claim to represent the welfare of all AMERICANS FIRST. You have painted the president with a broad and bias brush while ignoring that at least 50% of the problem belongs to Democrats, liberals and kooks like these 4 women who should go back home. Words are meaningless compared to actions. And actions are severely lacking.

  • GeneralMac
    July 18, 2019 at 10:11 a.m.

    No, ARMNAR..........he speaks only for the person whose name appears beneath the letter.

    He speaks for HIMSELF.

  • BoudinMan
    July 18, 2019 at 3:47 p.m.

    Dr. Jones, thank you for speaking truth to power. This is something that not one of our elected AR officials in Washington has the inclination or the spine to do. If the Congress will not perform its duty and impeach in the House, and convict in the Senate, this fraudulent usurper who sits on his throne in the White House, it is incumbent upon us, the citizens of AR to work diligently to remove from office those elected officials from our state who insist on supporting, enabling, and defending him. Thanks again, sir.

  • limb
    July 19, 2019 at 8:17 a.m.

    Well done, Sir. Hats off.